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Dreaming of Japan

Posted on 13 April 2008 by Flisha

Detox Tip #9: Dream, and dream big.

Ever since I’ve come back from Japan, I’ve been thinking of ways to get back there. I really did fall in love with the country and its people, in such a short time. I guess you could call it love at first sight. ;-)

It’s weird because I’ve never really dreamt of going to Japan before. It was always my anime-freak of a sister who kept yapping over and over about Japan ever since… hmm, Sailor Moon, probably. Hehe. She collected everything Japanese, actively participated in anime fanclubs, watched anime channels 24/7 and formally enrolled herself in Japanese studies. I just could not relate.

A bitbefore Christmas last year, a mass email was sent to my department promoting a two-week internship over at NAIST, Japan. I was very interested — anything free appeals to me greatly, hehe. The next mass email was an application form, but in the excitement and rush of the season, I kinda forgot about it, until a day before the deadline, my professor sent me an email asking if I was still interested.

I briefly thought not to apply anymore, as I didn’t feel good enough to be accepted. Me? An intern in Japan? It was better for my heart not to hope. But Flishi-sense won over, the part of me that has always insisted on never ever EVER submitting an exam sheet with even just one blank answer, because even if my grow-up-get-over-it brain told me the answer was uselessly wrong, my hopeful joyful heart always believed there was an off chance it was right, or maybe an intsy bitsy part of it. I never let a chance pass me by. :-) So I hurriedly composed my application form and emailed it off within the hour.

I mailed it shushing my squealing heart to forget, and I really tried my best for almost two months. In February, the results came in. I was in!! I was in!! I was gonna go to Japan! For two weeks! For free! OMG!! OMFG!!! I actually jumped in joy for about two minutes, shrieking and laughing and at the same feeling oh-so-scared it wouldn’t actually come to pass. Good thing I was alone. I’d have freaked out anyone who saw me. I called up Gim immediately and told him, and we both jumped up and down a bit more. I told my mom, too, and my sister. But nobody else yet. I didn’t want to tell, just yet, because maybe it wouldn’t come true, ‘coz I had so many documents to process in such a short time – my passport, my Visa, the lifting of my travel ban (I’m a government scholar) , my final exams and requirements…

Long story short, I actually got to finish up everything just in time. I was even able to squeeze a weekend trip to Baguio with my friends (but that’s another story), hehe, to the distraught of my laboratory partner Chris, hehe, because we were on a deadline to pass our mobile application. He was chosen to come to NAIST, too. But we did it, and got a perfect grade, too. Hehe. Go team!

Anyways, we left for Japan on March 9, thoroughly enjoyed our two-week Japanese immersion (more of that on later posts) and came back on March 22. During our time there, we met a lot of really nice people. Topping my list are organizers and tourguides Edison, Albert and CC. Hehe. I also got to know our fellow interns Clare, Emarc, Ma’am No and Ma’am Cathy, all from the Engineering Department.

One exciting thing accomplished during our trip was an agreement between ADMU and NAIST to have a student-exchange program for the next few years. It was such uplifting news to me, because it means I could have another chance at going back to Japan to study as an exchange student. I’m not setting my heart on this, though, because it’s a university-wide program, so there will be many students vying for the chance, and only 3 slots open. Also, financial assistance will not be given by either universities, so that kinda rules out any chance of me going there. I can’t even afford a one-way ticket to Japan, let alone a whole year of board and lodging. So *sigh* there.

But one thing I can do is hope, hehe. I’m full of that. And try to do everything in my power to inch myself closer to my dream. I’ve been scouring for possible scholarships, but so far, no luck. It seems I should have done that a long time ago, all the scholarships for the next school year have far passed their deadlines. I’m trying to make a bit of money, who knows, maybe blog ads could actually work for me heheh (sorry for the eyesores). Anyways, even if I don’t get in this year, maybe in a few years I will.

For now, I’m setting my sights on learning the Japanese language.

