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Happy New Year!

Posted on 20 January 2015 by Flisha

Over the holidays I got myself a Samsung Note 4. And WOW. Best phone ever!

What can I say? It was an impulse buy. Totally out of nowhere. First week of December, I just got my 13th month bonus, it was midnight madness at the mall, there was a buy-now-pay-later scheme going on and I was browsing the latest phones at Abenson. I saw this gorgeous looking phone. Large sized for a phone. I thought, hey I could totally play games on it! Hahah. Then I thought, I can finally use Google Maps when I travel (because, GPS). And the display was really bright and clear!

So I got it. Gave my credit card and left the store 15 minutes later with a brand new phone that I really didn’t need because I still have my trusty Blackberry Bold. God help me and my impulse buying!

Anyway, cut to now. I can hardly go anywhere without that phone. I love it so much! Haha!

I use it to play my games primarily. I play Simpsons Tapped Out, Hay Day, Family Guy, Clash of Clans and Dragonvale. I’ve gotten to be such an addict, I am so ashamed!! I have spent so much on Tapped Out for the premium items. LOL. Again with the spending, missy!!!

Apart from it I love all these travel and leisure apps. I have so many but my favorite are Google Maps (of course!), GrabTaxi, Zomato, Trip Advisor, Foursquare and Spotify, to name a few. And the social media apps! I finally have an Instagram account. Haha!

But best thing about my phone is the camera! I haven’t really blogged much in so long since I don’t like lugging around my heavy camera everywhere I go. So whenever I go to restaurants or on trips or reunions, I don’t have any pictures. What a thing for me to discover that this phone has the best camera I have ever used! It takes night photos like a pro and so fast too. You just literally point and shoot and it’s captured the moon. No waiting and holding your breath or anything like that. Good heavens. Love it. Love living in our technological era!

Here are some random photos I’ve taken the past month. Maybe the best thing that came out of getting this phone is that I may be blogging a bit more than these last few years. Fingers crossed! :-)


Some yachts in Harbor Square on a late afternoon



Gorgeous window displays at Rustan’s



Finally got to visit Makati’s newest mall – Century Mall! I liked the dancing lights very much.



See? My phone takes night shots really well! I only had to focus and shoot this, though I did have many takes since some were blurry (shaky hands). Lovely shot of the moon that my old DSLR could not take in the same circumstances (without tripod/long exposure).



Another night shot. This time in HDR. Can you believe my phone can capture in HDR automatically? Haha! It still amazes me. This is my view every night from my apartment. :-)



Bonus shot! Just me and Snowy saying hello everyone and Happy 2015!! :)



Twitter Spam

Posted on 21 February 2014 by Flisha

If you follow me on Twitter, don’t be surprised to see Dragonvale related messages on there.

I had to laugh when a friend of mine messaged the other day, telling me he thought I had been hacked. He even repeated one of my tweets regarding my dragons.

Well, the increase of dragon related posts is due to my newfound addiction to the tablet game -you guessed it!- Dragonvale.

It all started when HP recognized me as a “top” employee and rewarded me with an HP Slate 7. Lucky me. :) I wondered what I would do with it, since most things I needed to do I could do on my laptop. So I started downloading games. Lots and lots of games. I guess that’s what tablets are for!

I downloaded Dragonvale, which lets me breed and grow dragons, and I get gems everytime I post on Twitter about my dragons, gems which help me speed up the breeding and growing. So there. :)



My Blackberry 9900

Posted on 13 June 2012 by Flisha

I miss those days of living in my uncle’s house and opening our ref to find candy just lying inside for the taking. Nowadays (that I live by myself and must spend my own money) when I open my ref I usually see mostly Coke, water and little else!

Chalk it up to having NO FUNDS to buy food. Or rather, whatever funds I have, I channel it into buying gadgets and gizmos instead of things that have an expiration date.

It’s a trade off.

My latest acquisition is this Blackberry 9900 unit.


It’s sleek and slim and gorgeous, and the keypad is a dream!

For six months I had been texting on an onscreen keyboard which I hated, because my fingers could not adjust to the lack of tangible feel, and I would always mistype over and over. Plus, the Samsung keyboard did not have the fastest response time. Combine those two resulted me texting less and less over the last year.

Now that I have my Blackberry, texting is so easy! My fingers adapted to the QWERTY keypad in just a few days, and now I don’t even have to look at the keypad to type.

The BB 9900 screen is touchscreen, which just makes it icing on top of the cake.

So yes, I will take my gizmo over rice – for this month. :-)



BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.0 Bundle 60

Posted on 30 May 2012 by Flisha

BlackBerry Desktop Software 7.0 Bundle 60 is now available for download here.

