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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 16

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Flisha

So this is it, the finale. The long and crazy (and oftentimes boring, I’m sorry to say) ride is finally over. Let’s hope our beloved Mu Gyul redeems himself, yeah?

Okay, so, wouldn’t you know, after Mu Gyul is done issuing the ultimatum, Jung In finally wakes up from his coma. Couldn’t he have woken up a tiny bit sooner so that we wouldn’t have to go through all this angst and just have a happy finale?? Jung In and Mary have a talk while Mu Gyul goes home and starts packing up Mary’s things.

Jung In and his dad also have a talk – he loves Mary. Therefore he wants Mary to be happy. Therefore, she should be freed to choose her own man. If she is forced to marry Jung In, she will never be happy. JI asks his dad to reconsider the marriage.

Mary goes home to Mu Gyul and they hug. Aw, that was a fast reconciliation. Well, the drama needs to wrap up, so consistency be gone!

Jung In calls Mu Gyul and asks to meet. During their meeting, Jung In tells Mu Gyul he will push through with the wedding, he wanted to tell him in person. Mu Gyul leaves, and Jung In says to himself, you will know why soon enough.

Mary messages Mu Gyul and asks for time. She needs to do something with Jung In. She asks Mu Gyul to trust her. Mu Gyul asks to meet her on the supposed wedding day at a certain time. Mary promises she will be there.

While Mu Gyul waits for Mary in the park, Mary is dressed as the bride. Jung In’s side is packed with guests, but Mary hardly has any. She hasn’t invited Mu Gyul or any of her friends. Seo Hyun is there and is confused, she calls one of Mu Gyul’s band members asking why they aren’t there. Turns out they didn’t know. The band goes to Mu Gyul and tells him about the wedding, and Mu Gyul is astounded. His band members egg him to go stop the wedding, and after giving over his guitar, starts running.

Mary starts the walk up the altar, on her dad’s arm. He cries as he turns Mary over to Jung In. Mu Gyul arrives and sees the two of them on the altar. He can’t believe his eyes – and just like that, he leaves. [Ugh, I really don’t like that Mu Gyul is so rash, he ran all this way and he just takes a glances and leaves again???]

At the part where the minister asks if Jung In will love Mary always, Jung In responds, after a while, with a yes. Then he says, But I can’t go through with this marriage. This marriage was a promise made by their parents, a long time ago. But Mary and Jung In can’t do this. Mary adds, We will choose whom we want to marry. She apologizes to her dad, and Jung In and Mary both walk out together.

Mary receives a call from her friends who are mad they weren’t informed about the wedding. They also tell her that Mu Gyul knows. Meanwhile, Mu Gyul is at his home and crying, not answering his phone when Mary calls.

Seo Hyun arrives to find Mu Gyul sleeping. She asks him if he is okay, and he tells her to go. She tells him if he had stayed, it would have been fun. She tells him what happened. They didn’t get married. Instead, they got divorced. At that news, Mu Gyul jumps out of bed to find Mary.

Jung In’s dad tells JI to never show up in front of him again. Jung In says that he did this so that his father would give up on Mary’s mother. Jung In tells his father he could not marry the daughter of the woman his father loved. Mary’s dad is within earshot and confronts JI’s dad. JI’s dad tries to explain, but Mary’s dad leaves. [Ugh, I hate that dad. Took him this long to realize, eh??]

Mu Gyul and Mary meet at the playground, and they hug. They go home, and Mu Gyul gives her a cat pendant. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Jung In goes home to find that his father is disowning him, and even throwing him out of his house. Mary and Jung In meet, and Mary thanks him for everything he did for her.

Jung In is now homeless, and of course Mary can’t help but feel guilty. So she talks to Mu Gyul, and Jung In ends up staying temporarily at Mu Gyul’s. They all have a good time living together, even watching Mu Gyul’s shows on TV and eating kimchi. Wonderful Day (the drama) is also doing well, and gets a air date. The divorce between Mary and Jung In is finalized. All their friends gather and they have a party.

And all’s well that ends well.

Watch the episode below with Eng subs!


