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List of Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manila, Philippines

Posted on 25 March 2015 by Flisha

I am creating this list because I love my Snowy, my white-haired toy poodle, and I cannot bear to part with him, therefore I try to bring him wherever I go. You should see his puppy dog face when he knows I am leaving without him, he has perfected it, and it breaks my heart everytime! He is very manipulative. But then he is so cute that I can’t help but love him all the more!

So here are the dog-friendly restaurants I have been to, so far. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to comment! :)

  1. The Original Hawaiian BBQ, Tagaytay City
    Location: The Boutique Bed & Breakfast, 45 Aguinaldo Highway
    Contact Number: +63 46 413 1798

    They have this really nice open space where they allow dogs. It’s got a great view too. Best to come late afternoon when the sun is setting or at night to experience the cool breeze of Tagaytay. If you’re coming here around December-February, be prepared for it to get really chilly! So bring some warm jackets! For your pooch, too!

    Recommended dish: Garlic Mussels (Php 250) – From their menu, fresh mussels marinated in our special sauce then grilled in a wooden bamboo trunk. Served sizzling. This dish has great flavor but I may be biased because I love anything with garlic AND mussels. Combine the two and I am hooked! :)

    Stay away from: Original Crispy Baby Back Ribs (Php 520 / 700) – the breading kind of took away all the flavor from the ribs. Did not enjoy this at all. If you’re hankering for ribs, best to stick with their original hawaiian baby back ribs which cost the same but taste so much better!

    The Original Hawaiian BBQ in Tagaytay City

  2. Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City
    Location: 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West
    Contact Number: +63 922 881 8265

    They have a cool courtyard feel with a mishmash of chairs, tables and dining areas. The vibe is very laidback and cozy. They are so dog friendly that, when the server saw I had a dog with me (on my lap), she pulled up a chair beside me, placed a chair pillow and said, “Why don’t you place him here?” I was very grateful but Snowy only wanted to sit on me (sigh).

    Recommended dish: Salad Astoria (Php 235) – From their menu, Mixed lettuce topped with orange fillet, chopped walnuts and light french dressing. Generous servings, this dish is good for two. The lettuce was so fresh and stiff. Then again, doesn’t Tagaytay often serve great salads? :) To be honest, we only went there once for merienda so I haven’t tried their main courses. When I go there again, I’ll make sure it’s for lunch or dinner.

    Stay away from: Chocolate mousse (Php 110). This mousse was not a mousse at all. More like they emptied a jar of chocolate spread and put it in a cup. Ugh. I could only take a couple of teaspoons before I had enough.

    Bag of Beans

  3. The Lake District, Tagaytay City
    Location: 5915 Aguinaldo Highway (beside Gerry’s Grill)
    Contact Number: +63 46 413 4186

    I did not plan to go here. I wanted to eat at Gerry’s but they had a large sign saying pets not allowed. :-( But then off to the left there was this new restaurant and we asked if they allow pets. Lo and behold they let me bring my poodle in, which was terrific! The server was very sweet to my dog and even picked him up and brought Snowy in himself! The other server was very kind and even told us about his own Chowchow. :-)

    Recommended dish: Fried Squid (Php 200 something). Since it’s a very new restaurant, I could not find their menu online. But I really liked their fried squid. My only gripe is that the serving was too small. Next time I will have to order two! :-)

    Stay away from: None, really. We enjoyed all our dishes here. :-)

    The Lake District

  4. Placeholder
  5. Placeholder

OK, so all the places I have listed here are in Tagaytay. Hahaha! Now you know where I mostly go during the weekends. :-P I will try to add more places in as I go along.

Thanks for visiting! :-)


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Eating in Makati with Gim

Posted on 26 April 2011 by Flisha

Here is a sampling of the food that Gim and I ate when he visited last month, right after taking and passing the board exams. We definitely splurged on food!

They say that you are disabled if you can’t do your job anymore, because of a medical condition, and this disability will extend to at least a year or more.

Can I say that I have been disabled by eating too much?? Eating too much = babuyasis syndrome (the feeling of being a pig and wanting to sleep after eating) = I-don’t-want-to-work-anymore-I-just-want-to-eat-all-the-time syndrome. And yes I believe this medical condition will last me until death do we part.

Let’s go to the pics!

Eating at Bonchon! Yummiest chicken in Makati!

