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Christmas in August

Posted on 29 July 2013 by Flisha

It sounds absurd to be thinking of Christmas when it’s the middle of the year. But apparently many people do.

I remember the first time I heard this phrase was when I was a kid. The town bookstore (now defunct) Golden Bell used to promote Christmas in August every year. There would be a sale, of Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments and Christmas gifts and all things Christmassy! (Like department 56 dickens village) I wonder if people really bought? Who buys gifts five months in advance???

But if you are that kind of person, then I would have to say I like sparkly earrings, Swatch watches, flower-scented liquid hand soaps, Lush soaps, spa gift certificates, personal care gadgets and flowers.


Hee hee!



Shopping for Swatch

Posted on 29 July 2013 by Flisha

I have never been a fan of watches. I have childhood memories of straps breaking after only a few months’ use, sweaty wrists and smelly rubber. Once cellphones became uso, I had no need for them. Haven’t worn one in maybe fifteen years.

My boyfriend on the other hand, loves watches. It’s his main accessory. He has 2 everyday Casio watches plus his casual Kenneth Cole watch. And he enjoys window shopping for watches. Is it a guy thing? I know of 2 other guys who have the same interest.

So yesterday, my boyfriend brought me to a Swatch store. He wanted to try on stuff. Since I was there, I looked too. And before I knew it, I was feeling inadequate and kulang!!! Like I needed a watch hanging from my wrist, stat! It was an uncontrollable urge. (Shopaholic alert!!!)

I ended up walking away with this gorgeous piece.

swatch menthol tone

It’s called the Swatch Menthol Tone.

Here are a few pictures of the watch on me. :) :) :) (Sorry the pics aren’t so good, just using my Blackberry’s camera but I promise the watch looks very pretty in person.)






I love that it looks like a piece of jewelry, not just a watch. And it won’t make my wrist smelly. Plus it sparkles. Hee hee!

After that day, I went online and looked at all the Swatch watches on offer. And now I have my wishlist. (Pssst, my birthday is coming up in 17 days, LOL!)

Flower Box – it’s white, flowery, and the pop of icy blue is dainty

Swatch Flower Box

First Romance – sparkly always gets me. Plus I like the light pink and blue accents.

Swatch First Romance

Entangled Shine – I like the twisted straps and the sparkly stones

Swatch Entangled Shine

Crystal Lace – I like the embroidered strap and the gold accents

Swatch Crystal Lace

Climber Flowery – flowers!

Swatch Climber Flowery

Chessboard – I like the monochrome design which still has a feminine touch

Swatch Chessboard

Twice Again White – I tried this on in the store and I just really liked the way it looked on my arm :) Nice, everyday watch.

Swatch Twice Again White

Strawberry Jam – a pop of color for those days when I’m looking to perk up :)

Swatch Strawberry Jam

Loburia Blue – this I like very very very much. The blues and purples blend very nicely and the strap links together delicately. So pretty!

Swatch Loburia Blue

Full Blooded – I would wear this everyday. Nice gold plated watch, mukhang mamahalin! Hehe

Swatch Full Blooded Gold

That’s not the half of it. I plan to buy more, more more. Just like that, I am hooked! Or should I say, strapped? :)



How Cute Does Snowy Look?

Posted on 28 July 2013 by Flisha

Snowy Park

Doesn’t he look cute???

I love taking Snowy to the park, and judging by how happy he looks here, Snowy loves it too! Actually, I know so, because every time I say, “Snowy let’s go (home)” he sits his butt on the floor and refuses to budge! The little rascal.

He loves tall grasses especially. Here is Snowy trying to hide under these bushes. We were not yet in the park, just by the side of the road. But he couldn’t help himself and decided to jump in anyway.






Too cute!



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