Proboscis Monkeys in Borneo

I really need to buy new rechargeable batteries. Or better yet, a new camera that doesn’t need them!

This is the best Proboscis monkey photo I have from my Kota Kinabalu trip.


The tour guide picked us up at about 1 in the afternoon for the tour. We traveled around 2 hours to reach the river where the monkeys live. We got to the destination about 4 in the afternoon and boarded a small boat and from there we quietly sailed by the river banks where the mangrove trees grew.

Proboscis monkeys are unique in that they are vegetarian. They only eat the mangrove leaves. Feed them meat or even a banana and they die. They have stomach chambers which break up the poison of the mangrove leaves and allow them to digest the edible stuff.

Here is how they really look like, up close. We couldn’t get up close since the river was full of crocodiles, so we had to stay in the boat.


My travel tip: bring binoculars! Good thing our guide brought a pair of binoculars, and we got to borrow them to see the monkeys clearly. None of the guests brought any!