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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Special

Posted on 06 November 2010 by Flisha

I’m not yet over Sungkyunkwan. Are you? T-T

Awkward Back Hug

Watch the Sungkyunkwan Scandal special below! :) It’s got everything like a press conference, behind the scene footage and cast interviews. Not sure if this will be subbed, but it’s cute enough to watch as raw. Enjoy! :)

Watch the Behind the Scenes footage of the very last scene of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. TT



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 20

Posted on 02 November 2010 by Flisha

The last Sungkyunkwan episode… :( :( :( As one of my blog readers said, *tears tears tears*.

But we have to move forward. Spoilers then. *Big Heavy Sigh*

  1. Yoon Hee is reading the GDJS after having dug it out of the earth at the door of Banchon
  2. Jaeshin’s dad (Inspector) tells the King that Sunjoon is not the Red Messenger
  3. The King tells War Minister to apologize to the scholars
  4. Outside, scholars are kneeling and an official calls for Janguei
  5. Yoon Hee tells Yong Ha and Jaeshin that she has found GDJS
  6. Yoon Hee tells the King the story of how she found the GJDS, and the King thanks her
  7. Sunjoon is freed, amidst cheers from the scholars
  8. A cute conversation between Sunjoon, Yong Ha and Jaeshin. Jaeshin chides Sunjoon and tells him not to act like a foolish punk again, or else Jaeshin will never lay eyes on him again. Yong Ha protests and says, Geol Oh, are you going to now look at Sunjoon all your life? Are you telling him you love him? And in front of me?!? [Hahaha.]
  9. Jaeshin tells Sunjoon he went through a lot of difficulty. Sunjoon replies that he heard everyone had difficulties because of him too. And Yong Ha shoot backs that the one who went through the hardest was the one he kept on looking for, the very talented Daemul. And Sunjoon asks, where is Kim Yoon Shik?
  10. Yoon Hee is with Sunjoon’s dad, and he is thanking her. Yoon Hee says he doesn’t have to say thanks. Left Minister says she must resent him, and she says no, she is being vigilant.
  11. Yoon Hee returns to SKK and on the way meets Sunjoon who is waiting for her. Upset, Sunjoon says, Don’t you know I was released?! What have you been doing, where have you been? Didn’t you think about how long I’ve waiting for you?!?
  12. Yoon Hee says, But we saw each other the day before. And Sunjoon replies, So if we saw each other yesterday, we do not need to see each other today?! Are we in such a relationship?? And Yoon Hee asks, What kind of relationship do we have, then? And Sunjoon pouts, Kim Yoon Shik..! We have this kind of relationship. Then he holds up her ring and they smile. [AWWWW!]
  13. The J4 celebrate Sunjoon’s freedom with a round of drinks. Yong Ha says, I did not know Yoon Shik could accomplish so much – finding GDJS and freeing Sunjoon. Then they all sleep together in one room holding hands. LOL.
  14. In Soo tells his father that Yoon Hee is a girl. War Minister tells Left Minister. [SIGH. In Soo, drop dead will ya.]
  15. They wake. Sunjoon is annoyed that they all slept together. Yoon Hee says, then maybe next time I should sleep beside you, however if I do that, you won’t be able to sleep! Sunjoon is shocked and demands, Did you ever scribe those racy books when you were working in the bookstore?? And she says, just 3 times. Sunjoon tells her he will go to her house and ask for her hand. [Hahaha too cute!!]
  16. Left Minister tells the King that Yoon Hee is a girl, and uses that to try to manipulate the King into hiding GDJS
  17. At Yoon Hee’s house, she is dressed as a girl, and waiting for Sunjoon. He is on her way to visit her. As she looks in the mirror, someone grabs her from behind.
  18. Jaeshin is drinking and talks to his brother. Yong Ha finds him and tells something has happened. They find Sunjoon. Yoon Hee, meanwhile, has been abducted by the King and he is very angry at her and shouting at her to lift her face, and tells her she has done wrong.
  19. Professor Jung comes in and the King turns his anger on him, and Profession Jung asks that he be punished instead
  20. War Minister orders Chosun to bring in Kim Yoon Shik and tells her that KYS is a girl – and of course she is bewildered
  21. Sunjoon, Jaeshin and Yongha confront Professor Jung about whether KYS has been captured, they demand why he is not saving her, why he is not keeping his promise
  22. Left Minister enters Sunjoon’s room, where he is sitting desolately. He insults him by saying that it is not like the nation is being attacked, why is he about to give everything up for this? Sunjoon kneels before his father and asks to please save Yoon Hee. His father asks, Are you my son? He then leaves Sunjoon alone, still kneeling.
  23. Jaeshin and Yongha hatch a plan to save Yoon Hee. Yong Ha bribed a school guard, and gets a note from Chosun.
  24. In Soo’s dad tells him that the fake HBS will be abducting Kim Yoon Shik. Chosun shows up and says she cannot do it. War Minister shouts at Chosun and says, Did I not tell you to bring her?!? Chosun pulls out her sword and there’s a fight, then In Soo shields her with his body. Jaeshin shows up and helps Chosun and In Soo, against all the War Minister’s men.
  25. Sunjoon visits the King and appeals for Yoon Hee
  26. For some reason, Yong Ha is holding some men hostage, and one of them appear to be his relative
  27. War Minister tries to stop the King from revealing the GDJS, but the King lies and says he does not have GDJS
  28. The King burns the GDJS in front of Yoon Hee, and tells her he wants her to remember him, and he will remember her; she promises she will, and he lets her go
  29. Yoon Hee leaves, and runs into Left Minister. Left Minister tells her to remain by Sunjoon’s side.
  30. Jaeshin tells Sunjoon to take better care of Yoon Hee so Jaeshin won’t have to worry about her anymore
  31. Yong Ha tries to go with Sunjoon who wants to be with Yoon Hee, and Jaeshin stops him and tells him it’s not his place. Then Yong Ha playfully asks, So this is my place, then? Then Yong Ha hugs Jaeshin and they laugh. [Bromance!!! So cutes.]
  32. Yoon Hee is in the library, and Sunjoon goes up behind her. He says, Do you see a skilled bear? She turns and says, Wang Sa Bang! And they smile. [Awwww it’s really ending!! Wahhh!]
  33. Fast forward to the future. Yong Ha is now – a fashion designer. [LOL] Jaeshin is a guard, and is chasing down a Blue (not Red!) Messenger and hiccups – and tells her to stop before it becomes a habit
  34. Sunjoon and Yoon Hee are SKK professors [Hahah perfect]
  35. Sunjoon and Yoon Hee in a room doing naughty things! Learning from the red book!! Hahaha!
  36. End!!!!!

