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Secret Garden Special (Hidden Story)

Posted on 01 February 2011 by Flisha

Here is another Secret Garden. Wow two specials for one kdrama! Don’t you wish Sungkyunkwan had this much time? :/



Secret Garden Special

Posted on 30 January 2011 by Flisha

Are you still not over Secret Garden?

Here is the Secret Garden special, with English subs. :)



[Korean Drama] Secret Garden 시크릿 Episode 20 Finale

Posted on 16 January 2011 by Flisha

We start where we left off – Joo Won telling his mother that from now on, he will live as Ra Im’s husband. His mother asks, Did Ra Im put you up to this? Did she want to run away and get married? Joo Won says he is very happy right now. His mother says, No, you are just bewitched, just like I was with your dad but in the end he left me anyway. Joo Won says he will never leave Ra Im. His mother says, Over my dead body.

Ra Im, in the car with Joo Won, listens as he makes a few calls. He brings her to a building, and she asks where they are. He tells her that if she wants to run away she better do it while she has the chance. Because he is going to be her husband. He is marrying her because he loves her and could not possibly love anyone else. There won’t be candles, there won’t be a ring. But will she be his wife? He holds out his hand. She smiles, and happily agrees, and gives him her hand.

Joo Won and Ra Im are registering their marriage. Oska and Seul are the witnesses. Joo Won asks that, for the wedding itself, they wait until his mother can be present, because that is what he desires. She acquiesces. Joo Won asks her why she is writing very slowly. When he sees her final signature, it’s actually the signture she used to sign as Joo Won (with the heart!). Haha.

Seul has decorated Joo Won’s place with lights, rose petals and balloons. Oska tells them they are going to remember how they broke up, how they got back together, and all their memories. Joo Won asks why they are at his place, and Oska tells them it was do all of this decorating. Joo Won comments it was too bad he didn’t meet Seul when he was younger, and Oska says, You want to die tonight??

Joo Won asks Ra Im for a hug but she won’t let him, to his annoyance, and he tries to get her to hug him but she evades until he stumbles onto the bed. She acts all naughty, and pushes Joo Won back against the bed – and starts kissing him!!! Oh!!!

They go exploring in Joo Won’s snow-covered winter grounds, walking hand in hand and smiling at each other. In bed, Joo Won feeds her some strawberries while she reads a book, and she gets some cream on her lips. Joo Won looks at her all mischievously. He pulls the cover over their heads and – make out session!! More super cute scenes – the two of them wrapped in a blanket staring out contentedly through the windows, reading on the couch, chasing each other around the room… ♥♥♥

Joo Won confesses to his grandfather that he has married Ra Im. He says his mother would not give them permission, so he is asking for his grandfather’s. But his grandfather is on his mother’s side. His grandpa’s wife tells him to be good to his mother, because she went through a lot. His grandfather tells him to get permission from his mother first, before he will give his.

Joo Won’s mother is in the hospital, after having found out about the marriage. His mother cries, and tells him they’ve won and she’s lost. She says, You are not my son. One day you will regret this. Go! Joo Won tells his mom, I know but even with that regret, I want to live with her. I am better than anyone else but if you want to remove me as LOEL’s president, then I understand and accept it. Joo Won’s mom tells him she wants everything back – his house, the resort, everything.

Joo Won meets with Mr Park. He tells him he cannot replace Joo Won as president, not because Joo Won is a the heir to LOEL, but because he is better qualified for the position. He tells Mr Park to want any position but his, and asks him for help.

Oska’s mom meets up with Director Park, asking if their deal is still on. Mr Park says that once he has been slighted, he feels the same forever.

Ra Im tells the action school guys she’s married. One of the guys cries. [Haha.] They tell him not to hurt Ra Im or they’ll beat him up and kill him. Joo Won tells them he’ll tell Ra Im about this and they back off in fear. [Hahaha!]

Ra Im does some situps in the bed. Every time she comes up, Joo Won gives her a kiss. He pulls the covers over them again.

They wear matching blue tracksuits and throw snowballs at each other. They kiss. ♥

Joo Won is able to get inside elevators now. He and Ra Im get inside one and kiss. We are transported to the future – they now have three kids – two boys and a girl. They visit Joo Won’s mom, and she takes in the kids but won’t let the two of them visit her. Ra Im comments that she looks healthy. Joo Won sighs that his mom is still the same and is still very strict. She still won’t meet Joo Won or Ra Im.

