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Looper Trailer

Posted on 16 April 2012 by Flisha

Looper is a futuristic movie set in the year 2042. Loopers are hitmen who specialize in killing people sent from the year 2072 by their bosses. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a looper. And one day his victim is… himself. Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.

Watch the Looper trailer below!



Titanic Trailer

Posted on 02 April 2012 by Flisha

Titanic was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. One of the most tragic, too.

Now it’s playing in theaters again, but in 3d. Sucks for me because I hate watching 3d movies, I find them blurry and confusing, and I hate wearing those stupid glasses.

My only hope is that they release it without the 3d as well!

Here is the trailer for Titanic!


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Lucky One Trailer

Posted on 02 April 2012 by Flisha

The Lucky One stars Zac Efron. Do I need to say more?!?

Zac plays US marine Logan Thibault, back from his third tour of duty in Iraq, to find the woman he believes is his lucky charm.

Back in Iraq, he found a photo of a woman buried in the sand. Nobody claimed the photo, so he kept it. He suddenly experienced a streak of luck – winning poker games and surviving combat – while all the time carrying the photo. That’s how the photo became his lucky charm.

Now in Colorado, Logan can’t keep the woman out of his mind, so he journeys across America to find her. She is in Hampton, North Carolina. Divorced, with a young son.

He takes a job at her family-run local kennel, and they embark on a passionate affair.

Taylor Schilling is definitely the lucky one to be starring opposite the hot Zac Efron!!!

Here is the trailer.



Despicable Me 2 Trailer

Posted on 11 March 2012 by Flisha

Despicable Me 2 won’t be out until 2013 (official release date is July 3, 2013) but here is the teaser trailer:

And the official poster:


And here are the lyrics for the song:


LOL! Rolling on the floor laughing



John Carter Trailer

Posted on 11 March 2012 by Flisha

Whatever he may or may not have said about corrupt officials in the Philippines, Taylor Kitsch is still one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. And I am STILL going to watch his movie John Carter where he is shirtless in the trailer about 100% of the time, therefore he will also be shirtless 100% of the entire movie.


Here is the trailer for John Carter, with a short intro by director Andrew Stanton.

I’ve loved him since his Gambit days so he’s mine!! All mine!!!

I should be watching the movie right about NOW, but alas my boyfriend slash movie buddy is busy working straight in the hospital for 4 freaking days, so I may be able to catch it next week still. Unless I go alone.

A date between me and Mr Kitsch? Hmmm… tempting. Red lips

More John Carter photos below. Yum!

JOHN CARTERjohn-carter-mars-curse-555-thumb-560xauto-43088taylor-kitsch-john-carterJohn_Carter_movie_02



Bourne Legacy Trailer

Posted on 14 February 2012 by Flisha

The Bourne Legacy movie is currently filming in the Philippines, and actually, it’s been a while now. I’m excited to see how this country would look like in a foreign blockbuster film.

And here’s the Bourne Legacy Trailer, hot off the Internets.



Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted on 14 February 2012 by Flisha

Happy Valentine’s Day and here is a trailer for The Vow.

If you’re a guy and you want to make your girly happy, take her to watch this movie. And DON’T cover her eyes when the beefy Channing Tatum’s super toned sexy butt lights up the screen.



Spiderman Trailer

Posted on 13 February 2012 by Flisha

I’m looking forward to the Spiderman movie coming out on July 3. Here is the latest trailer from Sony Pictures!

Wow, the upgraded suit looks nice! I like the big black glossy bug eyes! It’s like he’s wearing a really cool pair of shades.

That haircut on Emma Stone… no. Just no. I don’t think she looks good with bangs. Or as a blonde. I like her look best on Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Oh and hey! Is that Chris Zylka I see? Hot guy who plays Jake on The Secret Circle. Yeah!! I hope he takes off his shirt. Hahaha!

Here’s a photo. You’re welcome.

chris zylka photo

I hope the movie is good. I’m not really sold on Andrew Garfield. I know Spiderman is supposed to be a nerdy guy, but he’s still gotta be hot right? I don’t know. I can’t see Andrew as hot. I mean, smallish face, McDreamy hair… I guess some people like the look. But sorry, does nothing for me.

I still prefer old Spidey. Look at Tobey Maguire below. OK he’s the bad Spiderman below but still. Gorgeous, right??

On the other hand I do like Emma Stone. And Emma and Andrew are a real-life couple so the chemistry should be good… I hope. Well! We shall see, shan’t we?


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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Sneak Peek [Target Exclusive]

Posted on 12 February 2012 by Flisha

Target exclusively revealed the first sneak peek of Breaking Dawn part 2. That last bit of part 1 was really exciting. Can’t wait to see part 2!!!

The good part starts at 4:21. Enjoy!

My thoughts… Aww what a short clip.

Hmm, I expected more “steel” from Bella the vampire… doesn’t look like she changed much. Wasn’t she supposed to become more gorgeous, and controlled? Except, well I guess they couldn’t butter her up significantly since they already did that the last 4 movies. Bummer.

I wish we could have seen clips of her fighting with the other vampires. The part were they practice with the werewolves prior to the big battle.

The word is, Breaking Dawn part 2 is going to be out sooner than Hunger Games. What if they went head to head? Who do you think will win? :)


brave trailer from disney

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Brave Trailer

Posted on 03 July 2011 by Flisha

disney brave

The combination of Disney-Pixar has always been an amazing tandem, resulting in great movies such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc, WALL-E, Up, etc. Now comes Brave, a fairy tale of Princess Merida, an archer and daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. She is determined to make her own destiny, and outrages the lords of her kingdom when she defies a sacred tradition. She asks a witch for help, and somehow her mother is turned into a bear. To turn back the curse, Merida must learn the meaning of true bravery.

Watch the Brave trailer below.

OMGGGG so excited to watch this film! This is the first fairy tale that Pixar will be embarking on. Of course Disney is a pro in that area, and I am just so super psyched to see a beautifully animated fairy tale done in 3D Pixar style!!! And Merida is the first female lead for Pixar. Yay, this is the first Pixar film that I am actually excited to watch!! Hehehe. I did say I loved the other Pixar films, it’s just that I liked it AFTER watching the movie. But for Brave, I can tell I will love it even after just watching the trailer. :)

Brave was previously named The Bear and the Bow. It hits theatres on June 22, 2012.



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