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Sims Facebook

Posted on 10 June 2011 by Flisha

I’ve never played a Facebook game before – or if I ever did it was probably just a few minutes and I got bored – but now comes the Sims on Facebook!

sims facebook

Sims was my most favorite PC game ever – I believe I played it even more than MMORPGs. The reason being it was never dependent on an Internet connection – and back in the 90s, my Internet connection was almost nothing! I loved playing with my Sims characters – my characters lasted months with me – just growing their skills and letting them buy everything and own so many things (loved the cheats!!) – and yes, watching them have sex with everyone. Hahahah! And sometimes I became evil and killed them. *Bows shamefully*

I even had celebrity Sims. You could download Sim skins from the Internet, so I could play with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. LOL. I also downloaded nude cheats and bought transparent showers. And watched them do the WOO-HOO. Hahaha.

Yes, I loved that game. :) So, if there’s anything that I am going to play on Facebook, it will probably be a Sims application. :) And I bring this up now, because the Sims is really coming to Facebook!! The Facebook application is called The Sims Social and you can access it here.

I am so excited! Hope there’s a possibility for customization. In the PC games, this was possible because you everything was run from your hard drive so you could just replace skins or create stuff and make them available. But if this is Facebook, they will be storing stuff on their own servers, right? So I am thinking you probably have to make do with whatever they make available.

Still, I am willing to try it just to see if I still find it as fun as all those years ago. :)


Twitterpated over Twitter

Posted on 11 July 2009 by Flisha

“Why, don’t you know? They’re twitterpated.” whispered the owl.

My Twitter page looks so glum. It’s just one of the default Twitter backgrounds. My page looks so boring that even a couple of area rugs would spice it up.

My friends Jotie and Heidee haven’t been on Twitter that long but they’ve already updated their backgrounds!

And here I thought I was the twitterpated one! Hahaha. Wanna know what that means? Learn with Bambi!

Here’s a clip of when Bambi learns what twitterpated means. And if you don’t know, it means confused by affection or infatuation.

And we all know, Bambi got all twitterpated over Faline anyways. :) Here’s a cute mix I found on Youtube. Cheesy? Hahah. Oh but I love Bambi! :)

Anyway, back to Twitter. I am so glad I am starting to see friends on Twitter! I see Heidee, I see Chu. I see Raul, I see Jotie. And of course, don’t forget to follow me too! :)


Automatically Twitter Your New Blog Posts

Posted on 04 April 2009 by Flisha

Just discovered a new way to use Twitter*: automatically posting a link to my every new blog post.

All you need is an RSS feed (like this) and an account in Twitterfeed. Log in, and click on create a new feed. Choose your destination as Twitter, enter your Twitter login details, and then your RSS feed URL.

You can set how often Twitterfeed checks for new blog posts (least being once a day, at most 5 times every 30 minutes). You can deactivate the service anytime.

Twitterfeed can also post to, custom laconica installations, HelloTxt and

Follow me on Twitter!

*Or annoy your Twitter followers, depending on how you look at it.



Send Media from Phone to Web with ShoZu

Posted on 23 March 2009 by Flisha

Technology is utterly amazing. These days I’m playing around with ShoZu, a mobile phone app that I’ve had on my Sony Ericsson W960i since last year, but I only got around to exploring it last week.

Basically, it finds images and videos in your phone and allows you to send them to different destinations like Facebook, Blogger, Twitpic, Multiply, Friendster, LiveJournal, Youtube, a random email address or wherever, really. (Maybe even your Slingbox one day.) ShoZu supports most blog and social networking sites in the Internet, so it’s really convenient to upload stuff from your phone to the web – instantly.

Let me show you how it works on my phone.

Once installed, the icon shows up in your Control Panel or your list of applications. Here I just made a shortcut to it on my desktop. (It’s the orange O.)

Open up ShoZu, and you’ll see this. It can save your phonebook to your ShoZu account so if ever your phone gets lost, you still have a backup of your contacts on the web. You can ZuCasts, which are feeds from your friends, meaning you can see what they have uploaded. To upload stuff yourself, select Share-It.

I see I have 40 files and 10 destinations. My files can be photos or videos, anything that I’ve taken using my camphone will show up here. Destinations means the places I can send my media to (set when I created my ShoZu account). For some reason, the Commens tab shows only comments I get from Flickr, but not the ones from Facebook or Twitpic. So, anyway, to upload something, I select All Files.