Ending Scene:

This is what they’re saying (watch it here):

YH: I believe Professor Lee Sun Joon was in charge of cleaning today. If instead of the cleaning that you’re told to do, all you do is be jealous, how will you get a “Pass” as a husband?
SJ to YH: I can take it if u say I’m wrong, but I cannot accept you telling me you do not like me
SJ kisses YH lightly and says: Then, is this a “Pass”? (YH laughs.) Until you give me a Pass, I am not stopping!
YH blows out the light
YH: What is with you today?
SJ pushes her over.
SJ: Hold on a moment.
SJ grabs the red book.
SJ: I am still inexperienced.
YH: How long are you going to use that book?
SJ: Oh, here it is! Oh, it wasn’t this? I can’t see in the dark… Can I light the candle?
YH: Ouch!
SJ: What? Did i hurt you?
YH: Your beard… is tickling me!
SJ: But you said you liked it last night…

The last library scene + the future:

Torrent links: here and here and here. Megaupload Hanrel here.

Here is the episode with English subtitles:

SS20 from Ryoma Echizen on Vimeo.



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 19

Posted on 02 November 2010 by Flisha

We are now up to the second to the last episode of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. :( Even though I want to resist watching this episode, as though it can prevent SKKS not ending, I know there’s nothing we can do… (Unless KBS will do a season two! Which they are discussing! But it’s up to the actors’ schedules, which make it next to impossible…)

Anyway, on to the spoilers:

  1. Sunjoon comes at Yoon Hee and asks her why she came to Jongmyo so fearlessly
  2. Yoon Hee says she really thought it was there
  3. Jaeshin is in the midst of fighting and heavily injured, when a guard calls out that nobody is inside Jongmyo
  4. Yong Ha, in the short reprieve, tells his men to get Jaeshin, and they carry him to away and Yong Ha brings him to his room
  5. Outside, In Soo orders for a search, and the guards go searching every room in SKK
  6. Sunjoon and Yongha are in the room with an unconscious Jaeshin, the two of them plan out what to do about In Soo
  7. Yongha comes out and tells In Soo that he will be the first student body president to dirty SKK by bringing in the royal army, In Soo says he is the first president to show what authority is all about
  8. The guards search Yongha’s room and call out that HBS is there, and brings out Sunjoon
  9. War Minister takes away Sunjoon, even though In Soo objects, because he knows it is not Sunjoon; Soondol tells Left Minister about it
  10. Left Minister visits Sunjoon and asks is this his way of atoning for the past murders, and says he did not order them; Sunjoon says he covered it up anyway
  11. Jaeshin goes to his father to demand that Sunjoon be freed, because he is not HBS, instead Jaeshin is, and shows his wounds as proof; but his father rejects him and says not to intrude; and his father’s guards keep him from leaving
  12. Yongha and some SKK scholars demand In Soo’s resignation; In Soo whispers to Yongha that he knows of his family secret, that they are not nobility, and Yongha looks upset
  13. There is a council meeting where Yongha asks Insoo to step down; Insoo brings up the topic of Yongha not being nobility; and Yongha admits it to the entire SKK, and tells his story; then he passes on responsibility of helping Sunjoon to Kim Yoon Hee not because he doesn’t have the right to be in SKK but because he is ashamed of himself, and he does not want to live like that; and tells Insoo that his threats won’t work anymore
  14. YongHa packs up his stuff to leave SKK, and tells Yoon Hee it is now all up to her, and YongHa says maybe that is why he needed to find GDJS, because he wanted to see a world where he did not have to buy an identity
  15. Jaeshin begs his father to let Sunjoon go and says he doesn’t want to go back to hating his father
  16. Yoonhee, Yongha and Soondol dress in black and go to rescue Jaeshin
  17. Yoonhee goes to see Sunjoon in jail and cries, and tells him she knows it wasn’t Sunjoon’s father, and he asks for her forgiveness, and she says we don’t get to choose our father, she cannot give him forgiveness, only a woman’s heart
  18. Hyo Eun overhears everything
  19. SKK scholars finally sign the petition to free Sunjoon
  20. Jaeshin, Yoonhee and Yongha go to free Sunjoon and Insoo blocks them, and Yoonhee tells him they are not going to recognize him as president anymore; even In Soo’s men turn against him
  21. The SKK scholars gather in front of the jail and ask that Sunjoon be freed
  22. Yoonhee plays with a puzzle of her dad’s and remembers something her dad taught her about it and realizes it’s a clue and that the GDJS must be in Banchon
  23. Hyo Eun talks about suspecting Yoon Hee, and In Soo hears, and knows that Yoon Hee is a girl
  24. Yoon Hee is digging somewhere, and finds a box with a document in it – and says “Geum Deung Ji Sa – I found it, father.”

Hanrel torrent: http://www.box.net/shared/oylr0gdbu0

Preview for episode 20:

Soft subtitles for episode 19 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal: http://www.mediafire.com/?p6vxzder8v9boyp

And here are the subbed videos for ep 19!



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 18

Posted on 26 October 2010 by Flisha

Episode 18 spoilers:

