Scaredy Snowy

I was walking my poodle Snowy earlier today and a couple of dogs barked aggressively at him. He immediately got scared, which I think did not help at all.

So many aggressive dogs lately. Little ones at that. Especially chihuahuas, oh my, I hate those little critters. They bark so loud.

There was a shih tzu we passed on the way back home, Snowy tried to smell her (at least I think it was her) from behind. She turned and tried to attack him! He was so surprised and got so scared, he froze!! And I mean, froze. He was literally frozen in fear. I had to pick him up and comfort him and lead him away from the barking dog. I carried him in my arms for a minute while he was just wide-eyed and frozen, and I kept kissing him and saying, It’s OK, It’s OK, until he relaxed and then I placed him back on the ground and we walked home.

I think he hasn’t completely gotten over his slipped disc. Maybe it still hurts him from time to time, especially when he makes sudden movements like when he’s surprised or scared. Maybe his anxiety makes him an easy target for other dogs.

Hay. I wish I could live somewhere more spacious so I could give Snow a friend so he can learn to be social.