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Wearing Earrings I Made Myself

Posted on 15 November 2013 by Flisha

I love accessories! Especially earrings, because all my youth my ears were never pierced. Tried twice, failed twice. For some reason, my piercings always got infected so they had to be closed. Third time was the charm, in my adulthood. Hence I cannot get enough of earrings! :)

A couple of weeks ago I thought of making my own. So after buying a few starter materials, here is my first creation! Hehehe! Did this in 5 minutes.

More to come!!!


More photos:





Health and Fitness

Posted on 15 December 2012 by Flisha

I’ve really let myself go lately. And by that I mean I haven’t gone to the gym in a month! I’ve just been LOOKING at fitness related items to buy online (like you can find foam yoga blocks here).

Shameless, right?! And I keep forking over a ton of money to my gym when I could be using it for buying clothes! Or furniture for my new apartment!

In more positive news, I’ve been able to (sort of) turn around my eating habits. I’ve eschewed rice from my diet. Not completely. Of course, I can’t help but to eat rice when I order fast food from McDonalds or KFC (just to name my two favorite outlets!) which happens more often than I prefer. However I have stopped stocking or cooking rice at home.

What do I eat with my meals then? Well, I’ve replaced it with lettuce! :) It fills me up just like rice, but without the carbohydrates! And it provides me with a lot of fiber, which makes for a very stress-free tummy.


I normally shop for lettuce in Rustan’s Supermarket, since their stock is always fresh. Other times, when I am in a rush, I shop at Landmark Grocery, since it’s nearer to me, but the quality is not as good.

Another health related change I’ve made is to stop drinking any carbonated drinks. I have just found out that it gives me hyper acidity. I’ve been having stomach pains for several years, but I always thought it was because I ate too much. It turns out that it was the softdrinks! Now that I am no longer drinking cola (since even just a glassful triggers the hyper acidity), I can eat as much as I like and not feel any stomach pain! What a relief. :)


I dropped a few pounds when I started the 2 changes. But I think now my body has adjusted and promptly brought back my previous weight! LOL!

So here I am back again thinking of exercise.


fitness first rsc


Fitness First Membership Fee

Posted on 17 April 2011 by Flisha

fitness first makati

There’s a Fitness First branch in my office building Robinson’s Summit Center in Ayala, Makati. I have long wanted to join a gym, especially this branch since it’s so convenient, but my company has a corporate membership at Gold’s Gym. We get the full package at a fraction of the original price, so it’s very tempting to join Gold’s instead. The problem is that Gold’s Gym is quite far away, it’s a 30-minute walk from the office and a jeepney away from my home.

So when Deal Grocer offered a two-week voucher at Fitness First for only Php400, I jumped at the chance. I just wanted to see and try out the gym. But it was not a very good experience. The first day I got there, a sales lady let me sit down and immediately started hawking their packages.

She spent an hour of my time persuading me to get their package.

Her first offer to me was this:

Monthly Due – 3800
Joining Fee – 4000
Admin Fee – 2100
BodyFirst (Optional) – 1885
Total – 11,785

Can you believe she wanted Php11,785 upfront for the first month of membership?!? What the hell? Why is there a joining fee PLUS an admin fee? And the BodyFirst program? It just means you get 3 hours’ worth of personal training (no, this is not a per month service, this is just a one-time thing plus 3 books on fitness). Crazy! She couldn’t even explain to me the difference between the joining and the admin fees. Or why they were so big.

I would have high-tailed it outta there if they wanted me to pay 11,000 freakin’ pesos for a month’s worth of membership. Did I mention a month at Gold’s for me was only 1,100??? That’s including the one-time personal training sessions!