Ra Im is now the stunt director. During an action scene, the film director gets mad because the actor gets a scratch. Ra Im complains that her stuntmen have more injuries and says she won’t let her kids go on working like that, and takes them to the doctor.

Seul and Oska finally get together – as we knew from the first they would – he gives her a ring and asks her to live with him.

Secretary Kim and Ah Young have a date by the Han river. She finds a bottle in the water. It’s the same one that Secretary Kim threw, with a love letter to Ah Young inside, all those months ago! Haha.

Director Lim is sitting across Son Ye Jin (cameo!). She is the casting director, and he has written a script he calls Black Rain. She says she heard Director Lim can’t find investors nor a cast, so she will do that for him. Does he want to film it with Angelina Jolie? She tells him she’ll get her manager to contact those people. Director Lim says he feels like a miracle just happened.

Joo Won and Ra Im put their children to bed. Then they try to silently sneak out. But one of their children wakes up and gets mad, saying Joo Won is always sleeping with his mother. He insists on sleeping with Ra Im too, so Ra Im ends up sleeping with the kids. But then Joo Won carts Ra Im off and they to the other house. [LOL!]

While hugging each other and staring up into the stars, Ra Im asks Joo Won about that time he said he had tried to first tell her how her father died – because she doesn’t remember meeting him before.

We flashback to the first time that Ra Im and Joo Won met – 13 years ago. Joo Won is walking down the hall in his hospital gown and sees 17-year-old Ra Im crying on the floor, at her dad’s memorial. He himself sits outside the door, and cries too. When she has fallen asleep, he goes in and watches her sleep, and cries, saying over and over, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry… He falls down next to her and lie next to each other. He watches her frown in her sleep and touches her face trying to get the frown lines to go away. He falls asleep with his hand over hers.

Watch the episode below with English subs!



[Korean Drama] Secret Garden 시크릿 Episode 19

Posted on 15 January 2011 by Flisha

Ok, we start with Joo Won asking Ra Im whether they had kissed before. Ra Im doesn’t answer, so Joo Won asks her why. Ra Im asks, what do you think? Joo Won says, But I asked you first. Ra Im starts chanting, “Kim Soo Roo…” And Joo Won asks, What are you doing? Ra Im tells him, I am going to protect you! Joo Won asks, Did I not take advantage of you? When I was 34? She tells him he shouldn’t be telling her when to come and go. Joo Won doesn’t understand why he likes Ra Im and tells her to go. Ra Im says, Should I just disappear like bubbles? Then she leaves, and Joo Won watches her go. He asks himself why she smiles so prettily. He goes after her, and she is waiting for him. She asks, what took you so long? She needs to go to a shoot so she takes his keys.

Unfortunately, the Dark Blood role has gone to a Chinese stuntwoman, because Director Jackson was worried about her health. Ra Im accepts it, and says, I’ll work harder so I can meet them again. I am just happy I got to audition.

Joo Won starts to remember a little. He remembers she keeps some soap in her locker. She asks him what else he remembers. He answers, You wearing your underwear. She kicks him. LOL!

Joo Won meets Seul, and asks who the beautiful woman is. Oska asks if Joo Won likes Seul. Seul says to Joo Won, We should have met when you were 21. Oska gets jealous.

Joo Won tells his mother about meeting Ra Im and having a stuntwoman for a girlfriend. He says her body isn’t all that great and she’s not up to his standards. His mom says, If I say I hate her, will you stop meeting her? Joo Won says in a singsong voice, No! I like her. Joo Won asks if the fireman who saved him is okay. His mom avoids the question and tells him she took care of it.

Ra Im tells Ah Young that her dream came true (the banquet and the man from heaven). She tells her to open a fortune shop. Ah Young worries, because she’s had another dream. Joo Won is in a car, and he is crying. There three little kids, crying too. Ra Im is yelling. [Sounds like someone is going to have quite a big family!]

Secretary Kim comes to take Ra Im, and she is brought to a sauna, where Joo Won is waiting for her. She asks why he brought her there. And he answers, To see your body of course! But your clothes are quite rebellious… [She is wearing a shirt and shorts, I guess Joo Won expected her to wear a lot less, haha.] She hugs him in the sauna. He tells her he remembers something else, and starts to put his hands on her bum. [Naughty!!!] She says she will remind him better, and pulls a defense move on him, pinning him against the sauna and bending his arm behind him.

