3D Movies

Blurbs are for Twitter but most often 140 characters aren’t enough. So what the heck, I will blog it nevertheless, short as it may be. So here is to bloggy blurbs. :-)

I watched X-men today. In a 3d moviehouse. It was great! Except for the bits I couldn’t see because they were blurred. Because I didn’t put my 3d glasses on. Because they make me feel confused, vulnerable and out of control. When I watch 3d, it seems the audience merges with the monitor and I feel like I want to step back to get a better, clearer view of everything but I can’t because I can only lean back so much. Plus the picture becomes confusing, some pieces are over here, some over there, and I can’t focus when I have to constantly adjust my eyes like a camera lens that keeps zooming in and out. Lastly I hate wearing glasses that don’t fit. My entire childhood I wore glasses and even up to now although only at nights because during the day I wear contact lenses. So when the 3d glasses don’t fit snugly on the bridge of my nose, or they won’t settle nicely over my ears, it irritates me to no end. 

Anyway, my point is, I hate 3d movies. I hadn’t realized I’d be watching X-men in 3d. I think when Gim brought it up I maybe absent-mindedly agreed. So it was only when I was going into the theater and someone handed me the glasses that I realized.

But from now on, no more 3d movies!