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BibTex Software: Using BibTex and Word 2007

Posted on 08 June 2008 by Flisha

I had a hard time getting this to work, so I decided to post this in case any researchers (searching for bibliography format wikipedia or bibtex software) like me are needing this tool.

I use Latex to create my BibTex BST files in my research paper. In my opinion, it’s incredibly and unnecessarily complex to install and learn. I’ve read the BibTex style and the Bib formats get easier and become much more efficient to use than word processors in the long run. I’ve yet to be convinced.

Anyways, the one thing I love about it is BibTex, a part of Latex that makes it so very easy for you to create a bibliography. All you have to do is keep one .bib file of all your references (even across multiple papers). Then in your .tex file, you just have to link to the .bib file and start citing references using their unique keys ( ex. \cite{key1} ) and then BibTex will automatically create your bibliography. Cool, huh? (Here’s a Latex tutorial.)

So, today I wanted to continue my work in MS Word. Not in Latex. Latex is only good for formatting the final PDF. MS Word is good for when developing the actual paper, because you can send it to your advisors and they can make comments and recommendations in your paper.

So I had a problem of porting the paper I had developed in Latex (big mistake, but I was in a hurry to complete the deadline) back to MS Word. I didn’t want to have to go through creating references all over again. Good thing I found a way to import my .bib file.

Go to this page by Mike Brookes and download the BibTex4Word file. You can also download the documentation file. The instructions given are for Word in XP. But I am using Word in Vista (Word 2007).

If you’re also a Word 2007 user like me, place the BibTex4Word (.dot) file in this folder: C:\Users\***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP where *** is your username. Do this for every single user.

Restart Word if it’s open. Now you can use BibTex4Word. The toolbar will be located under your Add-Ins menu (the last dropdown menu in the Word menu bar). There are 6 icons. To import your .bib file, click on the yellow folder icon and select your file. To create a citation, use the red cross icon and insert the reference key. To toggle between seeing the key and the citation ([,gupta] vs [1]) click on the eye icon. To paste out the actual bibliography, press the list icon.

Oh, and to add more references to your .bib file, just do it in Latex. :-) My Latex processor is MikTex.

That’s it! Hope this is useful for some clueless researcher out there. :-)



Nihongo Basic Intensive Course: Final Day

Posted on 31 May 2008 by Flisha

Yesterday was the last day of class in my Nihongo Basic Intensive Course. The other day we had taken the JLPT 4 of 2006 so the morning of yesterday our teachers gave us back our results. (Yes, I passed. Flying colors in Kanji, yey heheh. But don’t ask me about listening and grammar!!! Just trust me when I say I passed heheheh.)

It was a bittersweet (Click Five moment: she’s so bittersweet, she knocks me off of my feet, and I can’t help myself I don’t want anyone else… sorry I’m just into Eric Dill right now hehehe.) day. Relieved to not be waking up so early every single day anymore, but at the same time very sad not to be thinking in Nihongo every single day anymore too…

But at least I brought my cam and saved all the good memories! Lookie:

Hirayama Sensei reacts to receiving the class’s loveletter. Hehe.

Ah! Tegami desu ka? Sugoi desu ne!” Okay, I just made that up. Hehehe. Doesn’t he look as though he’s thinking that, though? Heheheh.

The look on his face is priceless!! He looks so fond of the letter hehehe. Kawaii!

Showing everybody the letter. Kevin drew him up as a rabbit (usagi; maybe ‘coz he’s always in a rush??) I think. Complete with the tidy beard and laughing eyes. So right on the mark haha!

Smiling for the camera. Too bad I forgot to put the cam on high resolution mode… I never did get to read the front of the card. It was all in Japanese!!! Hehehe…

One last pose. Ahaha whenever I see or think of Hirayama Sensei I want to laugh, hehe. He just always looks so funny. Like he’s suppressing all laughter. Hehe.

Tajima Sensei’s turn.

Look at how happy she looks hehehe. She was like that on her birthday too, when Kevin surprised her with a caricature on the board (she sadly lingered a lot before erasing heheh) and we gave her a happy birthday letter and sang her the happy birthday song.