Dinner at Hana, Little Tokyo! Yummiest california maki in Makati! And yummy other kinds of Japanese food too. See how we almost finished dinner before I remembered to take photos?? Haha. Oh and this was mostly finished by me because Gim needed to take a call – his cousin was consulting him on what medicine to take for her colds.

Next up is Spaghetti Factory! We ate some oysters, yummy!!! I ordered pork ribs. And had a plateful of spaghetti for share! Yummmy! And we also had a banana split for dessert. Yumness!


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Facials are not only for women!

Posted on 27 August 2009 by Gim

I was in Manila last, last week visiting Fli when I heard that Pond’s was currently having a big beauty sale with up to 70% on selected items! I am a firm believer of facial skincare (I even once went out of my way to check out the best wrinkle cream available for my wrinkly, sun-burned skin I sustained snorkeling. Of course, my skin just healed and the wrinkles went away) and have been using the Pond’s clear solutions antibacterial facial scrub for three years now. But what I really wanted to try out are the Flawless white products. However, being a bit pricey and definitely out of my price range, I wasn’t able to do so yet. So imagine my joy when we stumbled upon a Pond’s booth in Landmark. I was sooo happy that without further thought and hesitation, I grabbed Fli’s hand and pulled her towards the booth. What follows is an awkward but funny conversation.

Pond’s Girl: (giving my pretty gf a big wide smile) Yes, ma’am, how can I help you?

Me: (giving an equally big wide smile) How much is the Flawless White Serum?

Pond’s Girl: (still looking at Fli) Well, ma’am, it’s normally at P435, but since we’re having a big beauty sale, I can give it to you for P130. Shall I wrap it up for you ma’am?

Fli: (looks at me) Um…well, Gim. It’s at P130. So, are you gonna get get it?

Me: (a bit miffed that the salesgirl insisted on talking to Fli and not me, but conversational still) So how do you use it? Do you leave it on, or do you wash it out afterwards?

Pond’s Girl: (glances hesitantly at me, starts to talk, then makes up her mind and starts instructing Fli) well, all you have to do is to massage the cream gently on your skin using a circular motion…(hesitates as Fli gestures surreptitiously at me. Understanding escapes her lips with an “oh!”. She then at last turns to me and starts giving directions).

At this point I am too miffed and embarassed to hear the rest of her salestalk, so I just pay for the product and hurriedly leave. We are a few feet away from the booth when, as if as an afterthought, the salesgirl calls out to me: ” Oh, and by the way, sir, you need to moisturize after using the whitening cream!” I race out of the store with Fli’s pealing laughter echoing closely behind.


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RIP Cory

Posted on 03 August 2009 by Flisha

Around lunchtime today, Cory Aquino’s funeral procession slowly passed along Ayala Avenue. My officemates and I went down (from our office up at the 20th floor) to watch the procession.

I took photos, but all I had was my cellphone camera with me, so the following photos aren’t good. But they’re all I have, and it was a significant occasion in Philippine history, and I’m glad I have these snapshots, at least, to remember the day by.

This is around 12:00pm. From the 20th floor, we could already see the hearst nearing Ayala, so my officemate and I went down to watch the procession. We would be waiting quite a while, since the procession was moving very slowly.

Since 11am, people had been throwing confetti from the buildings. It looked like it was raining yellow bits of paper.

People started climbing up the fences and standing there just to get a better glimpse of Cory’s casket.

This man is actually flashing Cory’s symbol, the L sign. Except I didn’t capture his thumb. Fail me.

The confetti at our feet. I feel for those who had to clean up Ayala Avenue afterwards.

The crowd just kept getting bigger every minute.

Hang a yellow ribbon for Cory. Buildings glittered with yellow ribbons as people paid their last respects.

Lots and lots of yellow ribbons.

And even more confetti.

So much confetti!

My hair was all covered in confetti after standing outside for 30 minutes! And I was standing in the building lobby!

People flew flags bearing Ninoy’s face.

People waiting, flags waving…

So much confetti it started to look like ashes from a newly erupted volcano.

People stopped working to watch the procession.

Funny thing. We were so hungry already so we went inside Jollibee to buy food. And right when we were buying, Cory’s casket passes by! Urrgh! So I took this photo from inside Jollibee. Fail fail fail me.

Now from the outside, but there wasn’t much to see. There were too many people blocking the view.

After buying our food and going up the pantry, we could see the procession below. I attempted to take a photo, but it was too much for my cellphone. LOL. This is the best I got.

Rest in peace, Cory Aquino. We love you.

Here is the Inquirer article about the Cory’s funeral procession.

