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ITIL RCV V3 Certification Exam

Posted on 29 January 2011 by Flisha

Well. I have finally finished a harrowing week’s worth of ITIV V3 RCV Training! My mind felt like it was being rubbed raw by abrasives this whole time, because every after training, I still have to work, and my client is escalating issues to my manager, and I had meetings left and right, and received all sorts of work-related distractions. I was hardly able to study. :(

Ensue cramming on the night before the ITIL exam!!!

The training I took, by the way, is for the Release, Control and Validation life stages of the ITIL Service Management life cycle. Yeah, that’s my boring line of work. :) But it feeds, clothes and shelters me, so I am grateful for it, and grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow my knowledge.

I slept at around 3 am last night already. And at the end of that, I had only finished reading the ITIL Foundations refresher, the introduction to Service Transition, and the Change Management part. I hadn’t even begun Service Evaluation, Configuration Management, Release and Deployment Management, Service Validation, or any of the Roles and Responsibilities! I was exhausted and at the same time panicky because I failed the first mock exam!

Luckily I think the studying did some good as I passed the second mock exam this morning. We had our actual ITIL RCV V3 exam in the afternoon, and we will find out our scores in two weeks.

Gosh, I hope I passed!!!


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RIP Cory

Posted on 03 August 2009 by Flisha

Around lunchtime today, Cory Aquino’s funeral procession slowly passed along Ayala Avenue. My officemates and I went down (from our office up at the 20th floor) to watch the procession.

I took photos, but all I had was my cellphone camera with me, so the following photos aren’t good. But they’re all I have, and it was a significant occasion in Philippine history, and I’m glad I have these snapshots, at least, to remember the day by.

This is around 12:00pm. From the 20th floor, we could already see the hearst nearing Ayala, so my officemate and I went down to watch the procession. We would be waiting quite a while, since the procession was moving very slowly.

Since 11am, people had been throwing confetti from the buildings. It looked like it was raining yellow bits of paper.

People started climbing up the fences and standing there just to get a better glimpse of Cory’s casket.

This man is actually flashing Cory’s symbol, the L sign. Except I didn’t capture his thumb. Fail me.

The confetti at our feet. I feel for those who had to clean up Ayala Avenue afterwards.

The crowd just kept getting bigger every minute.

Hang a yellow ribbon for Cory. Buildings glittered with yellow ribbons as people paid their last respects.

Lots and lots of yellow ribbons.

And even more confetti.

So much confetti!

My hair was all covered in confetti after standing outside for 30 minutes! And I was standing in the building lobby!

People flew flags bearing Ninoy’s face.

People waiting, flags waving…

So much confetti it started to look like ashes from a newly erupted volcano.

People stopped working to watch the procession.

Funny thing. We were so hungry already so we went inside Jollibee to buy food. And right when we were buying, Cory’s casket passes by! Urrgh! So I took this photo from inside Jollibee. Fail fail fail me.

Now from the outside, but there wasn’t much to see. There were too many people blocking the view.

After buying our food and going up the pantry, we could see the procession below. I attempted to take a photo, but it was too much for my cellphone. LOL. This is the best I got.

Rest in peace, Cory Aquino. We love you.

Here is the Inquirer article about the Cory’s funeral procession.