She brings him to her home, and Joo Won can’t believe the state of her house. He asks if she has his number, and she says yes. He tells her to delete it and drives off. Ra Im laughs to herself.

Oska introduces Joo Won to Tae Sun. He is wearing his sparkly tracksuit and Joo Won asks him what he thinks of it. Tae Sun tells him, You’re not living in this world alone. Why hurt people’s eyes?? [LOL!]

Joo Won asks Oska what kind of woman Ra Im says. Oska says, She is my fan. Joo Won says, That’s enough. Even if I remember, that woman won’t do.

Oska visits Ra Im and asks her how the 21 year old Joo Won is. She tells him Joo Won is racy. He says, I did not know you liked that type!

Oska brings Ra Im home, and Joo Won is already waiting for her. He says, “What a nice picture…” [Like that other time, haha.] Joo Won asks how many guys she is cheating around with.

In Ra Im’s house, Joo Won sees Oska’s poster. Joo Won tells Ra Im if he likes Oska then she should be with Oska while he will go after Seul. Joo Won’s mother calls him on the phone, and tells him, You know the fireman you were asking about? He died while saving you. His daughter is right in front of you. That girl is trying to hold on to you and forced me to keep this a secret from you.

Joo Won asks Oska to leave. Joo Won asks Ra Im if it was true her dad saved him. Ra Im asks, Did you mom tell you? Joo Won asks her why she is living so poorly. He feels he needs to remember on her own, because if Ra Im really fooling him and continues to do so, he would want to fall for her tricks anyway.

Ah Young and Secretary Kim get a moment. Ah Young drinks cappucino and gets some cream on her lip, and Sec Kim kisses it off. Ah Young screams and throws water at him, saying, Hey! I never gave you permission! And Sec Kim says, But in the dramas I watch, the main lead never needs to ask permission… [Haha cute.]

Joo Won finds the ripped out page of Little Mermaid that Ra Im had left for him before. He reads it, and finds he had rewritten the ending. It says, “The prince became the Little Mermaid’s Secretary Kim and the two lived forever and ever.” He has flashbacks, and starts to remember. He runs out. He remembers more, he even remembers seeing 17-year-old Ra Im at her father’s funeral. He calls her and asks her where she is.

Joo Won goes to Ra Im’s house and hugs her. She asks, Do you remember everything? He says, No. I am going on a blind date. She asks why. He says, Because you are like this! He tells her she is not his style and it doesn’t make sense for a guy like him to like a girl like her. He tells her she is so dumb. If he is coming at night and telling her all this, she should know he remembers everything. He kisses her forehead and tells her, I love you. She says, I don’t need it, you jerk. He kisses her head again and says, I really love you. This time that was from your father.

Then he tells her about the night her father saved him. He was trapped in the elevator. His leg was injured so he could not stand, he couldn’t breathe. He felt like he was going to die, and kept saying, Save me. Like a miracle, her father arrived and went inside the half-open elevator. He gave Joo Won some oxygen to breathe. The elevator dropped, and the door shut. Both of them were inside, trapped. The dad called for help. The dad was able to open the door partially. He tells Joo Won, Get on my shoulder and get out. When this is over, I will introduce you to my daughter. She is very pretty. Joo Won gets out of the elevator, and the dad is still trapped inside. Joo Won gives his hand, but the elevator is dropping, so the dad lets Joo Won’s hand go, and tells him to go, or Joo Won will get hurt. He says, Go tell my daughter, I am sorry I didn’t come home early. Tell her I love her a lot. Joo Won begs him to take his hand, but the dad pushes him aside, and the elevator falls. Joo Won screams, No!!!

Ra Im cries, hearing what happened. Joo Won says, I am sorry for telling you so late. He hugs her and begs her forgiveness. She says, Thank you for telling me.

The two of them visit Ra Im’s dad. Joo Won apologizes to the dad, for telling Ra Im so late, and thanks him for saving him. He says, Your daughter grew up well. I know giving her to me is a waste, but I will always love her for the rest of my life. Joo Won and Ra Im hold hands. Joo Won asks, Do you think he likes me? She says, How could he, when you’re so mean to me?? She says, There is only one way to make it up. Always love me. Joo Won tells her, We have somewhere to be tomorrow. Wear the prettiest thing you have.

