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Posted on 18 December 2013 by Flisha

I know postcards are old-fashioned, but they are wonderful and thoughtful gifts for Christmas. You can find cheap postcard printing at Especially if you have loved ones living far away from you. Facebook greetings or e-postcards just aren’t the same.

One time I got a wonderful gift from a friend – a pair of earrings. But what was more wonderful was receiving the letter that came with it. Hastily written but sincere, and those were words she wrote herself, on paper she held. It was just so tangible and more meaningful than any e-card I could ever receive.

She said she sent me another birthday card – a nice proper one (not that she had to). But, for some reason, it never made its way to me. :( Online greetings are easily resent, but a lost postcard is harder to bear. I just hope some random person received it, opened it and enjoyed it in my place. :)


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