Yeppp, I got myself a new phone and I chose Blackberry. I just really needed a new phone because the last one I had was a Samsung touchscreen and after just 8 months, it felt like I had been using the phone for years, I was so sick of it. I realized that I’m not a touchscreen person. When I text, I need something more tangible than a flat screen. I need an actual keypad!!!

And Blackberry makes the best keypads, so there you go, that was the number one reason for my choice.

And yes, I am loving the keypad on my Blackberry 9900. :-)

blackberry 9900

Back to the Blackberry Desktop Software… I still cannot get my Blackberry to do a wifi music sync, however, even though my device shows up as already connected to my laptop.

What I do instead is a manual sync, I open up Windows Media Player and on the right panel, there is a tab called Sync, and I just drag files over to sync with my Blackberry.


It works, so I’m happy as a clam. :-)


When Buying…

Posted on 24 October 2011 by Flisha

When I’m looking for clearance laptops, I usually hit up an online site like PC Corner. MSI is a Taiwanese brand and known for being value for your money. Currently, there are some 10 inchers with selling for only Php10,000 (USD 230) which is such a steal!

Actually I was already won over by the variety of colors available. Show me a pink gadget and I’m an easy sell. :P

But seriously. The thing with these clearances, though, is they are probably slightly used or damaged. Some will have scratches, some will show signs of wear and tear. They are usually display units, and after being handled by many people over a few months (usually around 6 months), no one will buy them for full price anymore. These units may also come at a shorter period of warranty. So if you’re looking for a cheap laptop, make sure you know what you’re dealing with. :)

Doesn’t mean I won’t buy one, though. I have often heard that the value of a product drastically drops the second it is sold. Which means that most stores are really selling concepts rather than materials. Me being a cheapskate, I don’t buy ideas. I prefer simply to pay for tangible things. :P

Just need to be careful and considerate of all factors BEFORE buying anything, is all. :)



You Can Lose Your Phone, But Not Everything In It!

Posted on 26 August 2011 by flish

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember my first phone purchase a long, long time ago. It was a first-generation colored cellphone (yes, yes, I lived through the days when cellphone displays were – gasp! – black and white! or shades of grey.). It could take photos! It could play polyphonic ringtones! Joy!!!

Six months later I misplaced it. I think I left it in one of the stores downtown, as I was trying on new garments I must have forgotten it somewhere. I remembered that it wasn’t with me only minutes later but by that time it was too late, I tried to call my number but the phone had been turned off, and my first big purchase after college went down the drain.   

My first panic was – my photos!!! Yes I had some – ummm – “private” moments – stored on that phone. That was the time of grainy scandals being Bluetooth-ed or even infrared-ed from one phone to another. And some were even being uploaded to the Internet. Yikes!!!

None of the photos I took resurfaced though. Haha – what did you think?! They weren’t really scandalous, so… Good thing, yeah??

Now if I only the Sprint TEP had been available to me that time…! What’s that, you ask??

HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_splash screen.jpg (5 documents)

The Sprint Total Equipment Protection App is an application that can locate your phone (if you’ve misplaced it), sync contacts (especially useful for me when I’ve got both a private and an office phone!), remote wipe all data off your phone (if – knock on wood – it gets stolen), lock your phone and even sound an alarm!

So useful! And it’s compatible with Android, Blackberry and select feature phones.

If you’re already a Sprint TEP customer, you can get the app for free! But act fast, because the offer is only up to the 30th of August.

Here’s the promo for Sprint TEP. Cute, eh?

If you’re a Sprint customer and not yet enrolled in TEP, plus it’s less than 30 days since activating your phone, you can add the Sprint TEP feature, available from August 1-30, 2011. View it as insurance! If your phone ever gets lost, stolen or damaged – hey you get a replacement, easy! You never know – it’s summer – you love the water – you love your phone, it’s only a matter of time. :-)

TEP is $8.00 per month, but the Protection App is free. If you need to file a claim, a deductible of $50 or $100 is required. Hey, I didn’t say you’d get a free phone! :-) To learn more, visit

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dota 2 trailer


Trailer DOTA 2

Posted on 19 August 2011 by Flisha

trailer dota 2

My Facebook friends are all flustered about the upcoming release of DOTA 2. I guess there really is reason to celebrate. From the new trailer, it looks like the installment of one of the most popular role playing games ever to see LAN play boasts better, smoother graphics. The details seem seamless. It also looks like there will be new abilities and new weapons in store for excited fanboys. Story-wise though, I don’t think there’es anything spectacular that Blizzard could add to an already magnificent plot. I wonder how much of an uproar this would cause. I will never forget the hoopla that surrounded the release of Starcraft 2.