Joo Won’s mom tells her son, Ji Hyun came by and said you remembered everything. I am so happy. He asks, Really? You’re not nervous? Joo Won’s mom says, I trust you. Joo Won counters, I trust you, Mom. But you were terrible all the way to the end. You were terrible to that woman, and to your son, but worst of all to yourself. How could you lie like that? She yells, So what if I lied??? I am getting my son taken from me, so what is it to you that I lied?!? Joo Won says, You were someone who had pride, you used to be cool. I loved that mother. But over this matter, you lost your pride and you lost me. Joo Won’s mom says, Kim Joo Won! He says, I won’t live as your son anymore. I am really sorry. But I lived 34 years as your son. But from now on, and for the rest of my life, I am going to live as Ra Im’s husband.

Watch below with English subs!



Secret Garden Episode 19 Preview

Posted on 15 January 2011 by Flisha

It’s a really short preview, but better this than nothing, kuchi? :)

Ooh, what was the question to Tae Sun’s answer of “Oska.”? Did Oska ask, who do you like? Haha I bet!

And what’s with Ra Im all upset and Joo Won crying? Nooo… I thought we were in for a fun fluffy ending… is there conflict still? Does this have to do with Joo Won’s mama? Oh, drama, just get that woman laid somehow, lol. Then maybe she’ll leave Ra Im and Joo Won alone!



Secret Garden Special

Posted on 15 January 2011 by Flisha

Watch the Secret Garden special of the SBS GoodMorning Show.

It features cast interviews, behind the scenes footage, and parodies of the drama. I can’t understand a word of it, but it’s fun to watch anyways! :)



[BTS] Secret Garden Behind the Scenes

Posted on 14 January 2011 by Flisha

Here are some fun behind-the-scenes footage from the Korean drama Secret Garden.

Hopefully this will tide us up until the finale this weekend! :)




[Korean Drama] Secret Garden 시크릿 Episode 18

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Flisha

Oska is in his house, pacing back and forth worried about what Joo Won had done earlier – the gift and the picture. It doesn’t seem like Joo Won. It’s making him nervous. He has a hunch. He says, “No way…” and heads towards the hospital.

Director Lim is there, looking for Ra Im. But her body isn’t there, so he’s arguing with the nurse. Oska arrives, and tells the nurse to check the CCTV. Oska tells Director Lim he thinks Joo Won might have decided to switch souls with her. Oska’s called the police already – and they call him, Joo Won’s car has been found. Oska runs to the ambulance bay and find the two of them unconscious. He calls Ji Hyun. The two are brought to the hospital and tests are being conducted.

Joo Won’s mom finds out about Joo Won – that he’s unconscious. She screams, she wants to know why a healthy man like her son cannot wake up. Ah Young takes care of Ra Im.

Joo Won’s mom pleads to Ji Hyun to find out what is wrong with Joo Won. Ji Hyun tries to placate her, saying he’s not the only patient in the hospital. A nurse arrives to tell them he’s awake.

Oska asks Joo Won if he is okay. But this Joo Won is really Ra Im inside, and Oska realizes it when Ra Im answers him in a formal manner. Ra Im touches her lips. Oska asks, worryingly – “My brother…? What do I do…?” Oska tells Ra Im what happened – Joo Won took her and went into the storm himself. Realizing, Ra Im’s eyes widen in horror and she starts crying, and saying, “No no no…” She asks where is Joo Won? Oska mumbles that he has gone crazy, and Ji Hyun is shocked. Joo Won’s mom asks, why is her son asking for himself?

Ra Im (in Joo Won’s body) goes to visit Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) in the hospital. Director Lim is there, and he asks, Which one of you woke up? He realizes it’s Ra Im standing in front of him. She asks, What do we do? Director Lim asks, Is that you Gil Ra Im? Ra Im cries, What do we do about this person? He switched us, to save me, and now he’s dying. Director Lim hugs him, and says, You punk! Because of you, I, because of you… And all Ra Im can utter is, I’m sorry, what do we do? What do we do about him, Director?

Joo Won’s mom sees them hugging and pulls them apart. She wants to know why she went to that room. She tells the guard to take her son away from here. But Director Lim stops the guard by twisting his arm. Joo Won’s mother threatens Director Lim and tells him not to touch her son again. Ra Im tells Joo Won’s mom she will go with her, to calm her down. Joo Won’s mom leaves without any comments about Ra Im’s body in the hospital.