Ateneo de Manila University currently offers a Japanese language course, Nihongo for Everyone. It’s from April 19 – June 21, 9:00 – 4:00 PM every Saturday and costs P5,000 (P4,500 for Ateneo students and employees). At the end of the course, the student is expected to be able to express and understand simple Japanese as well as recogize basic Japanese characters.

The University of the Philippines Diliman also offers Japanese courses. I recently browsed their site and found a PDF stating their special summer courses. They have the Beginner’s Regular 1, 2, 3 and 4 from April 5 to June 14, each costing P7,200. They also offer a short course, much like Ateneo’s, with 3 schedules: April 21- May 3, May 5-May 16, or May 19-30. The course lasts 40 hours and costs P4,000.

But what I’m most interested in is UP’s Beginner’s Short Intensive, lasting 180 hours from April 21-May 30, 5 days a week, 7 hours per day, with the objective of passing the Japanese Language Profienciency Test 4. It costs P16,000. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford it, haha.

I don’t know if I’ll really make it back to Japan. I hope I will. But if I won’t, at least I can tell myself it was not for lack of trying. :-)


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Return to Cawa-Cawa

Posted on 09 April 2008 by Flisha

Detox Tip #8: Have your fill of the sun, the sky and the sea.

After three lonely months in Manila, I am finally reunited with my beloved Zamboanga. In Zamboanga, food does not (often) have to be a luxury — you can partake of it anytime you like, and in great big amounts. I’m not a fan of street food, but I looove punta. You might be grossed out to learn what it is, so I’ll just say it’s a chicken innard. And I love it. Hehe. There are many street vendors along Cawa-Cawa Boulevard, and they sell many things — softdrinks, green mango, balut, penoy, tempura, squid balls, barbecue, chicken skin, punta… It’s such a nice spot for relaxing and reveling in the beauty of my city. Gim took these pics of me, I was too busy enjoying my food to pay him much attention, heheh.

Finished my punta in five minutes! One minute per stick! Heheh. Color me embarrassed. But Gim just finds me cute and takes more pictures. Hehehe. Gim is the apple of my eye. My eyes are the windows to my soul. Can you see it?

Rocks below, sea ahead and sky above. In Zamboanga, we get used it, ignore it, take it for granted, forget it. But if you leave Zamboanga, you cannot forget.

The wonderful sky of Zamboanga… This you cannot find in the big city.

A fishing boat rests in the sunset. Lovers find a secluded place to talk.

Children from the nearby Sta. Cruz Islands? Sons of street vendors? Orphans who live underneath the concrete roads? Could be one, could be all… They seemed not to speak Chavacano much, but they sure liked to have their pictures taken. This engaging photo was taken by Gim.

A woman contemplates life on sea. She mans this banca alone, traverses dangerous currents with it. She lives in the islands nearby, the pink Sta. Cruz Islands. It is necessary to come to the city, her family needs the supplies. There is no commerce in the islands. I wonder how often she goes back and forth the islands throughout the day?

One more image of the weary boater, and from where she came.

Another lonely boat. Debris on the water.

And a stunning sunset (image courtesy of Gim) to cap off this post.


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Spending Christmas Eve with Gim

Posted on 02 January 2008 by Flisha

Detox Tip #7: Shrug off all your worries and learn to be thankful. ;-)

Gim got off hospital duty early on Christmas eve, yay for me! :-) His schedule is very hectic these days. He works every day, in three-day segments. On the first day, he has a 36-hour shift starting around 7am, which of course lasts onto the next day, and he’s off at around 3 or 4pm, if he’s lucky. He gets to sleep that evening, and the very next day he starts at 7am again for a 12-hour shift, which ends at 5 or 6pm, again, if he’s lucky. And the next day, the cycle starts all over again. I get to see him so sporadically. :-(