Then the sales lady said that since it was my first time visiting their club, they had a “First Visit Promo” which means they would waive my joining fee, and the admin fee would go down to 1500 only, and they would offer me an ongoing 2,300 monthly due. So, total I would pay initially would be 3,800 only. But I had to pay via credit card. Uh-oh. I had heard about this scam. FF would dramatically cut down fees so they get access to your credit card, but once they had that data, they were gonna charge you forever. Even if you asked to “freeze” or terminate your contract after term expiration, it wouldn’t happen. They were just gonna charge you every month until you terminate your credit card just so the charges will stop – and that’s if your credit card company will let you terminate given you have pending charges.

So I immediately said NO. Not charging my credit card. Then she said, what about your parents? Don’t they have credit cards? Or sisters/brothers/relatives? I looked at her weirdly and just said NO. Then she mentioned I had arrived with a friend (my officemate who works out at FF and I coincidentally arrived in the same elevator so she saw us talking). Why couldn’t I use *his* credit card, then? Was she high?!? Why would I use someone else’s credit card if I didn’t want to risk my own? I told her NO, using a credit card is not an option for me.

So the third option was cash. She told me joining fee would be 1,000, admin fee would be 1,500, monthly fee would be 2,900, plus 387 for the April fee. What April fee?? She said something like, oh because there are still a few days left in April so you have to pay for that. And I’m so confused because I have a voucher from DealGrocer. I am *fully paid* for the month of April. And she says, yes yes we already discounted your April fee because of your DealGrocer voucher or else it would be much bigger. At this point I just wanted to throttle her because I had no idea what she was talking about. Here I am fully paid for April and she’s trying to make me think I need to pay more and I should even be grateful they made the fees lower. Hello!!!

I said NO, isn’t there a way you can lower the fees? It boiled down to a total of 5,787 for the first month by the way. It just sounds so horribly wrong to pay for April when I am *already* paid for April. I wanted her to remove the 387 fee. I was even ready to think about that crazy monthly of 2,900!!!

But she wouldn’t, and even referred me to her boss, who tried all the same tactics she did, except the boss looked a bit more taray and tried to persuade me more strongly. Unfortunately for her, I don’t like mataray people and she turned me off more than the first sales lady. I told her the same thing, can’t you lower the fees? I told her that it’s not like I don’t have options. I have Gold’s Gym which is a lot cheaper, so they should offer me a more competitive package. And she just kept repeating bullshit about how I need to value my fitness, and this is the price of fitness and convenience, blah blah. Finally, because it seemed like I wasn’t budging, she said OK, I’ll try to talk to my boss about this. (Another boss?? How many do I have to go through with?) But can you give a downpayment of 500?

At this point, I raised my eyebrow and just said my favorite word of the hour, NO. What the eff? I have to pay 500 just so she can talk to her boss? To me it seemed like a bribe.

She gave up and returned me to the original sales lady and by that time I had spent too much time in the gym so I decided to activate my membership the following day. (It went well and they didn’t bug me all that much anymore, they just let me work out, which is all I wanted in the first place.)

What crazy fees, huh? No wonder so many people are turned off by Fitness First. I’m still hoping they call me and offer a better package, but I’m not holding my breath.



ITIL RCV V3 Certification Exam

Posted on 29 January 2011 by Flisha

Well. I have finally finished a harrowing week’s worth of ITIV V3 RCV Training! My mind felt like it was being rubbed raw by abrasives this whole time, because every after training, I still have to work, and my client is escalating issues to my manager, and I had meetings left and right, and received all sorts of work-related distractions. I was hardly able to study. :(

Ensue cramming on the night before the ITIL exam!!!

The training I took, by the way, is for the Release, Control and Validation life stages of the ITIL Service Management life cycle. Yeah, that’s my boring line of work. :) But it feeds, clothes and shelters me, so I am grateful for it, and grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow my knowledge.

I slept at around 3 am last night already. And at the end of that, I had only finished reading the ITIL Foundations refresher, the introduction to Service Transition, and the Change Management part. I hadn’t even begun Service Evaluation, Configuration Management, Release and Deployment Management, Service Validation, or any of the Roles and Responsibilities! I was exhausted and at the same time panicky because I failed the first mock exam!