Edsa a stream of yellow; Makati rains confetti

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 7) Former President Corazon Aquino drew tens of thousands to the streets one last time on Monday, amid an outpouring of support reminiscent of the 1986 revolt that she led to restore democracy in the country.
Yellow confetti rained and people flashed the “laban [fight]” hand sign as Aquino’s funeral procession motored from the La Salle Greenhills gymnasium to the Manila Cathedral, passing by Edsa and Ayala Avenue, the main staging points for the bloodless uprising over 20 years ago.
However, there was no “Cory” to wave back at the adoring crowd. Instead it was her flower-adorned casket on top a six-wheeler truck that passed by. Tied to the vehicle was a white tarpaulin with the words “Mahal ka namin [We love you], Cory.”
As Aquino’s cortege passed through Edsa from La Salle Greenhills at 11 a.m., the former leader was greeted by a stream of yellow – from people’s shirts to the balloons they were holding.
In Makati City, thousands more, mostly in yellow shirts flashed the “L” sign as they lined up along Ayala Avenue. Office employees, some perched on building ledges, threw yellow confetti as the funeral convoy passed.
The scenes were reminiscent of 1986 when Aquino, then the opposition’s presidential candidate, led massive protests against dictator Ferdinand Marcos whom she accused of cheating in the snap presidential elections. The protests eventually led to a bloodless people power revolt that ousted Marcos and installed her as the first female president of the Philippines.
When the funeral cortege reached the monument of Mrs. Aquino’s late husband, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., on the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, the crowd of thousands simultaneously sang “Bayan Ko” (My Country) and again flashed the “Laban” sign.
Instead of stock prices, the Philippine Stock Exchange ticker turned yellow and displayed a message thanking the democracy icon.
Mrs. Aquino’s younger brother, Jose Cojuangco Jr., led his clan from Tarlac in joining the funeral procession to the Manila Cathedral. Cojuangco, overwhelmed by the thousands who lined up Ayala Ave., flashed the “laban” sign to the crowd and reached out to shake the hands of some of the people there, saying thank you.
Police estimated the crowd in Makati at 25,000, while those that lined up along Edsa were estimated at 5,000, said Superintendent Rommel Miranda, spokesman of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).
In the area of the La Salle Greenhills gymnasium, where the funeral procession started, the crowd was estimated at 30,000 to 40,000, said Senior Superintendent Carlos de Sagun, Mandaluyong City police chief.
Four honor guards stood by Aquino’s flower-adorned casket. Around 50 policemen from escorted the procession, which moved slowly because of the huge crowds.
Yellow confetti greeted the funeral procession as it arrived at the Manila Cathedral at around 4 p.m., two hours behind schedule.
The former leader’s children escorted her remains, including her daughter Kris Aquino, who was with her husband, basketball player James Yap and their children Joshua and James Jr. Mrs. Aquino’s son, Senator Benigno Aquino III was at the cathedral ahead of his sisters.
Upon arrival, the former leader was given military honors, followed by prayers from Bishops Socrates Villegas and Broderick Pabillo.
People cheered and raised their hands with the famous “laban” [fight] sign as they saluted the icon of democracy.
“Hindi ka namin malilimutan Madam President [We will never forget you Madam President]!” an elderly woman said as she wiped her tears.
“Maraming salamat po, Tita Cory (Thank you very much, Tita Cory),” a student said as the truck carrying Aquino’s hearse passed by Palacio del Gobernador.
Employees of the Commission on Elections unfurled yellow banners and a large white tarpaulin written with the words “Salamat Pres. Cory.” (Thank you, Pres. Cory)
Aquino’s wake at the Manila Cathedral was opened to the public shortly after the prayers, with the public advised to enter through General Luna Street. Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales was scheduled to celebrate mass in the evening.
Among those who were at the Manila Cathedral were Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, former Ambassadors Henrietta de Villa and Howard Dee, Black and White Movement convenor Leah Navarro, and political analyst Lito Banayo.
So far, only Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. was the only administration figure spotted at the cathedral.
For the necrological service, vigil, and requiem mass for Aquino at the Manila Cathedral, the following areas are closed to traffic from 9 a.m. Monday until Wednesday:
Stretch of A. Soriano from Arsobispo to Solano;‬
Stretch of Magallanes from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Cablido from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Gen Luna from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Sto. Tomas from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Beatro from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Anda from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Real from Gen, Luna to Magallanes.
The Stretch of A. Soriano from Gen. Luna to Cabildo was closed to traffic starting at 6:00 a.m. August 3 until 5.


Nude and Glamour Photography

Posted on 10 August 2007 by Flisha

Attended a seminar workshop on photography last June. Here are some of my shots.

I used my simple but trusty Canon A410 to take these pictures. I think, for its specs, my camera served me well.

All those EOSes and DLSRs clicking and flipping around during the seminar sure made my fingers tingle though. Someday. Someday soon.

Lots of photogs in the seminar. Mostly guys though. A few girls. I hate that population-wise, women outnumber men. And yet, in almost every profession, men outnumber women. Why the disproportion???

Glamour photography was discussed in the morning, followed up by nude photography in the afternoon.

The glamour girls were Ford models – very pretty. One had a pretty face. The other had a great body. Which one do you think this is?

God, I would die for a body like this. Okay, no. She’s too skinny. But she does make a pretty picture.

Ya know, I had a banging bod too. Once. A long long time ago. I worked really hard for it. And then a boy came along, fell in love with me, started feeding me and it’s been downhill ever since.

It’s always about a boy.

It’s okay. Someday I’ll get that body back. With lotsa money and the right plastic surgeon. Maybe right before my wedding.

The nude models were girls.


We were promised one of each. That’s why I went to the seminar. To compare.

Bodies. Of each gender.

What did you think?

It’s okay. But still. Next time, I’ll ask before registering.

It’s purely for the experience. Really.

The workshop was given by respected photographer Dominique James.

He’s gay, and funny.

It was a nice seminar.