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 15

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Flisha

Okay, so the last episode ended with Mu Gyul arriving to see Jung In hugging Mary from behind. Mary runs to Mu Gyul and explains that she was just there to settle things with Jung In. Mu Gyul is mad as expected, and walks away, and cries as he thinks of the hug.

Mary goes to Mu Gyul’s home and cries as she waits for him. When he gets home, she tells him she asked for a divorce from Jung In. He won’t listen to her, though. She says they should celebrate his birthday, since there isn’t much of it left. He yells at her to stop, and tells her he changed so much, and put up with so much, even changed his music, all for her, and yet there she is thinking of Jung In. She tells him it’s not true. He tells her to leave him alone. Mary cries and leaves. Alone, Mu Gyul looks at the things Mary prepared for him, and tears down her decorations.

Mu Gyul confronts Jung In and asks if he planned everything. He asks him if he loves Mary. Jung In explains that it was he who asked Mary to come, so not to misunderstand. He tries to talk about work, but Mu Gyul wants to quit (again).

Mu Gyul skips a show and Jung In angrily comes looking for him. Jung In asks him if he is quitting music. Then he tells Mu Gyul, You can’t do what you want and renege on your promises. I can’t give you to Mary, because you are not reliable or stable.

The rest of the episode is more of Seo Hyun getting mad at Mary for hurting Mu Gyul, Mary’s friends and Mu Gyul’s band trying to think of ways to get Mary and Mu Gyul back together, Mary trying to coax Mu Gyul into forgiving her…

Mary goes up up a mountain to cry and shout at Mu Gyul, Jung In ends up following her, the both of them get lost. Seo Hyun calls Mu Gyul and tells him the two haven’t returned yet, and it’s getting late and very cold, they could be in danger. While trying to find their way, Mary stumbles and Jung In grabs her and they fall, rolling down the hill. Jung In hits his head on a rock and bleeds. Mary yells for help.

Mu Gyul goes looking for Mary. He doesn’t want to regret this moment for the rest of his life. In the meantime, Mary is hugging Jung In to keep him warm and trying to wake him up. Mu Gyul finds them like this. They bring Jung In to the hospital, but it seems he is in a coma.

Seo Hyun and Mu Gyul talk. Seo Hyun explains the past, how Mu Gyul assumed she had a sponsor, how he never confirmed with her the truth and just assumed the worst. He shouldn’t do it again with Mary. Mu Gyul apologizes.

In the hospital, Mu Gyul and Mary talk. He asks her to choose between him and Jung In. Mary asks him if they can do this later, when Jung In is awake and okay. Right now she can’t leave him, because the accident was because of her. Mu Gyul says that if she doesn’t choose right now, in the end she won’t be able to leave Jung In. He issues an ultimatum. She stays silent. Mu Gyul says, Then this is your answer. He gets up and leaves, and Mary is left crying again.


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 14

Posted on 21 December 2010 by Flisha

Okay, so last we saw was that Mu Gyul was being kidnapped and Mary saw it but couldn’t stop it. So now she is in a police car chasing after the bad guys. Meanwhile, Mary’s dad is talking to Jung In and it seems that Mu Gyul’s kidnapping was the dads’ idea!! Oh no!

Good thing the bad guys let Mu Gyul go after a while. Hm, not sure what their point was.

Mu Gyul makes it to the band showcase at the very last minute, but his hand is hurting. He yells at the crowd, “I love you, Merry Christmas!!” and starts playing. Awww!!! Isn’t this the video I showed you guys last time? :)

Dad calls Jung In’s dad. It turns out the kidnapping was JI’s dad’s master plan. Ugh! He says something went wrong with the plan, so they are going to try again.

Meanwhile, Mu Gyul, Mary and Jung In talk. Jung In wants to tell his dad the truth, only ten days left. Mary’s dad walks in on them and gets mad at Jung In for bringing Mu Gyul in his house. He finds out about Mary living with both guys, and that Jung In doesn’t love Mary, he just wants his dad’s investment. Mary’s dad says Jung In is a bad person (pot, meet kettle) and Jung In replies that he wants Mary to be happy by letting her marry the man she loves. Mu Gyul asks Mary’s dad to let Mary choose, but the dad refuses. He says if Mary wants to do what she wants, then she should forget she has a dad, then he walks out.