Luckily I think the studying did some good as I passed the second mock exam this morning. We had our actual ITIL RCV V3 exam in the afternoon, and we will find out our scores in two weeks.

Gosh, I hope I passed!!!


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RIP Cory

Posted on 03 August 2009 by Flisha

Around lunchtime today, Cory Aquino’s funeral procession slowly passed along Ayala Avenue. My officemates and I went down (from our office up at the 20th floor) to watch the procession.

I took photos, but all I had was my cellphone camera with me, so the following photos aren’t good. But they’re all I have, and it was a significant occasion in Philippine history, and I’m glad I have these snapshots, at least, to remember the day by.

This is around 12:00pm. From the 20th floor, we could already see the hearst nearing Ayala, so my officemate and I went down to watch the procession. We would be waiting quite a while, since the procession was moving very slowly.

Since 11am, people had been throwing confetti from the buildings. It looked like it was raining yellow bits of paper.

People started climbing up the fences and standing there just to get a better glimpse of Cory’s casket.

This man is actually flashing Cory’s symbol, the L sign. Except I didn’t capture his thumb. Fail me.

The confetti at our feet. I feel for those who had to clean up Ayala Avenue afterwards.

The crowd just kept getting bigger every minute.

Hang a yellow ribbon for Cory. Buildings glittered with yellow ribbons as people paid their last respects.

Lots and lots of yellow ribbons.

And even more confetti.

So much confetti!

My hair was all covered in confetti after standing outside for 30 minutes! And I was standing in the building lobby!

People flew flags bearing Ninoy’s face.

People waiting, flags waving…

So much confetti it started to look like ashes from a newly erupted volcano.

People stopped working to watch the procession.

Funny thing. We were so hungry already so we went inside Jollibee to buy food. And right when we were buying, Cory’s casket passes by! Urrgh! So I took this photo from inside Jollibee. Fail fail fail me.

Now from the outside, but there wasn’t much to see. There were too many people blocking the view.

After buying our food and going up the pantry, we could see the procession below. I attempted to take a photo, but it was too much for my cellphone. LOL. This is the best I got.

Rest in peace, Cory Aquino. We love you.

Here is the Inquirer article about the Cory’s funeral procession.