Visit my photo site for more pictures.


Swinging High and Low

Posted on 05 May 2006 by Flisha

Admit it. This font makes you want to grab the itsy bitsy little biscuits off the screen and munch-munch-munch them one by one!!! The more I look at them, the more I get hungry! :P

Been a while since I last updated. :( I’m really really busy right now. And it’s supposed to be summer. Guess I should be thankful I was passed over for that animation seminar I so badly wanted to attend. (They wanted full-time attendees but I had already signed up to teach a summer class.)

*Sigh* There are days when even I can’t pretend to be chipper for this blog. Reality check – I’m a sullen world weary woman who never gives a big bright smile (as opposed to a pinched half-smile-half-grimace) unless it’s for real. Gah. I am depressing myself. Hope this means I’m getting my period. It was due last week! :x

*Initiate Brute-Force Mood Swing* :D

I may be busy but I need to write. Unloads stress. I wanna avoid what’s happening to that hunny of mine who’s already pre-hypertensive! 130/90 mmHg! My bad eating habits (meat, meat, bit of veg, meat and more meat) conquered him and made him its slave! He wasn’t ready! He wasn’t prepared! Now I’m weaning him off. Nothing but fish and veg for the rest of his days. Hee! :D

My summer class is fun! :) I was teaching my HS juniors poetry appreciation the other day and I gave them E.E.Cummings’ she being Brand to interpret through their new blogs (I didn’t want to suffer the indignity of decrypting their paper diaries; now I suffer the indignity of manually magnifying the smallest font sizes possible) . I got a range of responses – blanks (“It’s about a car. I need to read it again.”), far-out ones (“It’s about suicide.”) and two gingerly written accurate answers (“Um I think it’s about a couple doing ‘their thing’ but um I’m not being malicious here!!!”). I thought my kids were on the more mature side of 15. We stepped on the gas, drove hastily past Cummings and picked up Robert Frost instead. B)



All in a Day’s Work

Posted on 02 December 2005 by Flisha

I now know what a 100-dollar bill looks like. A man I hardly knew casually flipped it off his wallet and handed it to me. For a very simple favor. Which I would have done for nothing at all, really.

The guy was actually a dear friend of my mom’s. He came over from Rome, Italy (he’s in charge of Food and Agriculture at the UN) to hold a series of forums on sustainable agriculture. He brought along with him Sixto Rojas, whom my mom’s friend introduced as the father of the country’s economy.

Anyways, they needed somebody to operate a laptop and a projector for the entire day. I was reluctant to fulfill that role, even though my mom did the requesting, since I was pretty busy handling the media coverage for the Ateneo Fiesta. I agreed, however to bring and install the equipment to Palmeras, and maybe stay there for an hour or two just to make sure everything would be running smoothly. Sony (the guy I’m talking about), however, simply and nonchalantly handed me a hundred dollars to do him the favor of staying the entire day in an air-conditioned hotel, being fed scrumptious restaurant gourmet and desserts and standing by in case there were any technical glitches. (None occurred.)

It was probably unethical of me to receive the outrageous sum of money, but Sony insisted that it was a belated “gift” for my birthday (four months past). I stared stupidly for more than a minute at the 100 dollar bill he gave me, blabbering something about not needing to be paid for a simple favor or what. Truthfully, I was so shocked that I can’t even remember the details of the moment. I must have looked to him like a dirt-poor orphan being handed cash for the very first time!!! (And so easily paid off!!! What an embarrassing moment!)

But in the end, I had to accept it. I couldn’t hurt him by rejecting his offer. And of course, I would have hated myself afterwards for choosing to do the right thing even when it didn’t really matter. Hehehe!!!

Oh, and he also gave me another gift — a beautifully soft, dark purple leather bag from Europe.

(Perhaps compensating for not having been able to give my mom gifts back when he was courting her? My lolo was very strict with my mom when she was still in high school!)

Hmm, not bad for a day’s work. Here’s wishing that someday I land a job that pays in dollars!!!



My Advanced MySQL Seminar is Dunzo!

Posted on 08 November 2005 by Flisha

It’s Ovah! The seminah is ovah!

That’s how Allie (Rachel McAdams) from the Notebook would so say it. Just an interesting piece of info, she and Ryan Gosling (the guy who played Noah) are actually true-to-life sweethearts. Aren’t they totally cute??? (The pic on the right is a still from the movie.)

Incidentally, whenever I think of Noah (the character, not the actor) I think of Gimmi. They are so alike. This reminds me, Gimmi’s birthday is on the eleventh! He is turning 22!!! My little pucuchu is turning a year older! I wonder what to give him. He insists that all he wants is to be with me. But heller, pucuchu, I’m always with you. Birthdays are for extraordinary things. Anyways I still have 3 days to plan it.