Happily asking us when we made it. The other day, we answered. We tried our best to discreetly write the messages, but there were some close calls, hehehe.

Arigatou gozaimasu!!!” Isn’t she kirei? Hehehe.

Too bad I wasn’t able to take Fujimori Sensei’s pic! Hers would’ve been the best had I not (again, grr me, grr me) been late. I arrived in class to see our sensei in tears!! She had just received the letter and she was overwhelmed with emotion. Awww!! (She’s my favorite sensei, hehehe.)

Our mad dash to the Nihongo faculty workroom to take pics with/of our senseis.

Tajima Sensei at her workdesk.

Masako-san posing with Fujimori Sensei.

Aii, it’s blurred. :-( My lunchmate Cristina-san with Fujimori Sensei.

Me flashing my chizu sign with Fujimori Sensei, hehehe.

Chizu with Hirayama Sensei. I just noticed he always presses his lips tightly when in front of a camera hehehe.

Chizu with Tajima Sensei. Yeyyy, the all-important chizu-with-sensei’s are complete! Hehehe.

Nihongo Basic no onna no hito desu! Hehehe. From the left, Tajima Sensei, Fujimori Sensei, Masako-san, Missy-san, Ferisha-san (‘coz of course the name “Flisha” is simply unpronounciable in Japanese hehe) and Cristina-san. Too bad Tina-san wasn’t able to make it, she was baby-sitting (not her newborn hehe).

Another pic of us girls and the powerful chizu!!!

One more! And Cristina-san retires her chizu and goes for the demure look. Hehehe. There were lots of cameras around that’s why we’re not looking towards this camholder. Papazarri alert!

Nihongo Basic no otoko no hito desu. Ah, is the powerful chizu only for girls??? This pic looks awkward, hehehe. I should have cropped them each and posted their pics individually. L-R: Hirayama Sensei, Kevin-san and Ronarudo-san (also known as Ronald hehehe).

See don’t they look like they’re in different worlds (pic-wise)? Hehehe. See, they should’ve used the power of the chizu that almightily unites. Hehehehehehe.

Now they’re trying jump shots. Look at Hirayama Sensei!!!!! Hahahahaha! Sooo ROFL!!!

Another classic from Hirayama Sensei. Hahahaha. I can’t help it!!!!

After a few jump shots that JUST weren’t going right, they decided to fake it. Ahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! (I’m in tears.)

UP Alumni resutoran de hiru gohan o tabemashita.

Me, Missy-san and Masako-san. Missy is Filipino but sometimes looks Chinese, sometimes Korean. Hehehe. She’s very kikay (that’s Tagalog not Japanese) heheh. Masako is half-Filipino half-Japanese and always looks kawaii and she reminds me of my sister Melisse (except my sister’s kaartehan hehehe!).

Ronarudo-san, watchu smirking at? Kevin-san, umm, it’s a pic not a failing grade. Hehehehe.

Cristina-san with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Carl.

She’s so happy ‘coz now they’re on-again. *singsong voice* Don’t tell the other one!

Finally, the graduation ceremony! Tan-tan-tanan… Okay I’m supposed to be humming the traditional graduation hymn but um it kinda morphed into the Star Wars theme! Hehehehe my brain needs to defragment I think.

Congratulations, Kevin-san!

Congratulations, Ronarudo-san!

Congratulations, Cristina-san!

Congratulations, Masako-san!

Congratulations, Missy-san!

And congratulations to meeeeh!!!

Group Pics!!!

Aww, the class in its entirety (minus Tina-san, drat!). L-R: Kevin-san, Cristina-san, Missy-san, Masako-san, Watashi (me!), Ronarudo-san, Fujimori Sensei, Tajima Sensei and Hirayama Sensei.

Mo ichido! (One more time hehehe.) To the senseis, domo arigatou gozaimashita!! Minna wa yasashi desu! :-)

Some silly after-pics.