On the 24th, he had just gotten off his 36-hour shift, so we were able to attend evening mass at the Sacred Heart chapel in Ateneo. It’s our Christmas eve ritual, we always go to mass. :-) Lest you think I’m a religious girl, it’s been eons ago since I attended mass regularly. In grade school and high school, I used to attend mass every morning, with my friends. In grade school, because our Religion teacher would always give us a quiz every morning, asking us what the officiating priest’s homily was about, or what the response psalm of the day was. Hehehe. I hated those quizzes. I was almost always late to school. In high school, arriving early to attend mass became a habit. Not because I liked to go to mass; it had more to do with my closest friends’ liking to go to morning mass. Hehe. And I did so like my friends. :-) I remember enjoying sunrises at the backfield with Chris and Don, especially on one of my birthdays… I miss those days. Anyways, in my first year of college, I tried vainly to maintain that habit. But with Chris gone to WMSU and Donnel not always attending mass either, I lost the wanting. Ever since, I haven’t gone to mass regularly, if at all. When I met Gim, he was very religious. Attending mass every Sunday, and serving at the altar most mornings. I’m afraid, due to my influence, and of course MedSchool!, his appetite for religious ceremony has waned. He, however, has managed to force me to attend mass at least three or four times a year, most notably on Christmas’ eve, New Year’s eve, Easter Sunday and his birthday (not mine, because on that day, we get to do what I want, which rarely calls for a Church visit, hehe).

Hmm, I’ve gone off topic. Hehe. Anyways. Before going to mass, we exchanged gifts. I got him a silver bracelet (well actually, it was stainless steel hehe) and a cute polo shirt which he had received earlier. He got me a lot of different things, which I’ve previously mentioned: a pair of earphones, a shoulder bag and three pretty bracelets. :-)

After the mass, we went home. I was expecting noche buena, and I kind of (I am shameful to admit) threw a fit because my family had *finished* it. To be fair, there was very little of it in the first place. To console me, Gim cooked for me ham and egg. *sigh* I miss those days when my dad was still alive. We’d always have food on the table during the holidays, all day long until the very next day. We’d all eat together on the table at dinnertime, or lunchtime, every day (not just the holidays). The house would be lighted up with parols, Christmas ornaments and Christmas lights. There would be lots of picture-taking, story-telling, gift-giving… It seems, with the passing of my father, those little joys have passed on as well. These days, the members of my family eat whenever time they want. Gifts are given rarely. The only Christmas ornament is the Christmas tree, and that was put up at the late date of December 24 this year. And there is no more picture-taking or story-telling… All of it is sad, really. So I envy greatly families that are still intact, and hope fervently, that I get my own family and my own home as soon as I can. A few more years, Gim and I always say. By 2009, we’ll both have graduated. He has another year to go for his internship and licensure exams. By 2010, he’ll be a doctor. Maybe by 2011, after a year of saving up, we can get married. Or maybe earlier. I look forward to that day. :-)

I sound like everything is bad right now. That’s not the case. On the contrary, everything is becoming better. Though Gim and I are not often together these days, with me living in Manila and him in Zamboanga – we’re both happy that we are moving forward with our lives. He’s becoming a doctor, and I am studying for my Masters degree in the school that I had always wanted to go to for a long, long time. We’re calling this our state of delayed gratification – both of us allowing this meantime suffering (that of being apart) to achieve a greater good (financial stability for the realization of our lifelong dream – get rich and get married, hehehe). Financially, we’re less broke. We’ve paid off our dear old Pao. Wow I just realized I had blogged that, I haven’t realized I’ve been blogging for so long! :-) We’ve been able to buy the gadgets we’ve been lusting for, for so long – me a laptop and a digicam (and an air conditioner for my room hehe), him a camphone. We even have postpaid lines now. Also, I am on better terms with my family. Things were much, much different a year or two ago. Much worse off. (I only blog about happy things hehe.)

So I’m very thankful, for my life. And though I am not religious, I do believe in God. And am thankful, for His many blessings. :-) (And Gim makes me pray before I eat.)