Mary’s dad go to Jung In’s dad and spills the beans. Jung In’s dad is upset. Mary’s dad asks to call off the wedding.

Mary is tending to Mu Gyul, and Mu Gyul says how happy he was that she came to the skating rink for him. Mu Gyul tells her since she’s a good person, Santa will give her presents. Mary asks him what he wants for Christmas. He says he wants the curtain on their bed gone. OMG!!! Hahaha naughty Mu Gyul!

Jung In dreams about his dad and mom fighting over the pictures of Mary’s mom that his dad keeps. His mom is crying. He wakes up and cries.

Jung In’s dad has the wedding all set and even gives JI the wedding invite. Jung In accuses his father of kidnapping Mu Gyul, and tells him how Mary will hate him forever if she finds out about this. Jung In accuses his father of ruining his mother’s life, and that he doesn’t want to be used anymore. His father slaps him.

Meanwhile, Mu Gyul’s mom comes home and tells Mu Gyul about her working at Mary’s dad’s restaurant – and about overhearing the dads talk about Mu Gyul. So Mu Gyul goes to Jung In’s house and confronts him about why his dad wants Mu Gyul kidnapped – why his dad wants so much for Mary to marry Jung In. Jung In apologizes and tells Mu Gyul to work hard so that his dad won’t be able to pin anything against Mu Gyul.

Mu Gyul has become an overnight sensation – fan sites pop up all over. Jung In asks him to do a photoshoot with Seo Hyun, but Mu Gyul refuses. MG spits out, are you going to force me like your father did? Mary overhears and realizes that Jung In’s dad was behind the kidnapping. She goes and confronts JI’s dad, and begs him to cancel the wedding, but he tells her he promised to watch over her, and no matter what, he will keep his promise.

Mu Gyul recovers Mary’s ring – the one his mother had pawned earlier. He happily goes to Jung In’s place to return the ring. Jung In and Mary are in there. Jung In says how nice and warm it is to spend Christmas with someone. She agrees, remembering when her dad was causing a lot of trouble before, she would eat choco pies all by herself on Christmas. Mary asks Jung In to divorce her, and starts to leave. Jung In hugs her from the back, and asks her to stand like that just for a while. At that moment, Mu Gyul comes in and sees them.

Watch the full video with subs below! :)


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 13

Posted on 20 December 2010 by Flisha

A bonus for you before the summary. :-) Kang Moo Gyul and the band performing “Hello”. Thank you, thank you. ♪ :) Love the roguish wink at 3:52. Hahaha! Soooo Jang Geun Seuk! ♥

Okay, so Mary is living at Mu Gyul’s, right. Dad almost finds them out! He sees Mary’s blanket and make-up when he goes over to yell at Mu Gyul for the nth time. But Mary hides during the entire time and right after, Mu Gyul drives her straight to Jung In’s so that when her dad gets there, she’s all tucked in bed. LOL.

Mu Gyul can’t go home since Mary’s dad is waiting for him at his house. So he is persuaded to stay at Jung In’s. Jung In won’t let them share the same bed, to Mu Gyul’s annoyance. (LOL, does MG think JI is a pushover??) He wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to Mary’s room to ask for something to drink. Jung In overhears them (“I’ll do it”; “Don’t touch it!”; “It feels warm…”) and gets really suspicious. Haha. It turns out she got him some fruit juice but it spilled over his sweater so they decided to wash it.

Remember the song above? Well, Seo Hyun records the song in the studio. However it isn’t to Mu Gyul’s liking, so he goes in and shows her instead. Jung In listens and tells him Mu Gyul should sing it instead, since it is a song that needs to be sung by a man to a woman he loves.

Remember last time, Mary’s Dad and Mu Gyul’s Mom had an agreement? Well, the mom is now in full force. She confronts Mary and tells her to leave Mu Gyul alone, because he deserves someone better. Ugh!!! He deserves a better mom, that’s what!