E no mae ni watashi to Cristina-san shashin o torimasu! That *sounds* about right. Hehehehe. I’m still so sucky at Nihongo grammar hehehe.

Kevin-san feeling amorous with the painting. Whatever rocks your boat. Hehehe. One thing’s for sure, we do love our photo ops! Hehehe.

Oh, oh, and here’s my certificate!

And a loveletter from the senseis hehehe.

Afterwards we sang our hearts out at Red Box, a videoke place at Trinoma. It was a lotta fun (though I kinda went “huuuhh?? e?” when they started singing Japanese-only songs hehehe). I’ll post the videos maybe tomorrow. ;-)

P.S. Click the images for a better view!



Learning Kanji Day 4

Posted on 08 May 2008 by Flisha

Kanji wa taihen muzukashii desu! That means, Kanji is very difficult!

We learn only 5 Kanji per day, and our sensei (teacher) spends two hours teaching us the 5 Kanji. Learning to draw the characters takes a lot of time. As you can see from the chart, one Kanji has very many strokes. The most advanced Kanji we’ve been taught so far requires 8 strokes, and we only know 20 characters yet! There are 100 characters we have to learn before the semester ends. And the Japanese have about 3000+ Kanji!!

Hay. I can’t believe Japanese and Chinese children are tortured this way!! Kanji may be symbolic (each Kanji means something) but it’s still hard to memorize the characters. I wonder how many Kanji the Chinese (the ones who invented Kanji) have???

Hehe, but it is quite fun learning Japanese. It’s fun trying to read the labels on my Japanese stuff. Sometimes I read a word in Katakana and then I get what it means. Like the word for toilet in Japanese is “toire”. (Not that I have a Jap toilet.) The word for juice is “jusu”. For coffee is “kohi”. For curry rice, it’s “kare raisu”. Hehehe. I feels so silly when made to read out English words in the Japanese accent, I feel like I’m bastardizing my own language (which is what I’m doing I suppose). Hahaha.

I think I am gonna miss this class when it’s done.



Talk It Out

Posted on 06 May 2008 by Flisha

I am SOOO stressed. I need to talk it out.

I am in the middle of my research proposal. I am SO tired of crawling through ACM and IEEE and SpringerLink and so many other journal databases just looking for my “jackpot paper” as one of my professors called it.

I started out thinking it would be so easy to propose. There are so many problems out there just begging to be solved by Computer Scientists (hehe) like me. I decided to tackle health problems, and I was thinking of ZCMC (a public hospital from my hometown) and the myriad of problems the doctors have there (lack of tools and too many patients). So my first idea was to create a program to make doctor-patient communication more convenient, thus a remote patient monitoring system. Sounds like a potential app, right?

I submitted that proposal but got lots of negative comments, like the idea being so old its worn off its soles already. It didn’t matter that ZCMC did *not* have that app nor needed it quite badly, what mattered that it already existed (many versions of it in fact) in the world. So I had to prove that my idea was new. Not only that, but I also had to solve a computer-related problem at the same time, or else my thesis would be rejected for it not being “under the CS domain”.

Uuurgh. This is so complicated. I thought I was taking Computer Science so I could solve real-world problems! That’s what I really want. But no, it turns out I have to solve a Computer Science problem using Computer Science. That’s irritating me!!! I don’t wanna solve a Computer Science problem because those kinds of thesis aren’t usually USED. They just get published. Because only really really great solutions get used, and I think maybe the folks at Google have got that covered already.

*sigh* So now I’m taking a look at Human-Computer Interaction, which is a field directly under the CS umbrella, but at the same time I can see it solving a lot of real world problems. Think Apple and the iPhone. But my professor says that I have to be careful in formulating my research proposal because I have to defend it being a CS problem (as opposed to an HCI prob… hayayay).

Computer Science is so complicated. Why am I even in this field??? (I should just stick to blogging about Youtub. Gahhh!)



Hiragana and Katakana Done!

Posted on 30 April 2008 by Flisha

My gosh it’s been less than two weeks and I already know how to read Hiragana and Katakana! Wow! My head is bursting with all the new information, all the memorization!

