Twitter Spam

If you follow me on Twitter, don’t be surprised to see Dragonvale related messages on there.

I had to laugh when a friend of mine messaged the other day, telling me he thought I had been hacked. He even repeated one of my tweets regarding my dragons.

Well, the increase of dragon related posts is due to my newfound addiction to the tablet game -you guessed it!- Dragonvale.

It all started when HP recognized me as a “top” employee and rewarded me with an HP Slate 7. Lucky me. :) I wondered what I would do with it, since most things I needed to do I could do on my laptop. So I started downloading games. Lots and lots of games. I guess that’s what tablets are for!

I downloaded Dragonvale, which lets me breed and grow dragons, and I get gems everytime I post on Twitter about my dragons, gems which help me speed up the breeding and growing. So there. :)