Flisha Fernandez

Buenas! I am Flisha Fernandez. I hail from City and I currently live in Makati City, Philippines. Why I found it imperative that my location be the first thing you should learn about me, I haven’t the foggiest idea.

I am simply a girl who loves to write in her diary. Of course the last time I actually wrote my most personal hopes and dreams on paper was EONS ago. Probably shortly before I began to blog. This blog became the extension of my diary. I blogged to preserve and back up my thoughts and experiences. I blogged to easily flip through my life milestones (lifestones?) whenever I wished, wherever I was. :) And I still do.

Gracias and I hope you enjoy reading my blog, my Random Detox! So called because it de-stresses me to write. :-)

The hills and mountains of Zamboanga in aptly named Buenavista

*Updated May 2014