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Bills Bills Bills

Posted on 21 February 2014 by Flisha

You gotta pay them when they’re due. I learned that the hard way when I forgot to pay my Meralco bill. I usually pay online, because it’s no hassle. Well this time I forgot. And once you’re past due, even if it’s just a day past, BPI won’t let you pay online. Argh.

So I had to hunt down a Meralco business center to pay my electricity bill, because the banks wouldn’t accept it either. Haggard!

OK I confess: I made Gim do it.


Sorry, Gim.



It’s That Time of the Year

Posted on 22 November 2013 by Flisha

My wreath is up! And so are the other decors which my sister helped put up (before she left!!) (Actually she did most of the decorating, haha!)

I wish for the holidays to come as soon as possible. Missing my whole family…

xmas door wreath 2013


The View From Up Here

Posted on 19 February 2013 by Flisha


This is what greets me every morning when I wake up. Oh, right, this is what greets me every morning right before I go to sleep. (Because I work nights. :P)

It’s not much to look at, but it’s my bit of sky. Just enough to put a smile on my face. :)

Because I live in a condo, I don’t get to have a front or back yard. I just have the tiniest 1-bedroom space to fit the things that I need. It’s a good thing our condo has a roofdeck which houses some plants, a playground and a swimming pool.




If I get bored, I just walk over to nearby Greenbelt 5. :)



The Week The Heavens Cried

Posted on 10 August 2012 by Flisha

The lack of TVs was a good thing – in the light of the heavy floods that besieged my country the past several days.

There is a silver lining to every cloud.

The southwest monsoon (known as “habagat” in the Filipino language) brought about such heavy rainfall that over 50% of the metro was flooded. I never thought that I would experience such flooding given that I lived only ten minutes away from the central business district! But I was wrong!

Monday night, I was in the office when it started raining heavily. Most of the people in the office were starting to go home, but my shift ends at 1am and I was pretty busy so I didn’t heed other people’s advice to go home early.

I packed my things at about 2 am and got out to get a taxi. There were lots waiting by the road, and it hadn’t stopped raining. I got one and off we went.

Five minutes on the road and we were blocked – all cars were U-turning, afraid to go any further. Only buses plied the Buendia road past South Superhighway.

My taxi turned as well, and we tried another road. And another. And another. No such luck. All roads leading to South Superhighway were blocked. It seemed the entire SSH was flooded and no way to get across.

Shocked, I asked the taxi to return me back to the office. And I called up my boyfriend who was at home and told him of my dire news. He offered to come get me but right outside our house it was deeply flooded too. So I told him to just stay home and make sure our important stuff were brought to the second floor and no electrical stuff was left on the ground floor.

And I stayed the night at the office. It was very cold and even though I took a small conference room all to myself for comfort, and propped my legs up on a chair, I couldn’t sleep. I just surfed the Internet the whole time, and monitored Twitter every minute. I was fascinated by all the dire, real-time updates from the weather department, the traffic enforcers and the media.

Back in Zamboanga (a small town I grew up in, at the southwestern tip of my country), I had never really felt such calamities. I would always just watch television and be notified of these super storms and floods happening in far far Manila and I’d feel sorry for those people but I never really understood the gravity of the situation. It’s always sunny in Zamboanga. And when you say “storm” in Zamboanga, it’s just heavy rain. And “flood” meant you had to walk on sidewalks because there was water on the road. “Flood” did not mean water reaching up the knees, or the waist, or, like in some parts of Manila, above people’s roofs!!!

So color me shocked when I had to stay the night at the office and come the next morning, it was STILL raining! At 9am, the sky looked like it was 5am. Not wanting me to stay another night at the office, Gim braved the floods to ride a bus and get to me. I met up with him and we took a taxi, because Gim said the water had lowered enough to cross SSH.

Not!!! The taxi deposited us right in SSH and refused to cross any further. Which left us no choice but to wade in the filthy floodwater for four blocks until we reached our house – which was near flooding too.

So what you see below is a few hours later when, against all hope and prayer, water actually started to fill our house. And we had to start moving the heavy appliances such as the washing machine and refrigerator up to higher ground.


And boy were they heavy.

The water reached a maximum height of five inches in our house, and about 2-3 feet right outside and along our street.


We were flooded for two nights straight.

Thursday, the sun finally came out to play. My boyfriend and I spent the whole night cleaning house.

And that is the silver lining to all this. We now have a clean house. And ready to look for another one so we don’t have to experience this shit ever again.



Makati At Night

Posted on 12 April 2012 by Flisha

So many things I want to do in life, and so little time.

Thankfully there was a break last week due to Holy Week. Gim being a doctor though it still meant we didn’t have time to go out of town since he has duties even on holidays. But at least he got the weekend free.

So last Sunday, we had fun walking around the streets of Makati at night. It was Easter Sunday and there weren’t many people around, so we took my camera and shot some (mostly) empty streets. Hey, it’s not everyday you get to see an empty city!

This is somewhere in Greenbelt. We took this while we were walking on the overpass.


The other side, facing Landmark and The Link.


This one facing Ayala Avenue. We had to wait a while so that cars would pass by to make the pretty light trails. Gim was squealing at the light trails. Noob!


OK I admit these were all his photos as mine were all blurred. Harumph.


It was my camera, though, so I claim all the credit. Muahahaha!


How to Pick a Lock

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Flisha

The Key of my mind...
Image by ul_Marga via Flickr

In the building where I live, you get someone to do it for you.

Coming home from work today, it was so frustrating. I realized upon reaching my condo unit that I had forgotten my keys inside! I called my roommate Christian, who always came home early to go to the gym, except he informed me he was currently out of town! (What a great roommate that makes me, huh.)

I called Jose, my other roommate, but I knew he often came home late, and alas, he said he’d be home by 8:30. It was only 6pm. Rare moment that I got to come home so early. (Normally, I finish work around 9 to 10pm.)

I didn’t want to wait around so I went and visited the admin office and asked if they could open my door. I had visions of a brawny security guard smashing down my door with his boots, or forcibly breaking open the doorknob. Something entertainingly disastrous and violent.

The secretary picked up the phone and called someone, after she heard my problem. She told me to talk to the person on the end of the line, to negotiate the cost. We haggled. Five hundred per lock was the first offer. I had two and simply could not spend that much. He relented and said five hundred for both locks. Relieved I had slashed 50% off the price, I agreed and put down the receiver. Then the secretary gave me this flat look like she thought I was a stupid, stupid tenant — then called the guy back and haggled it down to 400.

“Will he destroy my locks?” I asked sadly, thinking of how much it would cost me to replace all my locks. Waiting two hours for my roommate to arrive was starting to get a lot more attractive.

“No. We have the master lock,” she declared with a bland look on her face, like she had done this many times over. “He’ll be here in 10 minutes. Don’t fret, he has got a motorcycle.” How efficient, I thought, though a bit puzzled why they had to hire a third party. Must be a specialist.

And then a stupid bit later, miffed that they had a master key. So anybody could just come into my condo??? Although I was wont to say this publicly, as I was there asking them to break in. Wouldn’t I sound just so uppity.

The guy finally arrived, and we were escorted by security to my door. Whereupon he bent down on the floor, took out some pieces of wire and tin… and picked both my locks with ease, in under 10 minutes. Master lock, indeed. Dumbly, I handed him my money, he grinned widely and was escorted out by security.

Somehow I think I will have trouble sleeping tonight…



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