Here are some pics we took on Christmas eve:

Me opening a present from Gim. “Gimgim, these aren’t the chipipay earphones I asked for, are they???” I was just joking when I asked for earphones, and I was dismayed to find that’s what he gave (not chipipay though) ! But he was just teasing me! His real present was the bag, and the bracelets, and a belt. *chagrined* :-)

Posing in front of our Christmas tree. With the bag. Heehee. Melisse, Gim and I put up the tree and the lights. It looked so forlorn, without ornaments, because our dogs ate them. No, really. Thankfully my mom and/or Trisha added the poinsettias.

Gim’s turn. Doesn’t he look sexy in that shirt? No, that’s not the one I bought, unfortunately. Mine looks much better! *sticks tongue out*

Gim thoughtfully posing with the bracelet I gave him. I feel so chipipay I only had one present to give. To my defense though, I gave him a lot of pasalubong presents like chocolates, a polo shirt, a back scratcher, a travelling pillow and a sleeping eye mask. Er… yeah.

“Stop taking pictures of me!” Oh, I am not the paparazzi, you dolt! Hee, kidding lang, Gimpooch!

Oh! Now I remember why I was so upset when I got home. Chris had texted me during the mass that Donnel was in the hospital, and that it was an emergency, we should visit him. Gim and I rushed to the hospital right after mass, fearing for Donnel’s safety. When we got there, he was comfortably lying on the bed, everything seemingly alright, and the rest of my friends sitting around him, chatting as though nothing was the matter. I asked twice what was wrong with him, and they could not say. It turns out he was simply feeling under the weather and they were having tests done to see what was the matter. And that was an emergency, Chris??? Hmmpppfff! (Serves me right for not having called to check first.) Anyway, we stayed there around 30 minutes to chitchat and take a few pics, and it was around 11.30pm or later by this time and Gim and I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch… Well, you can see how hungry we were when we got home. But anyways, it was fun to see Donnel at least once this holiday season, even if it was in a hospital. :-)

For more of my holiday pics, click here. Happy New Year!!!


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Pirates Three: A Sure Blockbuster!

Posted on 29 May 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #5: Watch Movies

Just watched Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End last night, with Gim (boyfriend) and Melisse (little sis).

Loved the special effects, was astonished (though by the third movie, shoulda been used to it) by how realistic Davy Jones and his part-men-part-sea-creatures crew looked. They were all computer-generated, no prosthetics save for Bootstrap Bill! Genius animators!! (One of my dreams, btw :)

I also loved the sweeping views of the sea – lots of richly hued sunsets and sunrises in this movie. Cinematic seascapes keep this girl happy. Hehe.

What riveted me, though, was really the pace of the story. I don’t think anybody could have afforded to get distracted watching the movie. I listened to every word uttered and still a lot of parts went lost by me. The pirate-swapping/backstabbing was more fun to watch than understand, really. I only got the parlay part, the whole Singapore part with Will backstabbing Jack, Sao Feng backstabbing Will and Jack backstabbing everyone else – that? That I got only after I read Wikipedia’s detailed explanation, hehe.

I think the plot was great, but it was maybe too much plot for a movie limited to three hours long. Lots of stuff went not much explained, that’s what I felt. For example, the death of the Kraken was absolutely random! Wikipedia explained that Beckett had actually commanded Davy Jones to kill the Kraken, but I never heard it during the movie.

Though reading Wikipedia greatly enlightened me, some questions still linger. What was really Calypso’s role in the movie? I understand Tia Dalma, and her being Calypso was a nice twist, which of course made me expect much from her. The only thing Calypso served, though, was to provide some answers about Davy Jones’ history. Calypso, in her fury, created a maelstrom, which I admit did provide a convenient plotline for serving great whirpool special effects, but aside from that, I feel her character was hugely neglected and underdeveloped. She should have helped defeat Davy Jones somehow, or maybe turned against those who freed her to try to save Jones, or something! She was freed – and then nothing. How disappointing.