Edsa a stream of yellow; Makati rains confetti

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 7) Former President Corazon Aquino drew tens of thousands to the streets one last time on Monday, amid an outpouring of support reminiscent of the 1986 revolt that she led to restore democracy in the country.
Yellow confetti rained and people flashed the “laban [fight]” hand sign as Aquino’s funeral procession motored from the La Salle Greenhills gymnasium to the Manila Cathedral, passing by Edsa and Ayala Avenue, the main staging points for the bloodless uprising over 20 years ago.
However, there was no “Cory” to wave back at the adoring crowd. Instead it was her flower-adorned casket on top a six-wheeler truck that passed by. Tied to the vehicle was a white tarpaulin with the words “Mahal ka namin [We love you], Cory.”
As Aquino’s cortege passed through Edsa from La Salle Greenhills at 11 a.m., the former leader was greeted by a stream of yellow – from people’s shirts to the balloons they were holding.
In Makati City, thousands more, mostly in yellow shirts flashed the “L” sign as they lined up along Ayala Avenue. Office employees, some perched on building ledges, threw yellow confetti as the funeral convoy passed.
The scenes were reminiscent of 1986 when Aquino, then the opposition’s presidential candidate, led massive protests against dictator Ferdinand Marcos whom she accused of cheating in the snap presidential elections. The protests eventually led to a bloodless people power revolt that ousted Marcos and installed her as the first female president of the Philippines.
When the funeral cortege reached the monument of Mrs. Aquino’s late husband, Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., on the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas, the crowd of thousands simultaneously sang “Bayan Ko” (My Country) and again flashed the “Laban” sign.
Instead of stock prices, the Philippine Stock Exchange ticker turned yellow and displayed a message thanking the democracy icon.
Mrs. Aquino’s younger brother, Jose Cojuangco Jr., led his clan from Tarlac in joining the funeral procession to the Manila Cathedral. Cojuangco, overwhelmed by the thousands who lined up Ayala Ave., flashed the “laban” sign to the crowd and reached out to shake the hands of some of the people there, saying thank you.
Police estimated the crowd in Makati at 25,000, while those that lined up along Edsa were estimated at 5,000, said Superintendent Rommel Miranda, spokesman of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO).
In the area of the La Salle Greenhills gymnasium, where the funeral procession started, the crowd was estimated at 30,000 to 40,000, said Senior Superintendent Carlos de Sagun, Mandaluyong City police chief.
Four honor guards stood by Aquino’s flower-adorned casket. Around 50 policemen from escorted the procession, which moved slowly because of the huge crowds.
Yellow confetti greeted the funeral procession as it arrived at the Manila Cathedral at around 4 p.m., two hours behind schedule.
The former leader’s children escorted her remains, including her daughter Kris Aquino, who was with her husband, basketball player James Yap and their children Joshua and James Jr. Mrs. Aquino’s son, Senator Benigno Aquino III was at the cathedral ahead of his sisters.
Upon arrival, the former leader was given military honors, followed by prayers from Bishops Socrates Villegas and Broderick Pabillo.
People cheered and raised their hands with the famous “laban” [fight] sign as they saluted the icon of democracy.
“Hindi ka namin malilimutan Madam President [We will never forget you Madam President]!” an elderly woman said as she wiped her tears.
“Maraming salamat po, Tita Cory (Thank you very much, Tita Cory),” a student said as the truck carrying Aquino’s hearse passed by Palacio del Gobernador.
Employees of the Commission on Elections unfurled yellow banners and a large white tarpaulin written with the words “Salamat Pres. Cory.” (Thank you, Pres. Cory)
Aquino’s wake at the Manila Cathedral was opened to the public shortly after the prayers, with the public advised to enter through General Luna Street. Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales was scheduled to celebrate mass in the evening.
Among those who were at the Manila Cathedral were Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, former Ambassadors Henrietta de Villa and Howard Dee, Black and White Movement convenor Leah Navarro, and political analyst Lito Banayo.
So far, only Public Works Secretary Hermogenes Ebdane Jr. was the only administration figure spotted at the cathedral.
For the necrological service, vigil, and requiem mass for Aquino at the Manila Cathedral, the following areas are closed to traffic from 9 a.m. Monday until Wednesday:
Stretch of A. Soriano from Arsobispo to Solano;‬
Stretch of Magallanes from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Cablido from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Gen Luna from A. Soriano to Sta. Potenciana;‬
Stretch of Sto. Tomas from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Beatro from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Anda from Gen. Luna to Magallanes;‬
Stretch of Real from Gen, Luna to Magallanes.
The Stretch of A. Soriano from Gen. Luna to Cabildo was closed to traffic starting at 6:00 a.m. August 3 until 5.


