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[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 16 Finale

Posted on 21 October 2010 by Flisha

Ah, but it’s come to this. Playful Kiss, the end. I’m not too sad, not too glad. -_-

But I will miss Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo. :)

Here is the raw of the final episode of Playful Kiss, episode 16.

English subs below!

Everything wrapped up perfectly, right?

Bye Bye (Sea), Playful Kiss! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 15

Posted on 20 October 2010 by Flisha

It’s the second to the last episode of Playful Kiss. :) :)

Awww I am sad to see it go, but at the same time, I guess I’m glad, because it wasn’t really hooking me up like Sungkyunkwan. Hehe.

I hear there’s a wedding AND a honeymoon in this episode? Oooh, I love happy times! I hope Baek Seung Jo smiles – A LOT!! And OMG bed scene! Is it hot?!? Hahaha!!

Kim Hyun Joong, why don’t you play the hot vocal lead of a band sometime – who smiles all the time – I think that would suit you a lot. Oh wait. That would mean you’d be playing yourself. Haha, perfect then. Make it happen!

A spoilery vid of Playful Kiss Episode 15: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6shrI-oayY

WOAAAHHH. Hahahah! Pretty hot for a Kdrama.

Here is the Tudou raw! :)

Episode 15 with English subs:



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 14

Posted on 14 October 2010 by Flisha

Well it seems that this episode will feature a lot of hugs and a lot of happy Na Ni. That means a lot of happy fans!!! Yay! :)

Gosh, just two more episodes until the finale. :) I am sad this is ending, but at the same time, I didn’t feel all that attached to it. Don’t kill me for saying this, but I think Kim Hyun Joong is just a really bad actor. Like in last episode 13, he kissed Ha Ni and told her he liked her for real – it just didn’t seem all that sincere. :( I don’t know… I think there was a lot of lack of feeling.

Having said that, I wish he would just smile all the time. Because he’s hot when he smiles. Hahaha. Oh well, he can be the worst actor and I would still watch him. Hehehe.

On to episode 14 of Playful Kiss! Let’s watch it raw first! :)

Watch Playful Kiss Episode 14 with English subs! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 13

Posted on 13 October 2010 by Flisha

This is the part where Seung Jo goes out with Hae Ra – and this is also the part where Seung Jo finally admits to Ha Ni that he likes her. Eeee! :) Finally! Finally Ha Ni gets some love. :) (Although I do wish she would grow a spine and start dreaming for herself than dreaming just to be with Seung Jo.)

Okay, here is Playful Kiss Episode 13! Raw first, then later the English subs. :)

Below are the English subs! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 12

Posted on 07 October 2010 by Flisha

Omigosh how cute was the last ep??! That sunbae was random! And Ha Ni was so impressed haha. But she still likes Seung Jo best. And the mom thought the sunbae was cuter than Seung Jo? Oh no she didn’t!!!

But seriously it was about time Seung Jo had a rival for Ha Ni’s heart. And not the pitiful Busan guy. (Sorry I kinda forgot his name!) Except… he kind of got lost near the end of the episode. Random? Will he show up again?!? And does he have an ulterior motive or is he sincerely in love with Ha Ni? Hmmmm.

And the kiss!! Was it real? Was it a dream? Why was Eun Jo so surprised? Was it real?!?!

Anyway, let’s go watch the next episode, episode 12 of Playful Kiss, raw episode first! :)

What’s this?!? Will Ha Ni lose Seung Jo again?! For the nth time!!! Augh! When will she ever get the guy?

English subs below! Available starting tomorrow. :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 11

Posted on 06 October 2010 by Flisha

Aaaaand we have our second kiss!! Yayyy! :)

Just to recap last episode, Ha Ni and Seung Jo got stuck in the rain, and they went to Seung Jo’s apartment because it was much closer than the Baek house. Seung Jo wanted his mom to come get Ha Ni but of course his mom being the mom decided it was much better for them to stay together overnight. Hahaha!

The episode ended with the two of them sleeping on the same bed. Cute!! :)

Now let’s go to episode 11 of Playful Kiss!

Watch the spoiler video below! :) It’s not for the kiss though. But it’s a cute scene nonetheless. :)

Here is the kiss!! :) :) But… is it just a dream?!?!? Or is it real??

Ahh, let’s just watch the entire raw episode! :)

Subs are below! :) If unavailable, try again tomorrow. Usually due to the license, we can’t see the Playful Kiss subs until the day after. :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 10

Posted on 01 October 2010 by Flisha

[Updated] English subs below! :)

Awwww Hani is back in the Baek house! :) Yayyy! But oh no – what’s this? Seung Jo is moving out? Whyyyy???

And from what I’ve heard – Seung Jo and Hae Ra are going to be sharing the same apartment? What?! Huh? I hope it’s wrong! Truly, I have no idea why Seung Jo likes Hae Ra. She doesn’t seem to do a thing but simper at him. He’s all, Hae Ra, you and I are alike. But – is that any reason to go out on a date with her?!? Ugh. Seung Jo, you know you like Ha Ni. Admit it!!!

I am waiting for that moment that Ha Ni finally decides she’s over Seung Jo and start to look at Bong Joon Gu as husband material. Because, girl, he is! Chef? I would swoon at such a husband, hehehe.

Okay, let’s see what episode 10 hands us. A humbler Seung Jo, maybe? Nah, I think that will be a long time away. A kiss, I hope?? Maybe! :) Watch the raw episode 10 of Playful Kiss, below! :)

Playful Kiss Episode 10 with English subs, below! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 9

Posted on 29 September 2010 by Flisha

Playful Kiss episode 9 has just finished airing. From what I’ve read, we get quite a few cute moments here! And the fans are lightning quick! Below are two cuts of the cutest episodes.

One is of Seung Jo hugging Ha Ni – eeeeeps! Seung Jo is melting, melting, melting! Hahaha! Cute! :) But I don’t know why they’re in the hospital or why Ha Ni is crying so hard – I hope nothing bad happened to any of Ha Ni or Seung Jo’s family members!

The second cut is of Ha Ni coming out of the bathroom. And for some reason she forgets her panties outside. And Seung Jo picks it up and hands it over to her. Hahaha! How embarrassing! :)

I’ll be updating you guys with the raw episode in the next few hours, and the English subs by tomorrow. :)

Raw ep 9 of Playful Kiss, below, or visit this link directly! :)

English subs below. If they’re unavailable, return tomorrow, since the videos are still probably getting subbed. :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 8

Posted on 25 September 2010 by Flisha

Going on a short vacation definitely made me miss more than a few episodes of my favorite shows! I especially missed Playful Kiss, because I wanted to see who that bitch was who’s gonna compete against Ha Ni for Seung Jo’s affections. I really hope there’s a good reason why Seung Jo would prefer to hang out with her than with Ha Ni, but I would really just rather see Seung Jo and Ha Ni together, period!

Let’s see what happens! Watch Playful Kiss Episode 8 below, with English subtitles! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Playful Kiss Episode 7

Posted on 25 September 2010 by Flisha

Playful Kiss is moving fast! High school in 6 episodes, whoa!! During the last episode, we saw Ha Ni and her classmates graduate from high school. And!!! During their celebratory dinner, when Ha Ni told Baek Seung Jo that she was going to go to college, meet a guy, and forget all about him, he cockily replied, “Forget about me?” and then subsequently stole a kiss from Ha Ni in the back of the restaurant, leaving her all shocked and giddy!!! So cute! :) Seung Jo definitely likes her, hahaha.

So excited to watch Playful Kiss Episode 7 in English subtitles, below! :)



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