Also, one bugging question: Why did Calypso not show up to meet Davy Jones ten years after doing his duty? Someone tell me! (Gim thinks maybe it was because Calypso became unfaithful to Jones, and his lover was… Jack! Hmm, may be…)

All in all, though, I loved the third installment of Pirates, despite the racy pace of the movie. The lovely scenes took my breath away and the ending was quite a surprise – not as predictable as most movies (read: Spiderman, but hey, loved the special effects on that one too). The love story between Will and Elizabeth was stirring but not overdone. Although I did feel that Elizabeth’s character was treated quite loosely – she professes love for Will but her lips often seem be to interlocked with those other than Will’s (Jack, then Norrington, then an attempt with Jack again…).

Liplocking aside, the hefty P80 entrance fee I paid for Pirates is not going to be missed. Loved, loved, loved the movie – special effects, story and all. :-)

One complaint, though, and it’s not about the movie. It’ s about the moviehouse. I watched at Mindpro Theater, no choice, the only decent theater in Zamboanga. My gripe is that I went home last night quite shocked and so very sad. I thought that Will and Elizabeth were doomed to being able to see each other only once every ten years, forever! Not known to me was that there was a short clip at the very end of the credits that showed Will and Elizabeth meeting up ten years later, with their son! And that the significance of that was that Will was freed of his duties and free to finally be with Elizabeth! A fairytale happy ending!

And why did I miss that? Because damned Mindpro Theater cuts the credits right away!! You couldn’t even listen to the end of the soundtrack or get to read all the cast names. Grr. Isn’t that illegal or something??

Anyway, thank God for Youtub. I’m gonna be looking it up ASAP!

P.S. I finally have a high-speed Internet connection, yay! Had it installed just today. I’m sad though ‘coz I’ll be leaving soon, won’t get to enjoy it much, but at least I can now video-communicate from Manila (hoping I get myself wifi there too). Happiness all around! :-)



Right Guy, Right Place (Part I)

Posted on 17 May 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #4: Fantasize.

A girl fantasizes about many things. Her first boyfriend, first kiss, first sexual encounter (yes, we actually do, but it’s more often romantic, not graphic), first proposal, (first) wedding… not necessarily in that order.

My First Boyfriend

Fantasy: Really tall, like 6 footer. Creamy smooth skin but certainly not fairer than me. Super duper intelligent, really sweet and thoughtful (buys you flowers at weird moments, something like that), brave and noble, and of course, filthy rich. Hehehe. Did I leave any good quality out, girls?

Reality: Not that tall, only as tall as me! Darn. Not creamy skin, either, but bronze. But I’m glad ‘coz I found I like bronze better. Now I cringe at the thought of ever liking someone with fair skin. No offense to the mestizos. Hehe. Just no longer my type. Super duper intelligent, yup, he’s studying to be a doctor!! Really sweet, yup, although, sometimes too sweet and too thoughtful. Recall Mr. Sensitive in the movie Bedazzled, starring Brendan Frasier. Just a little less sensitive. Hehe. Brave and noble, yes, I think. Hehe. Filthy rich? Um, no, but he’s getting there.

Conclusion: Almost perfect! Reality matches fantasy!!

My First Kiss

Fantasy: Gorgeous guy, soft lips, warm embrace, loooong and earth-moving liplock, fireworks everywhere

Reality: Gorgeous guy, dry lips (felt like I was kissing a raisin), no embrace, accidental and very brief liplock (he meant to drop a kiss onto my nose, and I lifted my face a bit and whoops…). Obviously no fireworks.

Conclusion: One fantasy down the drain. But not to worry, that very dry first kiss led to my second kiss, which fulfilled all my first kiss fantasies. Hehehe. Faith in romance regained.

My First Sexual Encounter

Errr… let’s move on, shall we?