Edsa a stream of yellow; Makati rains confetti

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 7) Former President Corazon Aquino drew tens of thousands to the streets one last time on Monday, amid an outpouring of support reminiscent of the 1986 revolt that she led to restore democracy in the country.
Yellow confetti rained and people flashed the “laban [fight]” hand sign as Aquino’s funeral procession motored from the La Salle Greenhills gymnasium to the Manila Cathedral, passing by Edsa and Ayala Avenue, the main staging points for the bloodless uprising over 20 years ago.
However, there was no “Cory” to wave back at the adoring crowd. Instead it was her flower-adorned casket on top a six-wheeler truck that passed by. Tied to the vehicle was a white tarpaulin with the words “Mahal ka namin [We love you], Cory.”
As Aquino’s cortege passed through Edsa from La Salle Greenhills at 11 a.m., the former leader was greeted by a stream of yellow – from people’s shirts to the balloons they were holding.
In Makati City, thousands more, mostly in yellow shirts flashed the “L” sign as they lined up along Ayala Avenue. Office employees, some perched on building ledges, threw yellow confetti as the funeral convoy passed.
The scenes were reminiscent of 1986 when Aquino, then the opposition’s presidential candidate, led massive protests against dictator Ferdinand Marcos whom she accused of cheating in the snap presidential elections. The protests eventually led to a bloodless people power revolt that ousted Marcos and installed her as the first female president of the Philippines.
When the funeral cortege reached the monument of Mrs. Aquino’s late husband, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., on the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, the crowd of thousands simultaneously sang “Bayan Ko” (My Country) and again flashed the “Laban” sign.
Instead of stock prices, the Philippine Stock Exchange ticker turned yellow and displayed a message thanking the democracy icon.
Mrs. Aquino’s younger brother, Jose Cojuangco Jr., led his clan from Tarlac in joining the funeral procession to the Manila Cathedral. Cojuangco, overwhelmed by the thousands who lined up Ayala Ave., flashed the “laban” sign to the crowd and reached out to shake the hands of some of the people there, saying thank you.
Police estimated the crowd in Makati at 25,000, while those that lined up along Edsa were estimated at 5,000, said Superintendent Rommel Miranda, spokesman of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).
In the area of the La Salle Greenhills gymnasium, where the funeral procession started, the crowd was estimated at 30,000 to 40,000, said Senior Superintendent Carlos de Sagun, Mandaluyong City police chief.
Four honor guards stood by Aquino’s flower-adorned casket. Around 50 policemen from escorted the procession, which moved slowly because of the huge crowds.
Yellow confetti greeted the funeral procession as it arrived at the Manila Cathedral at around 4 p.m., two hours behind schedule.
The former leader’s children escorted her remains, including her daughter Kris Aquino, who was with her husband, basketball player James Yap and their children Joshua and James Jr. Mrs. Aquino’s son, Senator Benigno Aquino III was at the cathedral ahead of his sisters.
Upon arrival, the former leader was given military honors, followed by prayers from Bishops Socrates Villegas and Broderick Pabillo.
People cheered and raised their hands with the famous “laban” [fight] sign as they saluted the icon of democracy.
“Hindi ka namin malilimutan Madam President [We will never forget you Madam President]!” an elderly woman said as she wiped her tears.
“Maraming salamat po, Tita Cory (Thank you very much, Tita Cory),” a student said as the truck carrying Aquino’s hearse passed by Palacio del Gobernador.
Employees of the Commission on Elections unfurled yellow banners and a large white tarpaulin written with the words “Salamat Pres. Cory.” (Thank you, Pres. Cory)
Aquino’s wake at the Manila Cathedral was opened to the public shortly after the prayers, with the public advised to enter through General Luna Street. Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales was scheduled to celebrate mass in the evening.
Among those who were at the Manila Cathedral were Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, former Ambassadors Henrietta de Villa and Howard Dee, Black and White Movement convenor Leah Navarro, and political analyst Lito Banayo.
So far, only Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. was the only administration figure spotted at the cathedral.
For the necrological service, vigil, and requiem mass for Aquino at the Manila Cathedral, the following areas are closed to traffic from 9 a.m. Monday until Wednesday:
Stretch of A. Soriano from Arsobispo to Solano;‬
Stretch of Magallanes from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Cablido from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Gen Luna from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Sto. Tomas from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Beatro from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Anda from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Real from Gen, Luna to Magallanes.
The Stretch of A. Soriano from Gen. Luna to Cabildo was closed to traffic starting at 6:00 a.m. August 3 until 5.


BibTex Software: Using BibTex and Word 2007

Posted on 08 June 2008 by Flisha

I had a hard time getting this to work, so I decided to post this in case any researchers (searching for bibliography format wikipedia or bibtex software) like me are needing this tool.

I use Latex to create my BibTex BST files in my research paper. In my opinion, it’s incredibly and unnecessarily complex to install and learn. I’ve read the BibTex style and the Bib formats get easier and become much more efficient to use than word processors in the long run. I’ve yet to be convinced.

Anyways, the one thing I love about it is BibTex, a part of Latex that makes it so very easy for you to create a bibliography. All you have to do is keep one .bib file of all your references (even across multiple papers). Then in your .tex file, you just have to link to the .bib file and start citing references using their unique keys ( ex. \cite{key1} ) and then BibTex will automatically create your bibliography. Cool, huh? (Here’s a Latex tutorial.)