Now I can see all my latest photos and videos. I see I’ve already sent my Bulb of Garlic photo awhile ago. It has the orange ShoZu logo which means it’s been uploaded at least once already. (You can upload again, especially if you want to send to other destinations.) I can upload one photo at a time, or many at a time. I check the boxes of the photos I want to upload.

Of course, I don’t want my photos sent uncaptioned or untitled. So I select a photo, click on More >> Add Details. And I get to this spot, where I can add a title for my photo, and below, a description, and even tags.

Time to upload my Bananas photo. As you can see, the first button says Send to Twitpic. Since I love to use Twitpic, which automatically updates my Twitter, which then automatically updates my Plurk and Facebook accounts, I set it as my One-click photo site. (You can set this in your ShoZu account. Best to do it on a laptop instead of a mobile phone.) Anyways, this time I think I want to send this photo straight to my blog. So I click on More >> Send to other >> destination >> Google Blogger.

After some time… ta da!!! Here is my bananas post!

There it is up on my blog! :-) ShoZu adds the posted by ShoZu graphic, which I don’t like, so when I have the time later on, I edit it out of my blog post. I didn’t add a description awhile ago, so this photo only has a title. But if I had, it would have been placed below my photo. Here is an example of my post of the Astoria Regency Pool.

And it’s that easy! Cool, huh?

P.S. ShoZu connects to Internet (duh) so you have to make sure you have Internet access on your phone. At home, I connect to my wifi router. And when I am outside, I make sure to visit wifi hotspots so I can upload my photos on the go.


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Update Facebook, Twitter, Plurk Status Via Twhirl Update Clients | Plus Beautiful Twitter Icons

Posted on 02 January 2009 by Flisha

Twitter is my latest obsession. It’s a remarkably convenient way to blurt out thoughts and at the same time be able to personally follow, in real-time, the remarks of those you idolize (or otherwise).

I began to use it only to join the NameCheap Christmas trivia contest, where you win a domain if you tweet the first correct answer of the hour. No, I never did win, but that doesn’t matter now. I feel like I won anyways, having found a whole new playground on the Internet!

At the same I have recently been persuaded to use Facebook and Plurk, both of which are a lot similar to Twitter in that they encourage the short, frequent status blurt-out. So I had to find a way to use just one service to send out one blurt out to them all.

Plurk to Facebook

Thankfully, Plurk can send updates to Facebook. On your Plurk account, just go to My Account, click on the Facebook tab,  and integrate the two apps.

Twitter to Facebook

Facebook has an application that can automatically pull in your latest tweets. Just go to this part of Facebook, and follow all necessary instructions.

Twitter to Plurk (and Vice Versa)

Unfortch, Twitter doesn’t offer this service. So you will have to use an external app to connect the two. Feedtweeter is the wonderful website that does this. Except that it’s invite-only and you have to have an invite code to use it. However, there are a lot floating around the web, and I found a code that worked under two minutes. So just search for one and I am sure you will be using Feedtweeter in no time.

Twitter On Your Desktop

Lastly, I don’t like to keep the Twitter website open all the time on my browser. Besides, it doesn’t refresh automatically. I first tried to use Twitteroo, since it’s recommended on the Twitter website. But it’s not so great. It pulls in the latest updates, but for some reason or another, I could not post from Twitteroo to Twitter, even though no error message ever showed up. So, anyway, I had to uninstall the app.

I would use Twitterrific in an instant, but it’s only for the Mac, and I’m on a PC. Boo! Thankfully, I found Twhirl, and it’s a really great desktop app. It not only allows you to use your Twitter account, but you can also use your,, Friendfeed and Seismic accounts (not that I have those, and am not interested so far).

So with this kind of setup, all I have to do is update my status through Twhirl, and it sends my tweets straight to Facebook and Plurk. Easy enough, huh?

Plug Your Twitter Account

So what else is there to do now but to tell the world that you’re on Twitter? It is so very easy to just put a link on your blog or website, but someone’s made it a lot easier to advertise.

Hongkiat just compiled a list of beautiful Twitter icons and buttons for you to post on your blog or website, utterly free! The Twitter icon you see above belongs to one of the sets in his post.

I am so loving this Twitter origami graphic and I am probably going to use it on my blog! Heh.

So what are you doing still here? Follow me on Twitter already!



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