Status Update

Today I’ve got extra time on my hands. My fiance being in Calapan and all. So what do I talk about, hmm?

Let’s talk about work. I just got an e-mail from my fellow team lead forwarding a heated exchange between two of our direct reports (both working on call this weekend). The girl (mine) was very angry because the guy (not mine) did not do his job of being the primary on call, which led to the girl having to do all the work last night (which she wasn’t supposed to). The girl made accusations about the guy slacking and worse, dropped some personal comments about his work ethic, and worst, copied my fellow team lead in. She did NOT cc me. She probably knew I would not take that e-mail of hers very well.

Headache!!! The tension at work is escalating by the day, and I’m starting to wonder if I did the right thing jumping into this company.

When I came in all seemed good and well – on the surface. Unbeknownst to me, tensions were already rising. I was hired into the first account of my IT company. There is now a new account in the company – which should have been great news to everyone. However, this account has been pirating resources from the first account! In the six months that I’ve been in the team, 5 have already been pirated into the new account! With 1 person resigning the company and 1 performing so poorly he will NOT be renewed (see above), this leaves our team crippled with only 3 remaining resources (by March). 3 resources and 2 team leads, how ridiculous!

The morale in the team has been very low these past few weeks, with so many people leaving and taking their expertise away with them. This shouldn’t have happened, not in a mature company. A resource should not be able to perform an internal transfer without the consent of his/her manager. But that’s not the way it works here and I don’t know why the upper management has allowed this to happen.

Oh and did I mention there’s a freeze hire??? Ah, yes.

So what will become of our team? Stay tuned…