Joo Won’s mom has nurses and doctors keeping watch over Joo Won at home. The doctor tells her Joo Won is fine. Joo Won (Ra Im’s body) asks to be left alone so he can rest. Before Joo Won’s mom leaves, Ra Im tells her, I’m sorry mom. Joo Won’s mom tells her not to be sorry, she was always happy with Joo Won. She was only disappointed in him regarding Ra Im. She asks Oska to keep Joo Won company and leaves. She tells the guards not to let Joo Won in the hospital – to restrain him if they have to but take care not to injure him.

Ra Im tells Oska she needs to go see Joo Won – because he is probably scared. Oska tells her to sit. Oska tells her to consider Joo Won’s family. If Joo Won’s mom finds out about the switch, she will be upset. Joo Won did this to protect Ra Im, so better stay here at the moment, because the guards won’t let her out anyway. Oska will watch over Joo Won for her, instead.

Oska visits Joo Won (in Ra Im’s body) in the hospital. He cries. He tells Joo Won, You crazy guy. How could you do this??? How could you do such a crazy thing? Isn’t family important? Is the only thing that’s precious to you this woman? You don’t need us? How could you just throw on some shoes and go? You said you switch whenever there is rain. So, what if rain comes again? Then which choice do you want me to make? To follow your choice? If ever rain comes, should I keep Ra Im alive? Do you want me to do so? But what will you do if I don’t do that? I can’t do that. No matter how much you will be angry with me – I cannot protect your love. Even if you cry and go insane, I want to live seeing my brother.

Ra Im tries to go out from Joo Won’s home but the guards stop him. He fights them all off. The housekeeper, scared out of her wits, gives him his mail. Ra Im assures her that the men will wake up, not to worry. She goes through his mail, and finds the one addressed to her, from “Kim-Crazy-Tracksuit-Guy”.

Ra Im reads the letter. Joo Won’s voice narrates: The magic that we are both ensnared in, I think this is a gift from God. So like person who received a wonderful gift, smile like you are happy. If you laugh with your heart, I will hear that laugh. I have a lot more capability than you think. Shave my face cleanly. Dress me in those cool clothes I like. If we can only be together this way, let us say that we are together. If this is the only way we can be together, let us say we are happy. Ra Im holds the letter to her chest and cries.

In the hospital, Ra Im sees Director Lim beside her body in the hospital. She asks him why he is there. Director Lim told her he knew she would be scared to leave Joo Won alone, so he stayed to watch over him.

Ra Im goes over to Joo Won. She tells him, they are like beggars. Between the two of them, one has to disappear like bubble. She tells him she will do that, because she loves the prince. She asks, how can you break my heart lying down there? When the rain comes I will switch us. Please go back to your place. She cries.

Ra Im and Joo Won are in the hospital room. Ra Im’s father stares at them from a reflection in the wine while he stands at a magnificent table. Joo Won narrates, and magically they are in a beautiful banquet table, dressed to the nines. They sit across each other. Joo Won says, You are doing it again. Why are you so unhappy in your dreams? Ra Im says, In my dream, you are there. We are invited to a lavish banquet. Joo Won says, it’s my dream not yours. My dreams are better than yours. She says, We are looking at each other, smiling. The person who invited us is waiting. Her father arrives. She asks, Dad is that you? Joo Won says, Didn’t we meet each other before? Ra Im’s dad takes the wine, and says, This is the start and end. Ra Im’s dad pours some wine for Joo Won, and tells Joo Won to forget about him. Joo Won kept his promise, and did more than he expected. He tells Ra Im, live life receiving this love. Love as much as you cried. The magic is over, it was for the people who met with their first handshake. Ra Im’s dad vanishes, and Ra Im and Joo Won drink the wine. Petals fall over them as they look at each other.

Both of them wake up. Ra Im is in the hospital, Joo Won is at home. At his home, rose petals are on the floor. Ra Im touches her face and looks at her reflection. She says, I came back. Kim Joo Won!!! She goes out. There are also rose petals on the hospital floor.

Joo Won looks at his face in the mirror. Oska arrives and Joo Won asks him why he’s like that (informally). Oska thinks he’s still Ra Im and tells him he doesn’t have to pretend like that when it’s just the two of them. Joo Won asks, Why am I here? I was at the hospital… Oska realizes then. Oska hugs him saying, It’s you! Joo Won pushes him away, asking, How are my friends? A few days ago I was trapped in an elevator. How are my friends..?

Oska meets up with Ji Hyun. She thinks Joo Won has started to remember the accident. Joo Won is surprised that he was just wishing he was older, and now he is. He finds out he’s the department store owner, not Oska, and is happy. Oska gets annoyed at him. Joo Won doesn’t remember anything that has happened.

