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Twitter Spam

Posted on 21 February 2014 by Flisha

If you follow me on Twitter, don’t be surprised to see Dragonvale related messages on there.

I had to laugh when a friend of mine messaged the other day, telling me he thought I had been hacked. He even repeated one of my tweets regarding my dragons.

Well, the increase of dragon related posts is due to my newfound addiction to the tablet game -you guessed it!- Dragonvale.

It all started when HP recognized me as a “top” employee and rewarded me with an HP Slate 7. Lucky me. :) I wondered what I would do with it, since most things I needed to do I could do on my laptop. So I started downloading games. Lots and lots of games. I guess that’s what tablets are for!

I downloaded Dragonvale, which lets me breed and grow dragons, and I get gems everytime I post on Twitter about my dragons, gems which help me speed up the breeding and growing. So there. :)


dota 2 trailer


Trailer DOTA 2

Posted on 19 August 2011 by Flisha

trailer dota 2

My Facebook friends are all flustered about the upcoming release of DOTA 2. I guess there really is reason to celebrate. From the new trailer, it looks like the installment of one of the most popular role playing games ever to see LAN play boasts better, smoother graphics. The details seem seamless. It also looks like there will be new abilities and new weapons in store for excited fanboys. Story-wise though, I don’t think there’es anything spectacular that Blizzard could add to an already magnificent plot. I wonder how much of an uproar this would cause. I will never forget the hoopla that surrounded the release of Starcraft 2.

Are you game for DOTA 2? Watch the trailer DOTA 2 below! :)


facebook sims social


Sims Facebook

Posted on 10 June 2011 by Flisha

I’ve never played a Facebook game before – or if I ever did it was probably just a few minutes and I got bored – but now comes the Sims on Facebook!

sims facebook

Sims was my most favorite PC game ever – I believe I played it even more than MMORPGs. The reason being it was never dependent on an Internet connection – and back in the 90s, my Internet connection was almost nothing! I loved playing with my Sims characters – my characters lasted months with me – just growing their skills and letting them buy everything and own so many things (loved the cheats!!) – and yes, watching them have sex with everyone. Hahahah! And sometimes I became evil and killed them. *Bows shamefully*

I even had celebrity Sims. You could download Sim skins from the Internet, so I could play with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. LOL. I also downloaded nude cheats and bought transparent showers. And watched them do the WOO-HOO. Hahaha.

Yes, I loved that game. :) So, if there’s anything that I am going to play on Facebook, it will probably be a Sims application. :) And I bring this up now, because the Sims is really coming to Facebook!! The Facebook application is called The Sims Social and you can access it here.

I am so excited! Hope there’s a possibility for customization. In the PC games, this was possible because you everything was run from your hard drive so you could just replace skins or create stuff and make them available. But if this is Facebook, they will be storing stuff on their own servers, right? So I am thinking you probably have to make do with whatever they make available.

Still, I am willing to try it just to see if I still find it as fun as all those years ago. :)


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Restaurant City Cheats and Tips

Posted on 26 December 2009 by Flisha

Restaurant City is a popular Facebook flash game. It revolves around the concept of being a restaurant worker, be it a chef, a waiter or even the owner. It is also a social application, it allows the player to invite his/her friends into the game, by having them accept jobs in the restaurant. You can customize your restaurant when you gain profits, by buying decorations, furniture or equipment.

Your Facebook friends can have their own restaurants as well, and you can visit each others’ restaurants. You can even share or trade ingredients and help each other create unique menus.

This game was created by Playfish for Facebook, and here are some tips to help you play better.

Ingredients in Restaurant City

Every day you get a free ingredient. That is, if you log in. So make sure to play Restaurant City once  a day to get your free ingredient. Secondly, answer the quizzes in your inbox. Every day, you get a question that you can opt to answer. If you get the answer correct, you’ll get another free ingredient. And lastly, you get an ingredient when visiting a friend’s restaurant for the first time. So, make a lot of friends on Facebook, get them to join Restaurant City, and you’ll have a steady stream of free ingredients.

Levelling Up in Restaurant City

It’s easy, playing equals levelling up in Restaurant City. Keeping your Restaurant City session open gains you GPs, or gourmet points. These are points for levelling up, so the longer you play, the faster you can level up. If you don’t feel like playing, just don’t log out. You can open another tab to do stuff, just stay inside Restaurant City to get your GPs.


So you need money. Are there any trees around? Try shaking them. Money may not grow on trees but in Restaurant City, money falls off a tree when you shake it. Also, pick up some trash around your place. That’ll get you some dough as well.


Haven’t found any, do tell if you have some Restaurant City cheats. :D

Have fun playing Restaurant City! :-)



Memorizing the World

Posted on 28 September 2006 by Flisha

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, during a time of DOS and Wordstar and humongous floppies (A and B drives) and green-type-on-black-monitors — oh, wait, am I actually showing my “years of experience” here? Ack! Must. Not. Divulge.


Some time ago, I could enumerate to you U.S. states, capitals, staples, plants, animals, colors, mottos, whatever! My coming-of-age summers were spent – aside from washing my father’s oft-muddy car daily for ten pesos – with my hands on the keyboard, eyes glued to my very first computer and a U.S. factbook on my lap just in case I needed information on the run.

Time was of the essence.

I was, after all, a super-intelligent detective for the U.S. government and I was chasing a high-profile criminal all over the States!

Where in the USA … is – Car – men – San – di – ego ?!