Are you game for DOTA 2? Watch the trailer DOTA 2 below! :)


facebook sims social


Sims Facebook

Posted on 10 June 2011 by Flisha

I’ve never played a Facebook game before – or if I ever did it was probably just a few minutes and I got bored – but now comes the Sims on Facebook!

sims facebook

Sims was my most favorite PC game ever – I believe I played it even more than MMORPGs. The reason being it was never dependent on an Internet connection – and back in the 90s, my Internet connection was almost nothing! I loved playing with my Sims characters – my characters lasted months with me – just growing their skills and letting them buy everything and own so many things (loved the cheats!!) – and yes, watching them have sex with everyone. Hahahah! And sometimes I became evil and killed them. *Bows shamefully*

I even had celebrity Sims. You could download Sim skins from the Internet, so I could play with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. LOL. I also downloaded nude cheats and bought transparent showers. And watched them do the WOO-HOO. Hahaha.

Yes, I loved that game. :) So, if there’s anything that I am going to play on Facebook, it will probably be a Sims application. :) And I bring this up now, because the Sims is really coming to Facebook!! The Facebook application is called The Sims Social and you can access it here.

I am so excited! Hope there’s a possibility for customization. In the PC games, this was possible because you everything was run from your hard drive so you could just replace skins or create stuff and make them available. But if this is Facebook, they will be storing stuff on their own servers, right? So I am thinking you probably have to make do with whatever they make available.

Still, I am willing to try it just to see if I still find it as fun as all those years ago. :)


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Cherry Mobile Phones

Posted on 13 June 2010 by Flisha

Cherry Mobile is quite the breakout brand in mobile phones. It’s stylish, full-featured and best of all, inexpensive. It’s even dual-SIM. No wonder everybody’s been raving about it!

Below are the new dual SIM phones sold by Cherry Mobile.

Cherry M35 Integra (Php 5690)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry M35 Integra

Cherry D50 Inertia (Php 3690)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry D50 Inertia

Cherry D20 Life (Php 2990)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry D20 Life

Cherry S11 Blade (Php 2690)

Cherry Mobile Phones | Cherry S11 Blade

Currently, Cherry Mobile is running the Dobleng Kasiyahan promo. That means you buy one, you take one! This runs from May 28 to July 18, 2010 so get your Cherry mobile phones now! :)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number One: P1 + P1 = P1790 (Save Php200)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number Two: P1 + 1602 = 1990 (Save Php200)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number Three: 1800 + 1800 = Php 2290 (Save Php290)

Cherry Mobile Combo Number Four: 1602 + D15 Dual SIM = Php 2990 (Save Php200)

Cherry Mobile’s cheapest phones are the Cherry Mobile P1 which is only Php999, and the Cherry Mobile D15, only Php1999. They also have QWERTY phones, such as the Cherry Mobile Q3 (Php2990) and the Cherry Mobile Q3i (Php2890). Both are dual SIM.

Cherry Mobile also has touch screen phones, and these are the Cherry Mobile T80 (Php6990), the Cherry Mobile G5 (Php6990) and the Cherry Mobile Eclipse (Php9999). Amazingly, Cherry Mobile even carries phones with analog TV! These are Cherry Mobile Q6 (Php4790), Cherry Mobile Q7 (Php5890), Cherry Mobile Q8 (Php5990), Cherry Mobile Q9 (Php5990) and Cherry Mobile G7 (Php4990).


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Replace Treo Housing

Posted on 05 June 2010 by Flisha

Cracked your Palm Treo? That’s really too bad. But you can always replace it! Find a reliable place on the Internet where you can buy the housing, then get to tinkering!
Replace Treo Housing

Prepare your new Treo housing!

Now remove the stylus, your memcard, and your SIM card from your phone.
Replace Treo Housing

Then remove the battery.
Replace Treo Housing

With a screwdriver, remove all seven screws so you can pry your phone apart.
Replace Treo Housing

When the screws are gone, pull apart your phone.
Replace Treo Housing

Ready to transfer, yeah?
Replace Treo Housing

Disconnect the ribbon cable from the internal circuit board next.
Replace Treo Housing

Flip over the main board, and you will see the LCD screen and the keyboard. Remove the cable connecting the board to the LCD. The board is now all disconnected.
Replace Treo Housing

Now, remove the screws connecting the keypad to the cover.
Replace Treo Housing

Now you can replace the cover! Put the board into the new housing and reconnect the cables.
Replace Treo Housing

Transfer the speaker and LCD screen to the new unit. Put the two pieces together, and screw the back cover in place.
Replace Treo Housing

There you go! :)
Replace Treo Housing

If you are looking to replace the screen on your Treo, follow the instructions below.



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