So, today I wanted to continue my work in MS Word. Not in Latex. Latex is only good for formatting the final PDF. MS Word is good for when developing the actual paper, because you can send it to your advisors and they can make comments and recommendations in your paper.

So I had a problem of porting the paper I had developed in Latex (big mistake, but I was in a hurry to complete the deadline) back to MS Word. I didn’t want to have to go through creating references all over again. Good thing I found a way to import my .bib file.

Go to this page by Mike Brookes and download the BibTex4Word file. You can also download the documentation file. The instructions given are for Word in XP. But I am using Word in Vista (Word 2007).

If you’re also a Word 2007 user like me, place the BibTex4Word (.dot) file in this folder: C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP where *** is your username. Do this for every single user.

Restart Word if it’s open. Now you can use BibTex4Word. The toolbar will be located under your Add-Ins menu (the last dropdown menu in the Word menu bar). There are 6 icons. To import your .bib file, click on the yellow folder icon and select your file. To create a citation, use the red cross icon and insert the reference key. To toggle between seeing the key and the citation ([,gupta] vs [1]) click on the eye icon. To paste out the actual bibliography, press the list icon.

Oh, and to add more references to your .bib file, just do it in Latex. :-) My Latex processor is MikTex.

That’s it! Hope this is useful for some clueless researcher out there. :-)



Nihongo Basic Intensive Course: Final Day

Posted on 31 May 2008 by Flisha

Yesterday was the last day of class in my Nihongo Basic Intensive Course. The other day we had taken the JLPT 4 of 2006 so the morning of yesterday our teachers gave us back our results. (Yes, I passed. Flying colors in Kanji, yey heheh. But don’t ask me about listening and grammar!!! Just trust me when I say I passed heheheh.)

It was a bittersweet (Click Five moment: she’s so bittersweet, she knocks me off of my feet, and I can’t help myself I don’t want anyone else… sorry I’m just into Eric Dill right now hehehe.) day. Relieved to not be waking up so early every single day anymore, but at the same time very sad not to be thinking in Nihongo every single day anymore too…

But at least I brought my cam and saved all the good memories! Lookie:

Hirayama Sensei reacts to receiving the class’s loveletter. Hehe.

Ah! Tegami desu ka? Sugoi desu ne!” Okay, I just made that up. Hehehe. Doesn’t he look as though he’s thinking that, though? Heheheh.

The look on his face is priceless!! He looks so fond of the letter hehehe. Kawaii!

Showing everybody the letter. Kevin drew him up as a rabbit (usagi; maybe ‘coz he’s always in a rush??) I think. Complete with the tidy beard and laughing eyes. So right on the mark haha!

Smiling for the camera. Too bad I forgot to put the cam on high resolution mode… I never did get to read the front of the card. It was all in Japanese!!! Hehehe…

One last pose. Ahaha whenever I see or think of Hirayama Sensei I want to laugh, hehe. He just always looks so funny. Like he’s suppressing all laughter. Hehe.

Tajima Sensei’s turn.

Look at how happy she looks hehehe. She was like that on her birthday too, when Kevin surprised her with a caricature on the board (she sadly lingered a lot before erasing heheh) and we gave her a happy birthday letter and sang her the happy birthday song.

Happily asking us when we made it. The other day, we answered. We tried our best to discreetly write the messages, but there were some close calls, hehehe.

Arigatou gozaimasu!!!” Isn’t she kirei? Hehehe.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take Fujimori Sensei’s pic! Hers would’ve been the best had I not (again, grr me, grr me) been late. I arrived in class to see our sensei in tears!! She had just received the letter and she was overwhelmed with emotion. Awww!! (She’s my favorite sensei, hehehe.)

Our mad dash to the Nihongo faculty workroom to take pics with/of our senseis.

Tajima Sensei at her workdesk.

Masako-san posing with Fujimori Sensei.

Aii, it’s blurred. :-( My lunchmate Cristina-san with Fujimori Sensei.