Uh-oh. It seems Jung In’s dad is too smart for his own good. He’s had Mary followed, and he knows that she is still staying over at Mu Gyul’s. He also knew all along that the ring on Mary’s hand was fake. Tsk…

Jung In starts asking questions about the picture of Mary’s mom in his dad’s wallet, but his dad evades his questions. Jung In drinks his woes, and Mary finds him in a drunken state. He rambles that he always thought his father was everything, but he can’t do this one last request – it’s not right, he can’t do this, Mary should never marry him. Then he tells Mary that the reason his parents divorced was because of her mom. Jung In will return all of his dad’s investment. Mary is freed. Then he collapses on top of Mary, and, it’s a fine time for Mu Gyul to come in and find them in a compromising situation. It’s a good thing Jung In is conked out – Mary explains what happened, and Mu Gyul takes him to bed. (Oooohh… I am having bad thoughts again haha!)

Now it’s video shooting time. The director asks Mu Gyul to play the guitar, like a stuntman, instead of the actor, so it looks more natural. In the middle of the shoot, Manager Bang comes in a makes a ruckus, because the actor is finally realizing that Manager Bang isn’t the perfect little agent he thought she was. Mu Gyul gets hurt because one of the set partitions fall on him, and they go to the hospital. At the end of the day, Mary takes him home and takes care of him. The dad walks in on them and Mu Gyul promises to take care of Mary. But the dad tells him he has nothing – and Mary counters and tells her dad everything Mu Gyul has.

Uh oh, it seems Mu Gyul’s hand is hurting. It’s the big day, the showcase, where Mu Gyul and his band are supposed to play. Everyone’s ready, but Mu Gyul is nowhere to be found. Mary runs to Mu Gyul’s place. Oh no!!! A car arrives and some men kidnap Mu Gyul, all in front of Mary! She tries to stop the car but they drive off.

Watch the episode with English subs below!


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 12

Posted on 14 December 2010 by Flisha

Ooh, Moo Gyul and Mae Ri are going to start to live together. (Oh right. She will live with Jung In too. This is such a kdrama thing to do. Would you ever do that in real life, if you were Mae Ri? My friends would start an intervention and if they couldn’t stop me, they’d probably stop being my friends, I think haha.)

Hmm, we see why Seo Hyun and Moo Gyul broke up. She was engaged. She and her soon-to-be-husband had a fight over Moo Gyul and he ripped off her sleeve, and Moo Gyul saw it.

Manager Bang is being a dick. She wants to charge Seo Hyun with assault and is doing everything to ruin this drama. What is her problem?

Mae Ri and Moo Gyul jump into a dumpster bin. Eww. They were trying to avoid Mae Ri’s dad. Tsk. When they get back home, the pipes are frozen so there’s no water. Stinky…

Oh! New development. So last episode, Moo Gyul’s mom stole Mae Ri’s ring for money, right? But she was scammed and now she has no money, no ring and no Paris. She and Mae Ri’s dad come to an agreement – she will help Moo Gyul break up with Mae Ri, and the dad will let the mom work for him until she can pay back her debt.

LOL. Jung In and Moo Gyul are again fighting over who Mae Ri likes most. Moo Gyul brags about a text she got from Mae Ri, with lots of hearts. Jung In gets a call from Mae Ri and makes Moo Gyul listen while he mentions that Mae Ri cooked him dinner and that he is bringing home dessert for Mae Ri – lies! Just to make Moo Gyul jealous. LOL. Really, if you asked me who I shipped the most – it would be Jung In ♥ Moo Gyul!!! Hahaha.

Watch the full episode below! :-)


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 11

Posted on 13 December 2010 by Flisha

Okay, this episode just got very weird.

It seems that Moo Gyul, Mae Ri and Jung In have come to a terms of agreement. They they will do a “real” marriage. Let Mae Ri live one day with Jung In, the next with Moo Gyul, and switch back and forth.

What the- ??? You call this is a real marriage??