Oh, was I hooked. I couldn’t tell you what cayenne looked like. But I could tell you that Americans had both cayenne pepper and cayenne-colored hair. Carmen taught me that, among other things. That led me to, later on, find out what cayenne meant. And I learned that some people had red and yellow hair. How bizarre, I thought. I’m glad my hair is black. Colorful hair must look real funny.

(That was before cable television and MTV. Then I wanted colored hair, too. Shh, don’t tell.)

I really miss Carmen Sandiego sometimes. I hear she’s gone international now (and TV too!). And I haven’t played her in so long (because, I hear, her rates have skyrocketed, too) that I’ve forgotten so much. Is Alaska a state or a country? I no longer know. Maybe both.

But yesterday I was surfing and I stumbled upon this great little game. It’s nothing compared to Carmen – not as visual, for one – but it’s still fun. And just like Carmen, it helps, geography-wise. It’s just a little quizzing toy. You choose a category like World Flags and it displays several flags and asks you to click on the flag of a certain country. Or a category like Asian Cities and it displays the world map and asks you to find the location of a certain city.

Here’s what the publisher says:

Seterra is a challenging geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities all over the world! Examples of exercises: countries in Europe; American states; American state capitals; French cities; cities in Mexico; countries in Asia.” – Publisher Information

I’m not a geography buff (that has always been Gim’s department: he could tell you the difference between Kilimanjaro and Fiji, I’d tell you they’re both in Japan) – but this little app is so fun I’ve actually posted a world map up on my cubicle wall just to cheat! Er, I mean, refer to it when in doubt.

(I’m not being paid to say this, but if someone wants to give me cash, go right ahead.)

I’m so hooked! So long, Flo and Diner Dash 2. I’m going better and brighter. :-)



Of Pirates and Dragons

Posted on 12 July 2006 by Flisha

Once again, she has threatened to fire me as co-blogger due to my delinquency in posting. Though I argue that I am just technical support (driver, camera man, location- hunter, etc.), she still insists that I post. So here I am. —->

Do I look like Brandon Routh in this picture? She tells me that I do. Do you think so too? C’mon, don’t be shy. Just say it. I know I do. Hehe. Just kidding. Speaking of Superman, I really liked the movie. There’s just soemthing about seeing your childhood hero come to life in the big screen. The effects were way cool! Big Blue never looked better.

By the way, did you ever hear of Utopia? No, not Thomas Moore’s essay. Utopia, the game. It’s an online RPG (Role Playing Game) where you get to be a Knight, be ruler of acres and acres of land, and get a chance to conquer other provinces. For those of you who like dragons and DMD’s (Damsels in Distress), this is the game for you. What’s cool about Utopia is that you get to interact with thousands of players from all over the world. On top of that you have a whole repertoire of races (ie., humans, dwarves, orcs, undeads, etc.) and personalities (ie., merchants, generals, mages, etc.) to choose from.

Once you create an account, the game groups you in a kingdom with a dozen or so other players. You get started with around 300 acres of land and several thousand gold coins. Your primary task is to grow as an individual province and to defend your kingdom at all costs. Teamwork is the name of the game. You need to get in touch with your kingdom-mates and together, develop a strategy that would help protect your kingdom. Without your mates, you’re as good as dead. And whatever you do, DON’T create multiple accounts. Well, you may do so, but at your own risk.

While we’re on the topic on games, there’s another game I’m hooked to. Tradewinds Legends 2. Unlike Utopia, this isn’t an online game nor is it a multiplayer one. But it *is* an RPG. In Tradewinds, you are captain of a pirate/merchant/bounty hunter ship. You cruise the Carribean going on quests for whimsical and often demanding governors who haven’t anything better to do than send you off around the known world for his daughter’s toothbrush! This is an amusing, light, and fun game that lets you actually trade with cartoon merchants.

These games are definitely fun! It eases away stress and let’s you leave the real world for a fantasy world dragons, knights, warriors, merchants and pirates. At least for an hour or so. and then it’s back to work. In my case, back to hitting the books. Such as this one:


PC Games, Save Me!

Posted on 07 June 2005 by Flisha

“Sorry. All circuits are busy now. Please try your call later.”

Girl, your voice may be dripping sweet as honey, but it’s making me wanna pull out all my hair from my scalp at once!!!

This is one of the reasons dial-up network connection sucks. I’m on a 24/7 plan with my ISP but I’m not exactly online at all hours. My ISP makes sure of this by making me dial their number a million times every night before I get that lovely shrilly melody (you know — rrriiinnnnggggg…. ta ding ta ding ta ding…. shhhhhhhhhhh) that tells me I’m connected.

dynomiteI am thankful for my many downloaded games like Super Text Twist, BookWorm Deluxe, Dynomite Deluxe and Diamond Mine. I have many others, but those are my favorites mainly because they’re quick to load and quick to exit, perfect for playing while while waiting for my favorite ringtone.

I liked Dynomite best. Blasting those dyno eggs relieved my stress. When playing, I pretend I’m blasting other users of my ISP away from their PCs so I can steal their line to the ISP. Sometimes when I’m really mad I pretend I’m blasting away my ISP, and each egg represents each head working at the ISP concerned. I’ve got a high score of 71,090 in Stomped and 85,260 in Fossil. I stopped playing when I realized I had played through to all levels and was just repeating them over and over again. So very lame.

Now I’m playing Diamond Mine. My high score is a measly 13,305. But then again matching pretty sparkling jewels isn’t nearly as good a stress-reliever as blasting those dyno eggs.

Can anybody suggest a good blast-it game for me? It’s imperative. Those games keep my fingers busy, stalling my fall from sanity.



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