I still find it a bit hard to read these characters. I can read, but slowly. It’s weird ‘coz I write faster than I can read hehehe. Reading is hard because I cannot (yet) see the word for the characters, not like in English. As I’m typing this, I can read an entire English phrase in one glance. But when I read Japanese, I read character by character, like a kid hehehe. I hope with practice I may soon read Hiragana and Katakana without having to mouth each character out loud to get to the word. Hehehe.

Today we started on Kanji. Ohmygod! Hanaji desu!!! (That’s Japanese for nosebleed hehehehe.)




Posted on 24 April 2008 by Flisha

Watashi wa Nihonggo no benkyoshimasu (I’m studying Japanese!).

…I think.

Hehehe. I’m so busy these days, my Japanese class takes my whole day. But let me fill you in on a few Jap sentences.

Ohayou gozaimasu! (Good morning)
Konnichiwa! (Good afternoon or Hello)
Konbanwa! (Good evening)

So desu. Hehehehe.


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ANC Square Off Finals Match

Posted on 01 December 2007 by Flisha

Congratulations to Sharms and Charisse from the Ateneo de Manila University for winning the ANC Square Off Debate Championships. They get to go to Thailand this month for the Worlds Debate.

Ahhh, how close we came to achieving that prize! Henry Segovia and Al-Zhoheir Hajim of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University fought off teams from UP Manila, UP Diliman and others to reach the final round only to bow down to the Philippines’ champion debaters. Not bad, I say, for a team dubbed “provincial” by Metro Manila debaters.

To Al and Henry, congratulations! By landing the runners-up title, you have shown the Philippines, on live television, that the Ateneo de Zamboanga University is a formidable player in debate and public speaking. Thank you for taking us this far. My wish is for you guys to be able to pass down to the other Ateneo Debate Union members all the skills and lessons you’ve gained these past four years – may this event not be the highlight of our history, but simply the beginning of our glory.

Haha. I sound like a politician. Going back to Flishi-mode, the ANC finals was a fun evening!

I dolled up for the event – eye shadow, lipstick and all. Hehe. It’s my first time to dabble in makeup, by the way. It’s the Manila effect – everyone else looks so glamorous I feel drab and simple in comparison. Hence the experimentation. Hehehehe. (Get me bling for Christmas!)

Besides, I was to be on live TV! It could be saved forever in Youtub for all I know! Gotta get ready for my close-up! Hehehehe.

I got there at 7am, a whole hour early. I got to join the debaters in the ABS CBN Executive Lounge, and then later on in the dressing room.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look – the cameraman on his way to capture the debaters’ interviews.

There were 5 adjudicators for the match, whereas during the previous rounds there were only 3. It is common to have many adjudicators in final matches – this match was chaired by Atty. Joan de Venecia. She was a debater in college, in fact she once came to Zamboanga to chair the 5th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championships, where I debated with my partner Jeff. Wow, that was a long time ago.

After the Championships were announced, we went out for dinner and dessert.

Joining us were Ruth, a former ADU moderator who is currently on study leave here in Manila as I am; Joey, a former ADU debater who is working as a recruiter for eTelecare; and other Ateneo alumni working in Manila.

Anyways. I’ve uploaded photos of the event at my dotPhoto site. Here are the links:

Square Off: Dressing Room

Square Off: The Battle

Square Off: The Afterparty



Under Pressure

Posted on 01 October 2007 by Flisha

The final week of the first semester is fast approaching. I am under pressure. Beyond under pressure. I am taking four subjects – heavy ones, all of them.

Programming Languages and Paradigms, Theory of Algorithms, Computer Simulatin and Modeling, and Business Data Mining.

One last week of classes and then the finals exams week. And four major projects to go. I’m doing a Java program, studying Lisp and C++, I’m trying to solve NP-complete problems (trust me, don’t even bother trying to understand its definition), running data analysis on pregnant mommy datasets and simulating the future of the Philippines. All to be submitted in two weeks.

And right now I am just so so so so exhausted. And my nerves are about to leap off my forehead, I think.