The first night it’s Jung In’s turn with Mae Ri. Oh god that sounds so wrong. Anyways, she gets a separate room. So at least we know they won’t be doing “that” part for real, heh. She clarifies to Jung In, she is just doing this to help him. Her feelings towards Moo Gyul won’t change. Ahhh, so it’s for Jung In’s dad, ey? Whatever let you keep the both of ’em, hun. :)

Moo Gyul calls Mae Ri. Aw, he’s getting paranoid now. Tells her to lock her bathroom, lock her room, don’t wear short skirts, don’t go out in the evenings, call him often. She says, be patient.

Mae Ri doesn’t text Moo Gyul, and at the end of the day, he’s pissed, thinking, So you like it there now? LOL.

Jung In’s dad gives Mae Ri a very expensive present – a big ring on her finger.

The following day is Moo Gyul day – Mae Ri gets to his house but only his mom is there. Who tells her all about the botched Paris trip. The mom sees the ring. Uh oh. She wants to pawn it, I think. To get money to go to Paris. Oh dear.

Anyway, at the end of the episode, we find out she’s been tricked after all and there is no Paris. Ah..

A cute scene – Moo Gyul writes Mae Ri a song – with no lyrics. He tells her to fill it in. Aw cute.

Meanwhile, Jung In wants Mae Ri to wear the ring. Uh oh…

Watch the video with Eng subs below!

You can get the SRT subs here.


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 10

Posted on 13 December 2010 by Flisha

Aw, it’s the heartbreaking scene of Mae Ri looking on as Seo Hyun kisses the stoic Moo Gyul. Unfortunately, only Seo Hyun notices Mae Ri and taunts her before leaving, “Did you see something you weren’t supposed to?” Oh you bitch.

Mae Ri goes inside – cooks dinner, plays nice. Moo Gyul asks her if she’s okay, and she tells him she’s just tired. She also tells him she wants to go out with him, do couple-y things. (Reminds of Mi ho and Dae Woong’s list of things to do before Mi ho leaves.) And something really special but very scary.

It turns out the scary thing was to ride an elevator up a construction site. She cries. She walks to the edge. He calls her a pervert. LOL. He hugs her. It’s snowing. They snuggle on a bonfire. He tells her his scary experience – losing his mom when they were in the skating rink. He waited for hours. Mae Ri tells him she will go with him to his scary place too.

Uh oh, there’s a picture of Seo Hyun kissing Moo Gyul on teh internets. Wonder who took the pic? I bet it’s that evil ex-manager. Mae Ri’s dad gets wind of this and berates her for liking a playboy. She defends him by saying it was just a light kiss, like they do in the States. Dad says, we’re not in the US! (Damn right. Mae Ri, why are you not more offended??)

Seo Hyun has an interview. She tells the whole world that Moo Gyul is the man she loves. Mae Ri watches from a television. She cries. Her phone rings, but she doesn’t answer. It’s Moo Gyul who keeps calling her, but she won’t answer. They finally find each other. Moo Gyul says, he doesn’t know why Seo Hyun said those words. He certainly doesn’t feel the same way towards her. Mae Ri says, why can’t he fix things with Seo Hyun, why did he so easily break up with Mae Ri? He says, does it look like I am holding on to her?

Mae Ri goes to see Seo Hyun and they talk about Moo Gyul. Moo Gyul goes to see Seo Hyun and they talk about Mae Ri. Oh, this is getting a bit boring…

Jung In is worried about Mae Ri. Moo Gyul, also, is looking for her. He looks for her at her house, but only finds Dad who yells at him and kicks him out.

Jung In finds Mae Ri first. They talk about the drama they’re writing. She almost falls – but he catches her. His hits his head protecting her and it bleeds. Mae Ri tends to it, and Moo Gyul sees them. Mae Ri tells Jung In, “Boku ga iru.” (I’m here.) Moo GYul gets mad and drags Mae Ri away, but she doesn’t want to, and asks him to go.

Moo Gyul’s mom is at home crying. She needs money she doesn’t have to go to Paris. (Oh, what’s new.) She needs $30,000 and lacks $10,000. Turns out she took Moo Gyul’s $20,000 which he had intended to return to Mae Ri. Oh cruel. Moo Gyul tells her she is unlucky, how unlucky to meet such a guy, how unlucky to have such a son. And his mom says yes, I was unlucky to have you, I am sorry I had you. Omigod. What kind of mother is she?!?!

