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Weather Balance

Posted on 22 September 2013 by Flisha

I want to find that perfect balance of weather – cool and sunshiny but not rainy. In the city I live in, we only have two seasons. Sunny and rainy. Right now it’s rainy.

It’s nice that the weather is cool. My electricity consumption is lowering (slightly!) because I don’t turn on the air conditioning as much, I don’t sweat while walking to work (thereby keeping most of the makeup on my face!), I can wear layered clothing (hides the fatty bits!), I enjoy working out more (no overheating), and shopping is more enjoyable (carrying loads of stuff doesn’t bother me as much).

Then again, I can’t walk my poodle Snowy because he would get cold and wet. Also joyrides are cancelled due to possible floods. I do so love travel and trips.

So. I just need that balance. Where is it???



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