Ra Im gets out of the hospital, still wearing her hospital garments, gets on a cab and tells the driver to hurry.

Joo Won is at his home. Oska and Ji Hyun are also there. Joo Won asks who built the house. Oska tells him he designed it. Joo Won says, I can’t believe I am 34 – I don’t look like it! Ra Im comes running in. But Joo Won doesn’t recognize her. She hugs him and says, You bad person!! Who told you to do that? I thought I would never see you! Joo Won pushes her away, and asks Oska who this woman is. Gil Ra Im, when he opened his eyes that name popped into his head. Does he know Gil Ra Im? Ji Hyun tells Ra Im that Joo Won’s state of mind is returned to when he was 21. Ra Im cries when Joo Won asks her if she is Gil Ra Im. Oska and Ji Hyun leave them alone.

Joo Won says, So your name is Gil Ra Im. How old are you? Gil Ra Im says, 30. Joo Won says, I would never go past 28! What is your job? Ra Im says, Stuntwoman. Joo Won says, How could I know a stuntwoman? Ra Im says, you loved me and I loved you. Joo Won says, It was bad enough I knew a stuntwoman but I loved one too? He asks if there is another woman with that name. He asks for her cellphone number. She replies, So you were rude when you were 21 too. But whatever you do, I like it. Whatever you do, I can forgive you. Because you’re alive.

Joo Won wears his blue tracksuit and walks. An imaginary Ra Im in her hospital gown walks beside him. He wonders why he is thinking of her.

Ah Young is visiting Ra Im at the hospital. Ah Young says she kept crying when she ate, Ra Im jokes that it was because nobody was there to do the dishes after. Ah Young tells her she’s going to draw all over Oska’s calendar, and Ra Im says, What did he do to you?? Joo Won arrives and tells Ah Young to let the guy outside come in. Secretary Kim comes in with a tray full of food. Joo Won asks if Sec Kim knows Ra Im, he tells Joo Won, You are closer to her. Ra Im says, You didn’t call. Joo Won says, That is why I came. He asks her dad’s name, he might know him. She says, You know him. He asks, Why are you a stuntwoman? She says, Because my action has a lavender scent. She says, I kept hitting you so you kept following me. Like today, you came to see me. Do you know why? Because you love me. She says she is getting out tomorrow. Joo Won asks if she wants him to pick her up. She tells him that, to him, she is amazing and fascinating. He walks out muttering how ridiculous this is.

At the action school, Ra Im’s colleagues are having a party for her. Director Lim tells her if Ra Im is going to get hurt again, he will make her quit! He hugs Ra Im. Joo Won arrives and tells him to get off her. He asks Ra Im if she was a two-timer [LOL!!]. Joo Won stares at everyone else, and asks, Do you know me? Ra Im asks how he knew to get here. Joo Won had had her followed. She tries to kick him but Joo Won quickly defends himself. He asks, Did you hit me before? She calls him the crazy tracksuit guy. He tries to show her the expensive label, and she hugs him and thanks him for coming back. She says she loves the 21 year old Joo Won too. Joo Won hugs her back.

Ra Im and Joo Won’s mom meet. Joo Won’s mom says, You almost died but came back. Ra Im says, I won’t let Joo Won go. He almost died too. So every day is precious. She says that she is no longer afraid of his mother. Joo Won’s mom says, Joo Won doesn’t even remember you. She is going to make him study abroad. Ra Im asks for permission, saying his memory will return. Joo Won’s mom says, How can you not listen to me?? Ra Im says, Please give me your son. I will protect him and love him and make him happy. Joo Won’s mom screams at her.

Secretary Kim visits Ra Im. Ra Im says, Ah Young isn’t here. Sec Kim says Joo Won told him to pick up Ra Im. She is brought to his home. Joo Won tells her, Live here until I ask you to leave. I need to find out why I like you. Ra Im says, I am used to this. You asked me to share your bed. You asked me to have a shower together. Joo Won says, Did you? He asks her to come over, and says, Were we close enough to be kissing?

Watch the episode with English subs below!



Secret Garden Episode 18 Preview

Posted on 09 January 2011 by Flisha

Watch the Secret Garden Episode 18 preview below! Ohhh, so scared for Joo Won and Ra Im tonight. How will their relationship resolve? Is someone coming to save them???