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The Cost of Getting a Driver’s License in the Philippines

Posted on 28 May 2009 by Flisha

Hey, I should start searching for free car insurance quotes! Because I might be able to drive one again! A car, I mean.

See, I lost my driver’s license card (along with my ATM, credit card and a wad of cash) a year ago when I stupidly placed my purse in the shallow pockets of a pair of red shorts and boarded a taxi in Cebu.

Minutes after Gim paid the taxi driver and we were walking to our destination, I suddenly realized my loss. Tried to run after the taxi, but by that time it was meters away and going faster and farther.

So careless of me. Fortunately, it only took a lengthy explanation to get a new ATM card and a phone call to have my credit card voided (it was gonna lead me to financial ruin anyway). But so not that easy to get a new driver’s license!

Gim and I started the process today. Because I’m nearing my renewal date, and if I had renewed it a year earlier, there would’ve been an extra fee of Php50. But the bureaucracy doesn’t stop there.

First we went to get a community tax certificate from the City Treasurer’s Office. Because if we didn’t, we couldn’t get an affidavit of loss. That cost me only Php5 because I said I was a student. (Well, technically I am!)

Then we went to get the affidavit, which, for a piece of paper saying I had lost my card, cost me Php150. And the lawyer wasn’t even there, so maybe his secretary forged his signature or something.

Thirdly, we went to the Land Transportation Office to get the form for a duplicate license. Filled it up and we were told to come back tomorrow. Oh and they don’t have any pens in there, so I had to buy a crappy pen outside. Why???

Checked for the cost of the renewal. Php472.63. What??? Here’s the breakdown.

Replacement Fee – 225 (For a little piece of laminated paper)
Duplicate Fee – 50 (Per year of unexpired portion, wtf?)
Certification Fee – 100 (Another piece of paper)
Clearance Fee – 30 (Another wtf?)
Computer Fee – 67.63 (For like, 5 minutes worth of computer usage.)

I think LTO just likes to make up these phantom fees so they could extract every single peso from our pockets. *Blood pressure shooting up*

Wait, we’re not yet done. Tomorrow, there’s still the matter of acquiring extra documents such as the Certificate of Good Health from a government physician (which apparently requires an xray worth around Php300 by itself) and a Drug Test from an LTO-accredited office. So all of that will probably cost me around Php1000.

Still with me? We’re racking up almost Php2000 worth of fees now. And I haven’t even gotten my card yet. Guess what they’ll say tomorrow when I finally pay ALL the fees and submit all the supporting documents? They’ll say, hush hush, that if I want my request to be processed immediately, I should hand them over around Php1000, under the table, if you know what I mean. Or even more, depending on how rich I look at that particular moment.

I should know, because that happened to me the first time around. And if I don’t pay this transaction fee, it will take me eons to get my license. And I only have a week before I’m returning to Manila.

So. Do other people pay half the monthly minimum wage to get a crummy plastic laminated card, or are the Filipinos just doomed to eternal governmental fail?

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Freebra Talk

Posted on 24 April 2009 by Flisha

Most of my time in Manila a few weeks ago was spent browsing shops in SM and Trinoma, looking for something nice to wear for Gim’s graduation. I ended up buying two dresses, one an off-shoulder knee-length bright green empire-cut dress, the other a dark gray halter gown.

Either way I needed a strapless bra. And the halter gown being a bit low-cut at the back, I asked what kind of bra I should buy to wear with a backless, strapless dress (just in case… lol). The very helpful sales lady from Landmark told me I should get the Freebra. So, I went to check it out. And it looks like this:

They look like implants!!! (And they feel real to the touch too! They are silicone.) The sales lady told me that they stick to the skin, so you don’t have to use any straps for extra support (though straps are included in the package). Feeling like such a naughty school girl, I bought a pair for Php500 ($11).

I ended up not wearing them for Gim’s graduation. I was too afraid the adhesive would fail. (The sales girl said to follow the Freebra instructions to the letter or they would not last me three months.) It would be deathly embarrassing if my boobs looked like they were melting halfway through the ceremony! Instead I wore my body shaper. And I think it worked better anyway. I needed the shaping help!