And what am I doing??? Blogging.

I am about to go crazy.

Therefore, I am thankful for the precious few moments that I had fun here in Manila. And these pictures represent some of those moments. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of myself. Waaah. But here are some I took of old and new friends.

Here are pictures of the ANC debate. Henry and Al and Jamel came over for the debate against UP Manila.

And yey, they won! Which means they’re coming back this month for another round. Don’t forget to watch and vote! :-)

Al and Henry, the Light and the Treasure. Hahahah. I love it.

This set of pics is more recent. Roel, a former classmate, celebrated his birthday and invited all of us ADZU faculty here in Manila for a party at his house.

It was a lot of fun, ‘coz I hardly ever get to go out with friends here, and making new friends is really a necessity nowadays. Hehe.

Gosh how pitiful my life has become…

I really hope for more parties to come. :-)

Which is why I am sooo excited for sembreak! In two weeks I’ll be going to Dapitan to meet my boyfriend and spend a whole month with him!

A whole month of being loved!! I am so excited! I can’t wait! :-)



Bringing Home The Cup

Posted on 05 March 2007 by Flisha

We won! We won! We won the 15th Mindanao Parliamentary Debate Championship! Never mind the 24 hour bus ride to Surigao, never mind the cramped 8-person prison-type-bedrooms, never mind the haggling and begging for the canteen food worth P1100, never mind that we did not get a trophy save for the revolving “cup” that we’re supposed to relinquish the next champion (cross my fingers hope it’s us!), never mind that Davao’s Andrew tampered with the tabs and cheated us out of one more team in the quarters (hah, karma baby, not one of their 3 breaking teams reached the finals), never mind, never mind!

We won! :-)

Here are some pics of the event:

Looking all pretty for the elims. I wore a low-cut blouse. I thought maybe my boobs would cut into the eyes of all non-ZC debaters (‘coz, like, my kids would so totally respect my dignity and look away, knowing that looks are but a strategy), depressing the quality of my debates and thus elevating my teams’ wins and speaker scores! Yay! I don’t know if it worked though. Oh god I hope it’s not my fault they only had 2 wins. Ehhh… But really it’s nice to bring the girls out with me in debates. In ZC it’s kinda hard to show them off, what with me being an authority figure. I. Must. Show. No. Skin. That’s Jams and Henry btw. Jams is the co-moderator of our debate organization. Which is 10 years already! Wee! Happy anniv! And I should definitely be making another paragraph already, mixing all sorts of ideas on one par. My father would strangle me if wasn’t already six feet under.

Henry and Ems and Al-Zho debating in the quarterfinals. Our only breaking team was the LAST breaking team in the 15th MPDC with only 2 wins but a helluva lot of speaker points. That pitted them up against the top breaking team, incidentally, Davao’s. Having adjudicated that team once in the elims, I assured Henry’s team it was an easy killing. Hehehe, I am such a boast. It was the three kids – they were just brilliant, that did it! And on they went to semis!

Dead tired after breaks. After a grueling four rounds, we were fed canteen food. A skinny piece of fried chicken, I think. And a gram of beef. Yup. So right after, we went searching for food. Surigao apparently, does not advocate midnight snacking. Yes. Every eatery is closed after 10PM. Even Jollibee and Greenwich, the only fast food chains existent. Even the hotel we went to declined to serve us food!! Even though we OFFERED to pay. Really!

So we went to this little tavern, where the waiters tried to make us drink by telling us that yes, they had like around 5 menus available with lotsa names of different foods on them, yes, but no sorry no food was available. Just beer. Fried chicken? Nope, just beer. Tenderloins? Nope, just beer. Ice cream? Oh, uh, yeah, I guess we could serve that. Oh thank you very much, at least the banana can supply our starved bodies with some potassium. At least according to my doctor boyfriend – whom I really really missed coz he was here at home the whooole time.

I still looked terribly cute though.