[Korean Drama] Secret Garden 시크릿 Episode 17

Posted on 08 January 2011 by Flisha

We return to the scene right after Ra Im’s dad’s burial site, where Joo Won’s mom is on her knees at Ra Im’s home, begging Ra Im to let her son go. Shocked, Ra Im just stands there with tear-filled eyes. Joo Won’s mom gets up and yells at her to end things with Joo Won. Ra Im can’t stop crying her dad’s name.

Joo Won is looking for Ra Im at the action school. It’s late, and he hasn’t seen her yet. He asks if the shoot was over, but her teammates tell him there were no scenes today. So Joo Won goes to Ra Im’s home, and asks her about the shoot, did it go well? Ra Im tells him it did. He asks her, why isn’t she offering him some coffee or something. Then he tells her to go buy him some fruit. When she’s left, he asks Ah Young why Ra Im lied to him. She tells him that since it’s the day Ra Im’s dad died, she’s not feeling well. Joo Won goes out and looks for Ra Im.

At the fruit stand, Ra Im is there crying. Joo Won finds her and asks her why she’s crying. Why did she lie about the shoot? Did his mom come by? Was that it? Ra Im says that isn’t it. Why is he asking her to buy such expensive fruit when the cost of living has risen? Joo Won gives her his gloves and scarf, and tells her to go home and sleep. He is going to go look for his mom to find out what she said to Ra Im.

Joo Won is trying to find his mom and goes through her secretary, who tells him he knows nothing. He tries calling his mom’s cell, but it’s off. It seems his mom is trying to avoid him, and having her secretary secretly follow Ra Im.

Seul informs Oska that Tae Sun will be leaving Korea. She’s telling Oska because it seems Tae Sun is important to him. Oska jokes about it, and Seul tells him if he clings to her whenever Tae Sun is nearby, she’ll think about giving both of them a chance again. He yells that he will definitely do so, and it brings a smile to her face.

Meanwhile Tae Sun is looking sad. Oska asks if he’s going to China via a boat, and tells him why the heck doesn’t he travel like normal people. Tae Sun wants him music back, and Oska keeps pestering him about the contract. Oska says Tae Sun should teach him, instead of the other way around. He loves Tae Sun’s song. Then Oska picks Tae Sun up over his shoulder and carries him away. LOL.

At the action school, Ra Im is practicing her boxing. Director Lim gets a call from Jackson (the Hollywood guy). Ra Im got the part of Jin. Director Lim tells her Joo Won did it for her.

Ra Im goes to see Joo Won, but hides so he can’t see her. She calls him. She asks if he’s busy. She’s going somewhere for a long period and won’t be able to call him or talk to him. He realizes she got the part and is happy. She thanks him and tells him it’s all because of him. He tells her Jackson saw her for only 5 minutes so it wasn’t him, it was her. Ra Im lies to him and tells him she needs to start filming.

Joo Won’s mom finds out about Joo Won chartering a private plane for Ra Im. She has a meeting with some people from LOEL department store to help her. Secretary Kim finds out and tells Joo Won. The meeting was to replace Joo Won with someone else as president of the store.

Ra Im and Joo Won’s mom meet. Ra Im says she cannot break up with Joo Won. If her dad lost his precious life to save him, then this life is now precious to her as well and she will protect him. Joo Won’s mom screams. Ra Im promises he won’t find out from her. She loves him, and he loves her. She begs the mom to give them permission. Joo Won’s mom threatens her, if she can’t give him up even when her life is at stake, then she will make that exact scenario happen.

Joo Won calls his mother. He tells her to take everything. But he will not give up on Ra Im. She tells him, then you do that, and hangs up. She tells Ra Im that she’s going to ruin Joo Won’s life. She tells Ra Im to choose, because in an hour, everything will be lost. It’s a standoff, and right before Joo Won’s mom leaves, Ra Im calls for her to stop. Ra Im gets on her knees, and tells the mom to stop, she was wrong, she’ll break up with Joo Won.

Secretary Kim calls Joo Won “President”, as he always does. Joo Won tells him not to, since he’s no longer the president. His mother is firing her own son. He doesn’t want to fight his mother. Secretary Kim says if Joo Won is fired he will quit. Joo Won tells him if he is fired, he needs to leave too because he hired Secretary Kim. Haha.