I wore the Freebra on a casual date with Gim, where if in case my fake implants started to fall off I could tell him to bring me home stat, Doc!

FYI, they held up real nice.

Just ask Gim.

Yes, that is him!!!

You didn’t think I would model it myself on my blog, did you???

You wouldn’t wanna see that, anyway.


He is going to kill me now.

* * * * *

P.S. Some Freebra tips:

  • Don’t use any chemicals on your body before wearing the Freebra. Make sure skin is clean, fresh, and free of dirt or even towel fuzz.
  • After use, wash right away with mild soap and let air-dry, then store back in box.
  • To wear, grasp the edges of the Freebra cup, turn it inside out, touch the middle of the Freebra to your nipple and then smoothen it against the breast, outwardly from nipple.
  • The farther apart the Freebra cups, the greater the cleavage achieved.
  • You can use the Freebra at least 100 times if taken well care of.

P.P.S. I love my Freebra. I will buy more when I get back to Manila. I hate wearing bras. And as much as possible I don’t wear a bra if I feel I can get away with it, hahaha. Now I don’t have to deal with the pesky straps. I am free!!!


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Astoria Regency Zamboanga

Posted on 19 April 2009 by Flisha

These days, when I think of Astoria Regency in Zamboanga City, I think of swimming. :) With my going back and forth Manila-Zamboanga, it’s been awhile since I was able to take a nice long dip in a swimming pool.

I miss those days. I am at a crossroad. Tomorrow I am supposed to return to Manila. (I just came back home for four days, to attend my boyfriend Gim’s graduation. He’s a doctor now! Photos of that soon.)

However, all I want to do is stay here, with him. Because he really makes me happy. Wish I could steal him away for a long long cruise, where we can forget all our troubles, drink and eat and be merry, and smile all the time. I want to just keep him and be with him for always.

But, the rainy days always come. And I have to give up being with him, again. I’m not sure for how long this time. I am at a crossroad.

I will just have to keep looking at photos of summer and happier times. And hope the rains pass quickly.


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BPI Expressonline Saves the Day

Posted on 31 March 2009 by Flisha

Gim has just left for Dapitan again, and I am all alone in Zamboanga. I hate when Gim leaves, because all my friends are always so busy to go out. Right now I wish I were practicing my swimming, but I would never do that alone. (Read: Can’t deal with wearing a swimsuit without anyone to hide behind.)

Gim left before I could hand him cash so he could get me the Montano sardines I asked him to buy for me in Dipolog. (I in turn will bring it to Manila as pasalubong in April. My uncle likes them.)

There aren’t any credit card machines in Dapitan, not that I know of anyway, so it’s a good thing there’s BPI Expressonline. I have an account there, and since I so often transfer funds to Gim’s account so he can buy me stuff (LOL am I a demanding girlfriend or what!), I’ve actually had my bank add his account in my Transfer Funds list so I can automatically send him money whenever I need to. (My mom is in that list, too, because I constantly have to pay her for stuff I charge on her credit card hahaha.)

He’s coming back in a few days, though, so I really shouldn’t feel this antsy. Still, I miss him. And in two weeks, I’ll be leaving him again. :(

I want to be permanently attached to his side. Is that possible? Or am I turning into the psycho girlfriend he never wanted?


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Israeli Eliav Goali Arrested in Cebu, Philippines for Bomb Joke

Posted on 25 January 2009 by Flisha

Israeli Eliav Goali, 24, was on his way to board a Cebu Pacific plane from Mactan, Cebu bound for Manila at about 3:30 PM when he made an unfortunate joke about having a bomb in his shoes.

Stupidly, he said it to an airport employee during the security inspection.

Goali was subsequently arrested by Philippine police, for making a false bomb threat. He is currently detained at the Lapu-lapu City police station. His cousin, Naor Narkisi, 25, elected to stay behind with him.

He may be an idiot, but hopefully no charges will be pressed. The Philippines faces bigger problems than airport jokes.

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Zest Airways Year of the Ox Promo

Posted on 23 January 2009 by Flisha

Zest Airways is offering an Oks na Oks promo, in line with its Year of the Ox theme.

Flights from Manila to Busuanga, Marinduque, San Jose (Mindoro), Cebu and vice versa cost only Php 688 all-in, meaning you pay no additional taxes or surcharges.

Zest Air Flights from Manila to Caticlan, Calbayog, Catarman, Virac and vice cersa cost Php 988 all-in. Travel and selling period are effective immediately until further notice.

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