My sembreak is just beginning, even if it has just ended for the students. A week ago I finally delivered the Advanced MySQL training seminar I had been preparing for. I was quite scared at first since I was told these students of mine had already undergone Basic MySQL and already had lots of programming skills. But once the introductions began my fears were halted. Most of them actually had NO experience whatsoever. And the few that already did seemed to have forgotten most of what they were taught. That was a relief. I am quite good at SQL but I had never undergone any formal training, it was all self-taught, so I was unsure of my capabilities at actually teaching the subject.

It was a breeze. (Hah, feeling!) Weird though, because during the second day we had a blackout. But NCC had no generator! Ngek. So we had to wait it out for two hours, extending in the evening. I hope they pay me extra! Hehe. Why is it that government agencies can manage to dole themselves out so many bonuses yet can’t seem to afford certain essentials? (City Hall gives out a P30,00 Christmas bonus to its employees but won’t provide Internet access.)

My trainees were a rowdy bunch. Very talkative, since most of them were males. And weird too. One time I caught a few of them crowding in on one guy’s unit. I thought they were interested in the code he was typing. But when I surprised them from behind it was actually a cropped image of the guy and me. Hahahah! I swear he turned beet red as he hurriedly did an Alt+F4. And there was another guy who couldn’t take his eyes off my boobs. I know they’re a bit gigantic sometimes, but still, couldn’t he have just sneaked a few glances while I wasn’t looking? Sigh. [Disclaimer: I’m not pretending to be attractive, just acknowledging the existence of big boobs.] Too bad there wasn’t a cutie among them. I would really have appreciated the eye candy. Hehehe!

Anyway, here are more pictures of the seminar. I kept my picture small so you won’t be able to see how fat I’ve become. Heehee.


P.S. For those who can’t get enough Internet access but still don’t have your own line, you can always go to NCC. The Mindanao branch is located in Tumaga, Zamboanga City, near WMCC. Anybody can access the Internet from NCC for free!!! (Bet you didn’t know that!)



Blogging Out the Stress

Posted on 16 October 2005 by Flisha

These days I’ve been so busy I’ve absolutely no time for myself – or blogging.

I’m giving a MySQL seminar next week but I still have to come up with exercises for the attendants, whoever they are. It’s actually the local government that’s giving the seminar but they’ve decided to outsource it to private peeps, since giving it themselves would be added workload to their so-very-overloaded butts. I’m being sarcastic here, having just vacated a lucrative government position myself. But anyway, I’m not complaining. (But don’t I sound like it? Hormones.) They’re paying me P225 an hour. I thought they were joking at first. Turns out they were dead serious.

Two days from now my students are going to have their project defense as final exam. I made them count all the lines of code in their program as part of the software engineering process. Heehee, I am such a biatch. Honestly, the subject I am teaching has got to be one of the more tedious courses in the new curriculum. Counting lines, counting functions, estimating costs and effort, creating graphs. If only programming was as simple as typing code. But no, documentation sometimes takes one third of the whole process. Speaking of which, I have yet to construct the defense criteria! Or reserve the multimedia! Or post their schedules! Ack!!!

October is Zamboanga’s month, the 12th being the city’s biggest yearly event, the Fiesta Pilar. I would have loved to see the regatta (colorful sailboats racing in the ocean) or the baile na calle (street dances) or the carrera (the local counterpart of Amazing Race) or any of the free concerts but sadly I wasn’t able to. I’ve been feverishly working on the Evaluation system for the school. I’ve made lots of systems before but I’ve never handled more than 50 users or records. This time, my system’s gonna be placed on a network where at one single time, 5 or more users will be accessing nearly half a million’s worth of records! And testing’s due next week! And I’m still redesigning my tables!!! If my stress meter were filled with mercury I’d have long been poisoned.

To top it all off, I just got my period. And the letter O on my keyboard is stuck. And my blog’s calendar of activities is hankering for an update. And Windows Explorer seems to have misplaced my folder extensions. And I’m eating up an entire can of my darling boyfriend’s stash of chocolate chips.

This is going to be a long week.


Returning to School

Posted on 19 June 2005 by Flisha

When we’re in school, teachers always warn us about “the real world.” In school, we train ourselved to be prepared for “reality.” For sixteen years (or more, who’s counting?) I was in school and craved to go “outside.”

For two years I’ve seen the real world. I’ve come to the conclusion that the real world sucks. Enough. I’m going back to school! Not as a student, though.