Me flashing my chizu sign with Fujimori Sensei, hehehe.

Chizu with Hirayama Sensei. I just noticed he always presses his lips tightly when in front of a camera hehehe.

Chizu with Tajima Sensei. Yeyyy, the all-important chizu-with-sensei’s are complete! Hehehe.

Nihongo Basic no onna no hito desu! Hehehe. From the left, Tajima Sensei, Fujimori Sensei, Masako-san, Missy-san, Ferisha-san (‘coz of course the name “Flisha” is simply unpronounciable in Japanese hehe) and Cristina-san. Too bad Tina-san wasn’t able to make it, she was baby-sitting (not her newborn hehe).

Another pic of us girls and the powerful chizu!!!

One more! And Cristina-san retires her chizu and goes for the demure look. Hehehe. There were lots of cameras around that’s why we’re not looking towards this camholder. Papazarri alert!

Nihongo Basic no otoko no hito desu. Ah, is the powerful chizu only for girls??? This pic looks awkward, hehehe. I should have cropped them each and posted their pics individually. L-R: Hirayama Sensei, Kevin-san and Ronarudo-san (also known as Ronald hehehe).

See don’t they look like they’re in different worlds (pic-wise)? Hehehe. See, they should’ve used the power of the chizu that almightily unites. Hehehehehehe.

Now they’re trying jump shots. Look at Hirayama Sensei!!!!! Hahahahaha! Sooo ROFL!!!

Another classic from Hirayama Sensei. Hahahaha. I can’t help it!!!!

After a few jump shots that JUST weren’t going right, they decided to fake it. Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! (I’m in tears.)

UP Alumni resutoran de hiru gohan o tabemashita.

Me, Missy-san and Masako-san. Missy is Filipino but sometimes looks Chinese, sometimes Korean. Hehehe. She’s very kikay (that’s Tagalog not Japanese) heheh. Masako is half-Filipino half-Japanese and always looks kawaii and she reminds me of my sister Melisse (except my sister’s kaartehan hehehe!).

Ronarudo-san, watchu smirking at? Kevin-san, umm, it’s a pic not a failing grade. Hehehehe.

Cristina-san with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Carl.

She’s so happy ‘coz now they’re on-again. *singsong voice* Don’t tell the other one!

Finally, the graduation ceremony! Tan-tan-tanan… Okay I’m supposed to be humming the traditional graduation hymn but um it kinda morphed into the Star Wars theme! Hehehehe my brain needs to defragment I think.

Congratulations, Kevin-san!

Congratulations, Ronarudo-san!

Congratulations, Cristina-san!

Congratulations, Masako-san!

Congratulations, Missy-san!

And congratulations to meeeeh!!!

Group Pics!!!

Aww, the class in its entirety (minus Tina-san, drat!). L-R: Kevin-san, Cristina-san, Missy-san, Masako-san, Watashi (me!), Ronarudo-san, Fujimori Sensei, Tajima Sensei and Hirayama Sensei.

Mo ichido! (One more time hehehe.) To the senseis, domo arigatou gozaimashita!! Minna wa yasashi desu! :-)

Some silly after-pics.

E no mae ni watashi to Cristina-san shashin o torimasu! That *sounds* about right. Hehehehe. I’m still so sucky at Nihongo grammar hehehe.

Kevin-san feeling amorous with the painting. Whatever rocks your boat. Hehehe. One thing’s for sure, we do love our photo ops! Hehehe.

Oh, oh, and here’s my certificate!

And a loveletter from the senseis hehehe.

Afterwards we sang our hearts out at Red Box, a videoke place at Trinoma. It was a lotta fun (though I kinda went “huuuhh?? e?” when they started singing Japanese-only songs hehehe). I’ll post the videos maybe tomorrow. ;-)

P.S. Click the images for a better view!



Learning Kanji Day 4

Posted on 08 May 2008 by Flisha

Kanji wa taihen muzukashii desu! That means, Kanji is very difficult!

