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Posted on 18 December 2013 by Gim

Our pet poodle, Snowy has been growing a lot lately. So much so that a few weeks ago, he started walking funny. I first noticed it during one of our horse play sessions. I threw his fave toy for him to catch and when he ran back to me, his front paws seemed wobbly, as though having difficulty supporting his weight. The comeuppance came when a few nights after that, snowy slipped and fell causing him to howl with pain. Soon thereafter, he started walking with a limp. Being a doctor, I knew he developed sciatica caused by the fall. So as we nursed him back to health, we also started the cute pooch on a strict diet and exercise regimen, including printing workflow to get us on the right tract. Right now, snowy is back to his prancing old self. I hope we can maintain his lean weight. But ’tis hard to resist those overly cute puppy dog eyes when he begs. Ah, but we must resist.


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