Last week was my first six days on the job. Being back in the private workplace again is refreshing, having survived a whole year in government (and hated every single second of it but stuck on only for the money).

Initially I craved the post of web/graphic designer, but since that job was already taken, I was assigned the task of programming. And to add a bit to my meager salary (which I shall not divulge but let me just say it is half of what I used to get *but I am not complaining merely describing*), I am taking on 3 units of classes, equivalent to one subject. (Hopefully, also, I will be accepted for the part-time job of website manager).

There are 14 of us in the department, but two are leaving for their Master’s degrees. Three of us are newbies, three are my batchmates, four were my instructors and two are my new acquantances, soon-to-be-friends-I-hope.

I love my new job, though my officemates might not see it yet. See, I’m so quiet in the office ‘coz I’m shy. Hahaha. Shy daw o. But I’m warming up real quick. It’s hard not to warm up to your officemates when they’re all so kalog.

Prime example. It’s 6:00 PM and we’re in the office waiting for our respective classes (mine starts at 7:30PM unfortunately). There’s some slight chatter but mostly we’re on our PCs preparing lectures or surfing or what. R, at the end of the isle, is playing a PC game. Suddenly we hear a thudding sound coming from his computer, but he ignores it so it just keeps thudding. I surmise it is probably the game’s sound effects.

L, however, looks over and assesses the situation, then he blurts out in a really really loud voice, “Huy, R, tigilan mo daw yan. Nakakahiya!” Some of us muffle our giggles. (See, the thudding kinda sounds, um, bastos.) R ignores him and goes on playing. The sounds eventually get faster and faster, and L comments that R is nearing his “climax.” Then the sound stops. L says, “Masarap, bai?” Some of us break out in laughter. The the sound returns back with full force and L says, “Ay, hindi pa pala tapos. Grabe si R. Excited talaga.” He then looks at M, and tells her, “M, ikaw kasi nag-skirt ka pa, tingnan mo nae-excite na talaga si R!” M blushes and tells off L, then hides in her cubicle. The rest of us try to contain our laughter.

L is pretty much like that all the time, riling up the rest of us, but most especially poor M. I think they kinda like each other but they’re denying it. Hmm, office affairs, yum! I can tell that relationship will develop in time.

Aside from liking my co-workers, I also love the new time flexibility I have. In government, you HAVE to be in office at 8AM sharp and 1AM sharp. You can leave only at 12NN sharp and 5PM sharp. If you need to leave at any other time, you must fill out a pass slip and if it’s approved, you can only leave for a maximum of 30 minutes. Otherwise you will counted as a absent. No wonder government employees start packing their things at 4:30PM!

Now, I can come and go as I please, though of course I make sure I keep at least 8 hours a day in office. On MWFs, I have to stay until 8:30PM due to my one and only class. I’m hoping I can change its schedule, though.

My class (the one and only) is a very fun class. They’re also kalog. I have one student who is very obssessed about his hometown. Every meeting he never fails to mention that he comes from Mercedes. His classmates tease him about it, but I think he does it on purpose to crack up the class.

Lots more to report but I have to rest. 11-hour days take their toll. Zzzz….


New Everything

Posted on 14 June 2005 by Flisha

Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit. I’m still adjusting to my new work environment as a — gasp! — instructor! Well, ok, ok, I only have one subject, I’m not really a full-time teacher. I’m actually a programmer.

But everything’s new — new coworkers, new office, new tasks, new friends… I’m lovin’ it.

I’ll be telling you about it within the week!


Training in the University

Posted on 30 May 2005 by Flisha

Well, it’s been a tiring day and my eyes are drooping like 80-year-old breasts. Not so much from the activities of the day but from the fact that it’s the first time in 12 weeks that I have seen that big yellow orb of light (what do you call it again, sun?) in the east. I’d actually forgotten. I’d begun thinking it rose in the west and sunk in the west. Hurt my eyes, the glare, it did. (Sorry, Star Wars hangover.)

I showed up for my orientation seminar an hour late. Was so excited I couldn’t sleep last night so I slept in the morning instead. Got educated on university policies and all that. Interesting stuff. What I liked most was the lack of uniforms (for the admin, that is) save for a few dress codes, as the Senior Dean enunciated: “Not too low a hemline, not too high a neckline.” Or, uh, was it the other way around? Hmm, must have dozed off during that century. But I remember a lot of other things. Like, for our morning snack we had a sandwich and for our afternoon snack we had a cupcake. Yum.

I’m excited for tomorrow! My pamphlet says we’re to have a quick training on the “Whole Brain Approach”. I hear a well-built gorgeous muscled guy usually demonstrates the 20-minute workout.



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