My First Proposal

Fantasy: This one always changes, based on my mood. The place is sometimes at the beach, sometimes at a nice romantic restaurant, sometimes somewhere nature-ish like the top of a mountain or near Niagara Falls. The guy, of course, for the past 5 years has been consistent. The ring, it should be really really simple but elegant. Maybe a simple gold band, no engravement of any kind, except perhaps for a “Guy Loves Girl” or something to that effect in the inner circle. (Recall the engravement in the ring Leo gave Claire in the movie Romeo + Juliet.) And maybe a diamond, fragile-ly perched on top of the ring. The timing should be perfect, too. It should be at a time when I know I’m truly, truly in love and in like with my would-be fiance, and when I know that he feels exactly the same about me. We should both have jobs, financially secure at the moment and financially sure of the future, too. We should have no prior commitments of any kind, no ongoing projects that need to be finished first. We should be able to afford a really really nice wedding in six months or less. No long engagements for this girl. What else? I think I could go on and on but those are the basics.

Reality: Well, it actually happened. I got my proposal. What was it like? It’s a long story. And it definitely needs its own post. So, just wait and see. ;-)


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Exploring Free SMS in the Philippines

Posted on 08 April 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #3: Find Freebies on the Internet

SMS or texting in the Philippines is as much a way of life as wearing clothes. Everybody does it. There are three major cellphone carriers, Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular. Each text message normally costs Php1, but promos routinely crop up to minimize fees and entice new subscribers.

But I hate paying for anything, especially for something I believe should be free – such as the ability to send a meager 150 characters of data to another phone when you regularly pay for call credits. So I love finding freebies over the Internet.

I was one of the first subscribers to Chikka, an Internet service that allows Filipinos (and now, foreigners, too) to send free text messages from their PCs to cellphones in the Philippines (and now, to other selected countries, too). But it’s a limited service, it allows a user to send only 3 messages to any single number. I get around that by having multiple accounts, but it’s such a hassle. Oh, and sometimes the messages are delayed by a few hours.

I’ve tried another fairly new service, Wapot. There are no limits to sending messages, but it’s quite unreliable. Sometimes the message gets sent, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes the service is fast, sometimes it’s not.

Recently, I’ve come across another free texting service online, and it’s Callwave. It’s easy enough to use, but it’s a widget which means you have to attach it somewhere like your personalized Google homepage, as you see in my screenshot. But as soon as it’s up, it’s a real breeze to use. Registering your number takes a second and then you can send messages to anyone, anywhere in the world. I tried it and there are no delays in receiving messages. Unfortunately, the number of messages you can send per day is limited. I was only able to send around 5 messages before it told me to “please try again tomorrow.” So I guess this is a good service to use if you’re in a hurry, but I wouldn’t advise you to uninstall your Chikka program just yet.

I don’t often find the need to call or text anybody so I don’t load my phone much. Except nowadays, when Gim is in Dapitan and there’s no other way to contact him during the day (at night when nobody’s using their boarding house phone, we call each other through PLDT NDD), I do load about Php100 everyday. Still, it’s heavy on my pocket since I’m saving for PIDC and since I don’t have any incoming salary on the 15th (waaaahh, it’s school policy for non-permanents). Every cent counts, so free texting is extremely helpful, hehe.

Hope this post is helpful, too, for financially-challenged texters out there like me. Tell me if you guys find any other SMS freebies out there. :)


Emotional and Physical Pains

Posted on 07 April 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #2: Cry a river, get tonsilitis, fever, headache and colds as a result.

The past week has been hellish. Gim left for Dapitan on Monday and he’s not coming back until the end of April. The day before he left, I buried myself in his arms and cried for hours. Not the soft sobbing, silent type of crying – but the hagulgol type – loud, wet, heartbreaking sobs.

I was strong for most of March, I cheered him up while he moped around. But that last day, it just hit me so hard and I could not stop my tears. That night my nose was clogged and I could not sleep. It was a miracle I was able to wake up early enough to bring Gimmi to the bus terminal. I had developed colds and a fever. I lost my appetite (and trust me, normally, that’s impossible for me) and if not for debate practice, I would totally not get out of bed anymore. *Sigh*

As if things could not get worse, at the peak of my illness, I got my period and had to endure terrible stomach cramps and sanitary pad rashes (damn I want tampons!!). *Heavier Sigh*

It’s been six days since Gim left and my illness has abated, too. What’s left is a bit of a dry and itchy throat but it’s not so bad. My period has just begun so what’s occupying my mind most of the time is the discomfort I get wearing pads. I chafe and cut. I’ve tried different brands, same result. I think I’m allergic.