  1. Jaeshin and Yongha are talking. They don’t know that Sunjoon and Yoon Hee are listening. Jaeshin says that the culprit is the Left State Minister, Sunjoon’s dad. Yoon Hee and Sunjoon appear, and Sunjoon says he will be responsible for investigating it, because it is his father.
  2. Yongha and Jaeshin go drinking, and Yongha asks him if he is giving up Yoon Hee, because of Sunjoon
  3. Sunjoon confronts his dad about the matter and his father tells him to stop looking for Geum Deung Ji Sa, and they get into a heated conversation
  4. Yoon Hee waits for Sunjoon worriedly, and wonders if she should go after him, and YongHa tells her that whether she does or doesn’t, truths don’t change
  5. Jaeshin and Sunjoon are talking, with Jaeshin asking Sunjoon to give it up, to forget about the evidence incriminating his father – because it has nothing to do with them – the mission was to find Geum Deung Ji Sa – and not to find who is the one behind the deaths of Yoon Hee’s dad and Jaeshin’s brother
  6. Sunjoon says, why should we do that – the only way to find Geum Deung Ji Sa is to find the killer – and Jaeshin says that yes, he is cowardly, he who would do the opposite before – is now choosing to remain silent – because he wants to protect someone. Doesn’t he want to do the same, for Kim Yoon Shik? Would she be able to forgive him – if indeed his father was behind it all? Sunjoon says it isn’t only Kim Yoon Shik that would hold him accountable (Jaeshin would too).
  7. Sunjoon tells Yoon Hee that the evidence they found belongs to his father. Yoon Hee tries to leave and asks him not to tell her anymore, Sunjoon goes after her. He asks for her forgiveness, and says he will still help to find Geum Deung Ji Sa, and she says, what does it matter if they find it, nothing will change, and she tells him she needs time to think and leaves
  8. Yongha and Jaeshin come out to support their friend
  9. Yoon Hee goes home, dressed as a woman, and asks her mom to tell her about her dad – but her mother won’t tell her much
  10. Yoon Hee and her brother reminisce about their father – and her brother tells her of the time when Yoon Hee was little and her brother and her dad were inside the room – Yoon Shik was just playing around – but her father read aloud for Yoon Hee because he knew she was outside listening
  11. Yoon Hee goes to look for Professor Jung – and asks why her dad did all of these, risked his life for what – and Professor Jung tells her it was for his daughter
  12. Yoon Hee knows where the GDJS is
  13. Left State Minister meets up with War Minister and tells him that the GDJS is in SKK and asks him to use In Soo to find out – and War Minister asks what about Sunjoon – and realizes that there might be a problem between dad and son – and Left State Minister tells him the marriage between their kids is off and War Minister gets mad
  14. War Minister goes to Chosun and tells her he has something he needs her to do – and grabs her hand – then Jangeui comes in
  15. Yoon Hee and Sunjoon go look for GJDS
  16. Sunjoon gets into a fight with some random guys !!!
  17. Yongha tells Yoon Hee and they both go to find Sunjoon – and Yongha asks him why he would persist to find GDJS if it means to lose everything – and Sunjoon says, better to be poor than be a criminal
  18. Yoon Hee tells him to stop – if it’s only for her – she can’t remember her own father – but Sunjoon’s father is alive – and she cannot take it anymore
  19. Sunjoon hugs her from behind and  asks for her forgiveness – for her losing her father – for her being the one to take care of her family – for her having lived a pitiful life while he lived so richly – and that he needed to make up for the unfairness of it all
  20. Sunjoon finds Guard Yoon – Chosun the fake HBS appears and tries to kill the guard – Jaeshin arrives and the two fight – and Jaeshin confirms to himself that it really is Chosun
  21. Yoon Hee realizes GDJS is not in SKK and goes to off to find it – and Jangeui’s men see her and tell him about it
  22. Sunjoon and Jaeshin try to convince Guard Yoon to tell them about GDJS – and he tells them it was War Minister
  23. Jaeshin tells Sunjoon to find Yoon Hee because she is in danger
  24. Yoon Hee is in a memorial place
  25. Guards go on a hunt for Yoon Hee
  26. War Minister orders the destruction of GDJS
  27. Jaeshin fights off guards so Sunjoon can go find Yoon Hee
  28. Sunjoon finds her – and hugs her
  29. Jaeshin is hit on the chest by a sword


Episode 19 Preview:
Sun joon sacrifices himself for the injured Jae Shin and steps forward, taking on the role of Hong Byeok Seo
Yoon hee and Yong ha, for Sun joon, go around trying to convince the scholars of SKK to join in a strike of absence from SKK
Jae shin kneels in front of his father begging him to save Sun joon
But Sun joon’s situation gets more and more hopeless
Everyone’s will to save Sun joon is weakening…

Here are the English subtitles for Episode 18 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal: http://www.mediafire.com/?dbl4jma5bmodpmq

Here are English subbed videos:

Episode 19 video previews:



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 17

Posted on 25 October 2010 by Flisha

Spoilers for Episode 17:

  1. King Jeongjo gives the Jalgeum quartet a secret mission – to build a new Joseon where there are no political factions, where poverty and wealth are equal, where there is no one superior over another
  2. Professor Jung tells them how Jaeshin’s brother and Yoon Hee’s dad died
  3. In Soo knows that HBS is Jaeshin because of the bracelet left behind but his dad is reluctant to capture Jaeshin if it’s the only evidence they have
  4. Jaeshin tells Yoon Hee that the Geum Deung Ji Sa will help them uncover the truth behind the death of their loved ones
  5. In Soo tries to capture Jaeshin on account of the bracelet – but Yong Ha has the same one, and even an SKK guard – and Yong Ha takes back the bracelet and gives it to Jaeshin [Is it just me or is this the SKK president overpowerful?!? Why is his dad letting him act as Minister of War?!]
  6. Yoon Hee doubts that she can take on such an enormous task – of finding the GDJS – as she has never done such a huge thing before – and Sun Joon tells her he will always be by her side
  7. Professor Jung asks Jaeshin not to go out as HBS anymore – so as not to risk himself – because if he is ever arrested, even his father the Chief Inspector could not save him
  8. Yoon Hee and Sunjoon get all kinds of bumped up on the makeshift elevator [hee hee]
  9. In the library, Yoon Hee opens books and finds letter of encouragement from Sunjoon – and one of the notes is almost read by another scholar [haha, serves you right for flirting when you should be studying!!]
  10. Sun Joon tells Yoon Hee he loves her [omg omg omg]
  11. Jaeshin investigates his father’s cabinet – and finds records of the death of his brother and information about Left State Minister and War Minister – and Jaeshin confronts his dad – and it turns out that all this time, his dad also wants to know who was behind the deaths
  12. Sunjoon and Yoon Hee study in their rooms – and hold hands!! Then they fall asleep like that. :-) [are they really studying?!]
  13. Jaeshin sees them inside (from outside) and leaves – goes to his tree [awwww]
  14. Yoon Hee and War Minister’s daughter bump into each other in a bookstore – and she asks Yoon Hee’s help to convince Sunjoon to like her back
  15. Sunjoon comes in – and Yoon Hee tries to leave – and Sunjoon stops her, holding her hand – and tells the other girl that he has someone else in his heart – and walks out with Yoon Hee [swooon!]. Sunjoon asks her why did she do that – and she says to give them privacy, since they are going to marry – and she says she has never thought of marrying Sunjoon, that she is happy with what she has – being with him everyday, it’s enough, but it’s like a dream to her
  16. Yoon Hee tells him that she feels she doesn’t deserve to like him – and he tells her to go ahead and start liking him and to start thinking like that because all this time he’s been feeling that way about her and thinking so hard about what he can do so they can be together – then he hugs her tight [cute!!]
  17. They try to kiss but their hats bump – so they just laugh and hold hands [oh, stupid hats]
  18. Elevator again – Sunjoon give Yoon Hee a ring – and a kiss – Sunjoon takes off her hat – then his hat – then… !!!!
  19. Suddenly – Yong Ha’s voice breaks in – saying that he knows who the person behind the deaths is – and it is Sunjoon’s father

OMG!!! :-) So excited to watch this with English subs!!!!

Torrent links (not HANrel):

Soft subtitles for this episode 17: http://www.mediafire.com/?c9kzne9tfi67ajq

Here is episode 17, with English subtitles:

Enjoy! :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 16

Posted on 19 October 2010 by Flisha

I know everyone is waiting for this, so let me just go straight to the Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 16 spoilers! This ep is exceedingly cute!!! :)

  1. Remember Insoo’s men stalking Yoon Hee? Jaeshin finds them and throws them in the water
  2. Back to Sunjoon and Yoon Hee. Some scholars arrive, so they hide under a rock
  3. Jaeshin looks for Yoon Hee, and Yong Ha tells him she is with Sunjoon
  4. Yoon Hee changes into Sunjoon’s clothes :) :)
  5. Yoon Hee finds Sunjoon’s red book!! They roll around the bed for it :) Yoon Hee jokes how she was wondering why Sunjoon was so focused on the book and he tells her if she only knew why!
  6. Sunjoon tries to tell Yoon Hee not to go back to SKK but she won’t listen
  7. Yoon Hee says sorry to Jaeshin for just disappearing and he tells her to think of him next time
  8. Sunjoon and Yoon Hee think of each other :)
  9. Chosun finds Yoon Hee and tells her she is going to stop being a gisaeng for Yoon Hee, and Yoon Hee tells her she doesn’t deserve Chosun
  10. Jaeshin recognizes Chosun’s perfume and realizes she is the fake HBS
  11. New sleeping arrangement! Yoon Hee sleeps in Yong Ha’s room and the 3 of them sleep together. Hahaha!
  12. Yoon Hee kisses Sunjoon!!!!!!!

Here are the torrent links if you want it, right now! (Not Hanrel though.) :)

Raw episode! :) :)

Preview for episode 17:

Long Preview for Episode 17:

Long Preview for Episode 18:

Watch the online streaming episode 16 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal with English subtitles below:



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 15

Posted on 18 October 2010 by Flisha

Omigod the Monday that everyone’s been waiting bated breath for!!! Sungkyunkwan Scandal episode 15! It’s gonna be explosive! Heart-wrenching! Spazz-tastic! Frenzy-licious! Ha. I’m reeling with teenage schoolgirl fantasies. Tch. SKK, you.

Some spoilers!!! (As if you didn’t know the whole story by now, hahaha!)