Jung In’s dad wants him to go back to Japan. He will take back the investment because Jung In failed him. Why are all the parents mean and cruel to their children in this drama? Isn’t there one well-meaning, mature adult in this whole series?! Mae Ri hears the dad’s words and kneels down and says she will train to become a good wife and to please give Jung In another chance. Oh girl…

Mary goes to Moo Gyul’s house and knits him a sweater. Tells him they should go visit the skating rink. He tells her it will be the first time, this kind of date, for him. He promises she will be the only girl he will like – while he’s dating her. A condition?? Really, Moo Gyul?? Couldn’t you just have had said you would like her, period???

Moo Gyul asks Mae Ri – let’s stop pretending. Let’s do it for real, this time.

Here are the English subs…


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 9

Posted on 07 December 2010 by Flisha

I cannot wait to see what happens after that electric kiss!! :)

So it seems that they kept on kissing. Hahaha.

Okay WHEN they stopped – they go back to Moo Gyul’s place, where Jung In is waiting. Thankfully, the band members arrive with the key. (Or else they might do a lot more than just kiss if they had to keep cuffed the entire night! Hahaha!)

Jung In wants to take her, but Mae Ri refuses. She tells him she likes Moo Gyul! Yeahhh! Haha. Okay I totally abandoned the Jung In / Mae Ri ship now. I’m sorry!!! But Moo Gyul is too cute!!

Moo Gyul’s mom is there at his place, telling him she’s excited about going to Paris to visit her lover. Moo Gyul makes a paper airplane, and his mom comments that when he was young he liked to make those and come to her window where she lived and throw it at the window. He goes outside for air, and remembers that his mom would send him away when he did that. She wouldn’t tell her lover about Moo Gyul. Awww. Poor MG. Why is this show full of uncaring parents??

Moo Gyul goes to Mae Ri’s place and throws a paper airplane at her window. Aww! Mae Ri tells him she misses him, and he says the same.

Oooh, now Mae Ri and Moo Gyul are full-on bf and gf! Cutes! Mae Ri snuck out of their house and went on a drive with Moo Gyul! The both admitted that they like each other. :) And they go off to watch a sunrise in the ocean. Except… things don’t exactly go their way! LOL. They get lost on the way to the beach and the van even breaks down on the way back. Hahah. And of course when they got to the beach, the sun isn’t there. It rose on the other side. LOL hahaha! OMG how could you get that wrong???

Poor Mae Ri’s dad thinks they’ve eloped. Well, go and stew ahead, you selfish man. Isn’t Mae Ri’s dad super annoying??? He gets into all these debts and tries to sell of his daughter. That is so wrong!!

Lots of cute scenes between Mae Ri and Moo Gyul in this ep. They even go watch the sunset after the botched sunrise haha.

It seems Jung In’s dad is really sick. Could he be dying??? Jung In wants Mae Ri to keep pretending for his dad’s sake. Uh oh, could this be the next reason for Mae Ri to keep up the pretense of being married to two people?

It’s the nearing the end… and — OH MY EFFING G !@#% what the heck? There is a LONG kiss. And it’s not between our Mae Ri and Moo Gyul! Ugh!!

It’s nice to see Jang Geun Seuk smile a lot. He was so sullen in You Are Beautiful. He’s so pretty when he smiles. Haha.

And! Happy news! 2 episode on Monday next week, to make up for what we lost last week! Yayyy! :)

Here come the subs.


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 8

Posted on 06 December 2010 by Flisha

OMMMMMGGGGGG *squeaaaal* There is a kiss in this episode!!! Hot kiss!!! Yeahhh! Hahahaha. Go, Moo Gyul, I knew you could one up that Jung In! (Though JI’s kiss was pretty hot too, wasn’t it?)

Ack this Mae Ri, she’s getting a lot of kisses!!! More on that later! :)

In this episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night, we see Mae Ri getting engaged to Jung In. I know, awwww. ‘Coz her dad and Jung In’s dad now know she’s not really married to Moo Gyul. She picks out her gown and Jung In tries on his suit.