Joo Won visits Ra Im, bringing her flowers. He gives her the cat pendant he had made, because he knows she got the stuffed cat from her dad, and tells her to wear it on her bag, and not to use handkerchiefs. She doesn’t want to, she says does he really want her to remember the night her father died when she carries her bag? He says that’s not it, and she gets mad. She says she needs to start filming, and won’t have much time for him anymore. She is having a hard time. He tells her how can she do this to him. She talks like she’s breaking up with him, and says, if you were going to throw me away you should have done so sooner. Joo Won leaves. Ra Im cries.

Joo Won starts drinking, and taking his pills again.

Ra Im goes home, but Joo Won is there. He got in thanks to Ah Young. Ra Im tells him, the accident 13 years ago. The one you cannot recall. The person who saved you, he was my father. So be comfortable in not remembering. But everytime I see you, I can’t help but think about it. I had to live 13 years without my father, because of you. So, like the Little Mermaid, please, disappear. I am begging you.

Joo Won investigates about the accident. Some old papers are delivered to him, and he finds her dad’s picture in the papers.

Ra Im goes to her dad’s memorial site. And cries. You saved him? You told me you would come home early. But you didn’t. You didn’t come home at all. Because you saved him, you weren’t able to come home? I am sorry, dad. I am sorry I love him. I’m so sorry…

Ah Young tells Ra Im about her dream. She dreamt of a beautiful table, where Ra Im and Joo Won were eating, plus one other person. And something came down from heaven. Ah Young bids Ra Im to film well.

At the film site, Ra Im meets Jackson and they so some car scenes. Jackson asks Ra Im to do it again, and go faster. The roads have been closed off due to the filming. But one person ignores the barriers and drives through anyway. Ra Im is zooming across the road, the two vehicles meet and crash into each other.

Joo Won is at home, and Secretary Kim comes running in. A vase is broken. Ah Young is crying. The action school is in shock. And Ra Im is in a coma. Joo Won doesn’t cry. He narrates, she is still dreaming. She looks so peaceful. So in her dreams, I am not there. She must be waiting for me until I come. Tomorrow, and the even the day after.

Joo Won is in his library, writing a note. It says: GyeongGi Do IlWon, ChungBock province, 20~30mm per hour, Rainy. Oska comes over and says he saw Ra Im before her accident. She was looking at a book, and acted as though she was going to be away for a long time. Joo Won finds the book and sees she wrote something. They are lines from the Little Mermaid:

The knife the little mermaid was holding was shaken.
But the next moment, little mermaid threw the knife away into the sea
As the knife was falling, the wave shone ruddy brightly
At that time, the sun was rising over the sea
The little mermaid was looking at the prince with dim eyes
And threw herself into the sea
And she disappeared becoming bubble…

He cries, reading it. He sits down on the ground and cries.

Joo Won’s mother gets flowers. It’s from Joo Won. The card says, Mom I love you, always always. She’s happy and says he came back to her, and asks for the nicest vase to put the flowers in.

Oska and Joo Won talk. Joo Won laughs at Oska’s jokes. Joo Won gives Oska a gift, a very nice watch, to Oska’s bewilderment. Joo Won asks for the two of them to take a picture together. He says, they never had a picture after his accident. Oska would regret it if they didn’t have a picture.

Oska is sleeping. Joo Won watches over him. He says, I knew this entire time what you were doing. That I was so precious to you. I was always grateful.

Director Lim is at Ra Im’s side, asking her to wake up. He tells her that she is strong. She shouldn’t be sleeping this much. Everyone is worried about her. He promises he’s going to give her to Joo Won with a smile, if only she wakes up.

Joo Won narrates his letter. He cries as he writes it:

I am saying this in advance.. You are the only poor and alienated neighbor who gets the letter from Kim Joo Won who writes a letter for the first time and last time. So it’s ok for you to be proud of yourself. The wind is shaking the tree branches pesteringly this afternoon and I hope when you read this letter it would be the same afternoon with swaying tree branches like this. So it would be great if you see what I see now, if you stand by the window I stand now, if you lie down on the bed I lie down on and if you read books I read… If we can be together even like that… Let’s say we are together with that.. Let’s say we are happy like other couples with that…

Joo Won goes to the hospital and gets her out, and takes her to his car. They park on a deserted road, she is leaning on his shoulder. He says, don’t ever think of someone else. Just love me and live. Don’t get close to Choi Woo Young. This may be selfish. Gil Ra Im has left an impression on me. In the future, you have to still be impressive as you once were. I am going to miss you a lot. He kisses her forehead, and tells her, I love you. I love you forever.

There is a storm in the distance. He drives through it.

Watch the English-subbed video below.



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