We learn only 5 Kanji per day, and our sensei (teacher) spends two hours teaching us the 5 Kanji. Learning to draw the characters takes a lot of time. As you can see from the chart, one Kanji has very many strokes. The most advanced Kanji we’ve been taught so far requires 8 strokes, and we only know 20 characters yet! There are 100 characters we have to learn before the semester ends. And the Japanese have about 3000+ Kanji!!

Hay. I can’t believe Japanese and Chinese children are tortured this way!! Kanji may be symbolic (each Kanji means something) but it’s still hard to memorize the characters. I wonder how many Kanji the Chinese (the ones who invented Kanji) have???

Hehe, but it is quite fun learning Japanese. It’s fun trying to read the labels on my Japanese stuff. Sometimes I read a word in Katakana and then I get what it means. Like the word for toilet in Japanese is “toire”. (Not that I have a Jap toilet.) The word for juice is “jusu”. For coffee is “kohi”. For curry rice, it’s “kare raisu”. Hehehe. I feels so silly when made to read out English words in the Japanese accent, I feel like I’m bastardizing my own language (which is what I’m doing I suppose). Hahaha.

I think I am gonna miss this class when it’s done.



Talk It Out

Posted on 06 May 2008 by Flisha

I am SOOO stressed. I need to talk it out.

I am in the middle of my research proposal. I am SO tired of crawling through ACM and IEEE and SpringerLink and so many other journal databases just looking for my “jackpot paper” as one of my professors called it.

I started out thinking it would be so easy to propose. There are so many problems out there just begging to be solved by Computer Scientists (hehe) like me. I decided to tackle health problems, and I was thinking of ZCMC (a public hospital from my hometown) and the myriad of problems the doctors have there (lack of tools and too many patients). So my first idea was to create a program to make doctor-patient communication more convenient, thus a remote patient monitoring system. Sounds like a potential app, right?

I submitted that proposal but got lots of negative comments, like the idea being so old its worn off its soles already. It didn’t matter that ZCMC did *not* have that app nor needed it quite badly, what mattered that it already existed (many versions of it in fact) in the world. So I had to prove that my idea was new. Not only that, but I also had to solve a computer-related problem at the same time, or else my thesis would be rejected for it not being “under the CS domain”.

Uuurgh. This is so complicated. I thought I was taking Computer Science so I could solve real-world problems! That’s what I really want. But no, it turns out I have to solve a Computer Science problem using Computer Science. That’s irritating me!!! I don’t wanna solve a Computer Science problem because those kinds of thesis aren’t usually USED. They just get published. Because only really really great solutions get used, and I think maybe the folks at Google have got that covered already.

*sigh* So now I’m taking a look at Human-Computer Interaction, which is a field directly under the CS umbrella, but at the same time I can see it solving a lot of real world problems. Think Apple and the iPhone. But my professor says that I have to be careful in formulating my research proposal because I have to defend it being a CS problem (as opposed to an HCI prob… hayayay).

Computer Science is so complicated. Why am I even in this field??? (I should just stick to blogging about Youtub. Gahhh!)



Hiragana and Katakana Done!

Posted on 30 April 2008 by Flisha

My gosh it’s been less than two weeks and I already know how to read Hiragana and Katakana! Wow! My head is bursting with all the new information, all the memorization!

I still find it a bit hard to read these characters. I can read, but slowly. It’s weird ‘coz I write faster than I can read hehehe. Reading is hard because I cannot (yet) see the word for the characters, not like in English. As I’m typing this, I can read an entire English phrase in one glance. But when I read Japanese, I read character by character, like a kid hehehe. I hope with practice I may soon read Hiragana and Katakana without having to mouth each character out loud to get to the word. Hehehe.

Today we started on Kanji. Ohmygod! Hanaji desu!!! (That’s Japanese for nosebleed hehehehe.)



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