Her engagement day is the same day as her birthday. She looks at her wedding photos with Moo Gyul and smiles sadly.

Jung In and Mae Ri go on a walk, and he holds her hand. We see a flashback. It’s the day her mom died, but Mae Ri doesn’t know it yet. Jung In berates her for being happy, and makes her cry. He gives her a piggyback but she falls and gets the scar on her head. Jun In’s present to Mae Ri is a library full of books. Whoa, really???

Mae Ri visits Moo Gyul who’s singing at the park. They greet each other and his band members cuff them up. Mae Ri says she needs to go somewhere important, and shows him her dress. He is shocked.

Moo Gyul says he needs to wash his hair, and Mae Ri ends up washing it for him. Aww, sweet!!!

Mae Ri goes to visit her mom’s grave, and makes Moo Gyul wear headphones so she can talk to her mom in private. She tells her mom she doesn’t love Jung In, but that he is a good person. She wishes her mom were alive… And Moo Gyul covers her with a coat.

Mae Ri is the next to wear headphones while Moo Gyul talks to his mom. His mom tells Mary to take care of Moo Gyul because she’s loyal.

Uh oh, Moo Gyul has a show – and they’re still handcuffed! LOL. His band lost the key! Mae Ri has to dance on stage but she can’t dance so she just moves around lol!

After the show, Moo Gyul tries to get them out of the handcuffs. He says they’re unlucky (his most hated word because he feels that is unlucky and a burden, having been born when his mother was only 17). Mae Ri corrects him and says he is fortunate. He asks if she liked him, since they are already over. He tells her he liked her once. He asks her if she loves Jung In. And she says she doesn’t know what love is. Then tells Moo Gyul that neither does he, he who has never had a relationship for more than a month.

MG’s fans see them, and the both of them run away. They end up in between buildings, and Moo Gyul hugs Mae Ri to cover her. Then he tries to kiss her, and Mae Ri stops him and calls him a playboy.

MR: You said you don’t see me as a girl.
MG: You said you don’t see me as a man.
MR: You said not to fall for you
MG: You said you wouldn’t fall for me.

Watch the kiss!

You can download the full episode raw here.

Watch the full episode here, with English subs!


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[Korean Drama] Marry Me Mary Episode 7

Posted on 01 December 2010 by Flisha

Spoilers ahead!

The scene right after Moo Gyul declares that she is his girl and they’re married here. OMG then there’s a fight! Two guys fighting over Mae Ri! Ahh you lucky girl. (Btw, I love Seo Hyun’s jade necklace. So pretty!!)

MG is so cute. Sorry! I forgot how super hot he was in You Are Beautiful. Now I’m seeing his face all angry and jealous, it’s reminding me. Hahaha!!! :) :) Mae Ri, you can have Jung In. Let me keep Jang Geun Seuk!! Haha. XD

On second thought. What if – in the heat of Moo Gyul and Jung In’s anger – when they grabbing each other’s shirts – they suddenly swooped in and made out with each other???? Hahaha!!! (I know. I am sorry. My thoughts. They are perverse.)

MR taking care of MG here.

Seo Hyun and Moo Gyul have a talk here.

Mae Ri makes kimchi again for Moo Gyul’s mom here. And this time MG helps out. Cute! :) Okay fine. Maybe I *am* getting won over to the other side.

Here is Jung In and Mae Ri getting to know each other better. Flashbacks of the past! Hm. This is boring. Give me more MG screentime!

Watch the kiss between Jung In and Mae Ri here. Wahh! Why did she let him just kiss her?? Poor MG! :( Okay, okay, I know I said I like Jung In and Mae Ri together, and yeah I still do think they fit each other better, what with their history and all, but – I don’t want to see MG hurt!! Awww! And he got sick after all that. :(

This is the end part. Mae Ri’s dad attacks poor sick MG. And Mae Ri can’t help it anymore. She can’t see MG hurt anymore. So she just tells everyone they’re not really married. And MG looks devastated! OMGGGGG!!!!

Here come the full Eng subs for MMM ep 7! :)

You can download the raw episode 7 of via Marry Me Mary (Mary Stayed Out All Night) torrent here



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