I really wish, here in the Philippines, I had an alternative. Like tampons, or some things I’ve read recently, cloth nappies and menstrual cups. Or better yet, like not having a vagina!!! I wonder how many women secretly wish they were born men. I think God is a man. ‘Coz if he knew how much we women suffer just by being ourselves, he would have made us different!

So how is this post related to detoxification? Well, crying is good. Even if one bout can become a painful 5-day process. It releases stress, at the very least. Makes you lose weight, at the most. Menstruating is good, too. It releases old eggs and old tissues. And every month, you find out that you’re not pregnant. If that’s not great news, what is?


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Ateneo Celebrates 17 Years of Fr. Bill Kreutz

Posted on 30 March 2007 by Flisha

Detox Tip #1: Watch superhero-costumed colleagues dance and prance on stage.

Fr. Bill is leaving Ateneo for good – after serving 17 years as our President and resident Superman. Everyone’s so sad to see him go, he’s done so much for our school. He’s the reason a whopping 30% of our students are receiving scholarships (I was a fully-subsidized scholar myself). He’s also helped established significant programs like the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines (which, at some point or other, I’ve wanted to join). He oversaw the rise of a new Ateneo HS campus in Barangay Tumaga. AND he helped establish Ateneo’s School of Medicine, where my boyfriend Gim has been studying for two years.

Which is why last March 28, the entire Ateneo community gave the best show it ever had for Fr. Bill’s despedida party. College teachers danced in skimpy superhero costumes, office employees spoofed Kris Aquino’s Deal or No Deal (redubbed “Bill or No Bill”, hehe), senior administrators displayed their best Fr. Bill impressions, and that night, we witnessed the longest fireworks display in Ateneo history.

It was a fun night. The food was great – there was a lot. Hehe. And that makes it great, because I’ve never attended an Ateneo community party (where all 1000+ people are present) where food was not a problem. Last Christmas was totally tragic – I’ll spare you the gross details, but the good thing about it was that the catering company decided not to make Ateneo pay for its services because they were totally crap.

Anyway, like I said, everything was so organized it was amazing, I didn’t think Ateneo was capable of that. Great lights, great fireworks, great show, great food. I even got to taste Lechon Baca (Roasted Cow)! It was weird, tasted dull and chewy. I pity the Muslims, hehe, their Lechon doesn’t taste as good as ours (Roasted Pork). Oh and it was a bit ironic – there was still a bit of a food prob. The point of having Lechon Baca was so that the Muslims would not feel left out, they could eat Lechon just like us Christians (see, they don’t eat pork, it’s bawal in their religion, they can’t even stand the smell of it) – but during serving, Gim and I noticed that the waiters served both Lechons with the same utensils, hehehe. So that made it kinda pointless. We only hope they didn’t notice.

The celebration ended at around 10pm. Gim and I played computer monopoly all throughout the night. We finished at around 12midnight, can you believe?!? We are so obsessed. I am, mostly. Hehehe.

Off-topic, Gim’s moping as I’m writing this. He’s leaving for Dapitan on Monday, for his month-long self-punishment, er, outreach. It’s something the School of Medicine forces its students to do every semester. He doesn’t want to go. He’s so obsessed with me, hahaha. It’s a good thing. Absence makes the heart fonder, like I always say. Heheh. Only, who will bring me home every night??? Waaahhhh!!!! Don’t think of that, don’t think of that, don’t.

On a brighter note, it looks as though my debaters and I are actually gonna make it to nationals! We’ve come up with 35,000 pesos, courtesy of different ADZU organizations. Oh and thank you so much, Fr. Bill, we got 10k from him! Now all we need is around 10K more and we’re set for PIDC! Wee!



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