Jam-jam and Jon-jon. Henry and I were first to arrive the Surigao scene so we decided to register everyone in nicknames. Hen-hen, Al-al, Em-em, Rai-rai. Hehehe. Forgive us our brains were fried in the bus ride.

Oh, oh yeah, Jam and Jon. Our fragrant co-moderators. I’m the queen mod, Jams is princess mod and Jon is wannabe Spice. Just kidding. :) We really are considering baptizing Jon-jon as one of us. Just to keep an eye on our ever-fraternizing Jam-jam. He’s quite flirty when left alone. I think, if given the right bribe (one must know him to know how to bribe him), he’d sell our little crowns for pleasure. Hehehe. I’m just kidding. I don’t know what’s getting into me.

Yay, quarters and semis here we come! So the third day is upon us. All pressure all around. Still, we keep the smiles plastered and our evil little souls hidden. Look at this pic. Don’t we look the picture of goodness. Angels, the lot of us. Be scared. Be very very scared!

I love Jams’ signature look. Heehee. In every picture there’s a pout and a profile. I think everyone has a signature look in photos, actually. I like the full-on look, eyes up and chin down. Hides the extra layers, ya get it?

Concerns, anxieties, the pressure is overwhelming! Actually here I think Al, Kish and Pau are heatedly discussing why their beautiful moderator is making the Chief Adj want to cry!! Well he had it coming. Keber! He did not even tell me the night of the breaks that Andrew had “mistakenly” entered MSU as winner of the silent round against ADZU! In fact, Apay of XU had given the win to ADZU. And what did the Adj Core WITHOUT ME do??? They decided to text Apay and ask her if it was possible to allow MSU to win instead of ADZU. Hwaaaat??? What happened to ‘the decision of the adjudicator is final and cannot be void’?!? What happened to keeping the integrity of the tournament? What happened to fairness and honesty and equality? Well, all went down the drain the preserve the Chief and Deputy Adjudicator’s dignities. I’m sure Eric and Yves felt their reputations were far more important than that of these little Mindanaoans they were adjudicating. And why oh why would their reps be ruined if everyone found out about the little mistake? Oh simply because everyone would also have found out that Eric and Yves had not done any of the tabs – that Andrew, yes Davao’s Andrew – did all the work. All the inputs, all the match-ups, all the adj assignments. (Apay and I once tried to decipher the tabs and help input stuff, but no, Andrew wouldn’t let us, wonder why?) And what did Eric and Yves do? Oh, looked on and thanked the gods they did not have to do any work. Which is why, probably, they had so much fun.

All the pretty glasses. I just had to include this in. Much as Surigao’s new university site looks like an aquarium (all green and moaty) it had really cute windows with Bible phrases and glass-stains of saints and stuff. So very arty. And the view was really pretty – all countryside and mountain. So pretty.

All in all it was a good tournament – because we won. Hehehe. Otherwise I’d have really made Eric and Yves cry. Or, you know, just let Ikee beat the hell out of Andrew. Hehehehe.


Ateneo Fiesta Debates 2006

Posted on 01 December 2006 by Flisha

Whooh. The debates are finally over. This is the second time I’ve organized a debate tournament (for reals!). Unlike my last experience, this one has been beset with incredulity. While I would rather not dwindle on life’s negatives, still I’d like to clear out certain things.

First of all, no part of the tourney was compromised for any reason. True, one of the participating debaters (Ikee) was the Chief Adjudicator’s (Gim) brother. True, Gim is my boyfriend (oh how true :-). And true, the Tournament Director (me) was also the trainor of one college (CSIT). What a mix for compromise, huh? But there was none.

For the sake of transparency, here are the tab results. This list is ordered by wins. Educ2 (Henry, Raisa and Espi) breezed through the eliminations with a record of 6-0. There was no seventh round so the entire column is marked 0. The next four teams (CLA2, Acc2, CLA1 and CSIT2) tied with a record of 4-2. The last of the breaking teams (Educ1, HS1, Acc1) tied with a record of 3-3.

Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Wins
EDUC 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 6
CLA 2 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 4
ACC 2 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 4
CLA 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 4
CSIT 2 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 4
EDUC 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 3
HS 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 3
ACC 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 3
BSN 2 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 2
BM 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 2
BSN 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2
CSIT 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 2
HS 2 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2
EDUC 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

To determine the rankings of the tied teams, we have to look at their team scores, which follow below. Thus the top 8 breaking teams are, in order: Educ2, CLA2, CSIT2, Acc2, CLA1, Educ1, HS1 and Acc1.

Team R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Team Scores
CLA 2 259.5 265.5 265 265 266 267.5 1588.5
CSIT 2 262 264.18 260.67 261.5 262 266.5 1576.85
ACC 2 261 259 262 261 265 263 1571
CLA 1 255 258 258 257 258 260 1546
EDUC 1 260 263 264.67 268 265 266 1586.67
HS 1 255 256 260 254.5 261 259 1545.5
ACC 1 257 258 255 259 251 257 1537

To determine match-ups for the quarterfinals, we followed the Swiss-Draw Matching System (strong teams versus weak teams to protect strong teams and ensure the high quality of the final round). Thus, Educ2 met Acc1. CLA2 met HS1. CSIT2 met Educ1. And Acc2 met CLA1.

Who won? Predictably, the stronger teams. Educ2, CLA2 (Ems, Christian, Diana Rose), CSIT2 (Mark, Ikee, Philip) and Acc2 (Alain, Jae, Kittey). So how did we determine match-ups for the semi-final rounds? Here it gets a bit messy. We weren’t all that sure. First, we decided to pit CSIT2 versus Acc2 and CLA2 versus Educ2. This was a decision based on the team scores of the quarterfinals round (where CLA2 garnered the highest marks and Educ2 garnered the lowest marks). We announced this.

Henry and Ems came up and questioned our decision. We waved them away, saying, well, that was the result based on quarterfinals team scores. But afterwards, we questioned ourselves. Was it the fairest way to make the match? I had my misgivings. Adjudicators have different ways of giving scores, though we try our best to standardize them. At the time, I felt that Henry and Em’s teams were the best in the tournament. Was it in the tourney’s best interest to pit them together? Wouldn’t it mean a lower quality debate if one of them was killed in the semis?

So Gim and I convened again. This time we looked at the elimination rounds’ tab results. Educ2 and CLA2 were the top two teams, based on the elimination rounds. So we made new match-ups. Strongest versus weakest. And so, we pitted Educ2 versus Acc2, and CLA2 versus CSIT2.

Who won? In a really surprising turn of events, NOT the stronger teams.

Henry and Alain’s round was judged by Gim, Randy of Educ, Noriel of CSIT, Adriel of HS and Michelle of BSN. Alain later on complained that while Henry was represented by Randy, the Accountancy team was not represented. Furthermore, a certain adjudicator was biased against him (not Educ’s rep). That worried me. I told him, it’s OK. Gim is there. He’ll make sure the round will be judged rightly. The panel deliberated for 45 minutes. What was the result? Four adjudicators gave the round to Accountancy, and one gave it to Education. Which was okay. Loyalty is valuable, so long as it does not compromise the decision. And the biased adjudicator? He let go of his bias.

Ems and Ikee’s round was judged by Al-Zhoheir of Accountancy, Mashod of CSIT, Jamel of CLA, Michelle of CLA and Raisa of Education. Again, due to a lack of adjudicators and the shortsight of myself and Gim, CSIT lacked one representative as CLA had two. But fortunately, that did not pose a problem. What was the result? Four adjudicators gave the round to CSIT, and one gave it to CLA. Again, loyalty is valuable as long as it does not compromise the decision.

And that was how we got the teams for the final round. Accountancy versus CSIT. Alain’s team versus Ikee’s team. The adjudicators were Gim of Nursing/Medicine, Al-Zhoheir of Accountancy, Flisha (me!) of CSIT, Jamel of CLA and Randy of Education. In a unanimous decision, we all gave the round to Accountacy.

No compromises. Just pure passion and cold logic.

P.S. Congratulations, Accountancy! You won it fair and square. :D



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