  1. Sunjoon defends Yoon Hee in the hearing by saying he was there that night, and so were those three guys who started the rumor. So if Jaeshin and Yoon Hee are gay just because they were there, then the 4 of them must be gay too.
  2. Sunjoon calls out In Soo for using the council hearing for his own political agenda, which is to find Hong Byuk Seo
  3. In Soo is forced to clear all charges against the two
  4. Sunjoon leaves Sungkyunkwan
  5. Yoon Hee cries in her room while Jaeshin sits outside
  6. Sunjoon visits Hyo Eun, supposedly for the engagement
  7. Yoon Hee follows him but gets caught by him
  8. Yoon Hee tells him that she just wanted to say goodbye and thank him, since they may not meet again
  9. Sunjoon tells her she shouldn’t have come, and tells her they’ll never see each other again
  10. Yoon Hee walks away crying
  11. Sunjoon goes to Hyo Eun and tells her he can’t keep his promise
  12. Sunjoon runs after Yoon Hee and, crying, tells him he likes her, even if Yoon Hee is a guy, which is why he couldn’t just be her roommate
  13. Yoon Hee confesses to Jaeshin that she lied to someone, and it’s causing that person pain, and she wants to be truthful, but she’s afraid the lie is too big and the person might never forgive her
  14. Jaeshin asks if it’s that person she likes
  15. The Sungkyunkwan scholars go on a school trip – you guessed it, the creek in the mountains! :)
  16. The guys in the water cajole Yoon Hee to join them, but she doesn’t want to, and they think she can’t swim and offer to teach her
  17. In Soo’s funny men are suspecting Yoon Hee of being the red messenger because she won’t take her top off
  18. Jaeshin gives Yoon Hee a roasted potato and she tells him he would be a good husband and he pretends to go look for Yeorim
  19. In Soo’s men stalk Yoon Hee
  20. Soondol tricks Sunjoon and takes him to the scholars
  21. Sunjoon sees Yoon Hee and says he is leaving, but he sees a floating shoe and is concerned about Yoon Hee
  22. When he sees she is okay, he hugs her and tells her that no matter how hard he tries, he always finds a way to end up next to her somehow so it’s her turn to run away from him
  23. Yoon Hee slips and falls into the water, and Sunjoon dives to save her
  24. When he lays her on the rock, she’s unconscious, and he loosens her robe, and sees the cloth around her chest

OMMGGGGG I am squeeeeaaaliiiiing!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow can’t wait for tomorrow!!! :-)

Spoilery videos:

And, finally the raw episode! (From Tudou) :)

Episode 16 English subbed preview:

Episode 16 Spoiler:

And… what everyone has been waiting for! English soft subs for SKKS Ep 15! Yay! Download it! Here!

Watch with English subs, below. :)



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 14

Posted on 12 October 2010 by Flisha

[Update] Link to subs below! :)

This is bound to be an exciting episode! It just has to be, to balance the frustration we all felt watching tortured Yoon Hee, Jaeshin and Sunjoon from last episode!

But wow the last one was quite revealing, wasn’t it?! Yoon Hee found out about Jaeshin being HBS, Jaeshin found out about Yong Ha finding out about Jaeshin being HBS, we found out that the fake HBS is Cho Sun, Jaeshin found out about Yoon Hee liking Sun Joon… but Sun Joon, ah, he is still so very clueless. And he proposed to HE in front of Yoon Hee. :(

I feel so very sad for HE. Sun Joon obviously wanted to tell it to Yoon Hee, and used her presence to say it, so he would not be found out. There are rumors that in episode 14, Sun Joon will admit that he likes men. Hmmm. I wonder in what context. It doesn’t strike me that Sun Joon would ever accept that he was gay – just that he liked Yoon Hee. I wonder how it will pan out?

Gadh, so excited for this episode! I want more truths revealed!!! :)

Especially that Sun Joon will find out about Yoon Hee! Please!!! :)

Some spoilers before the raw:

  1. Yoon Hee nurses Jaeshin’s wounds in the forbidden room (where she bathed before)
  2. Sun Joon sees them through the cracks and it looks like they are kissing
  3. Yong Ha brings a doctor to help Jaeshin
  4. In Soo finds Yong Ha’s fan and suspects he is the red messenger
  5. It is In Soo’s father who asked Cho Sun to be the fake red messenger
  6. The king is dying
  7. Jaeshin and Yoon Hee sleep in Yong Ha’s room
  8. Sun Joon drinks alone in their room
  9. Yoon Hee tells Jaeshin in the library to not move so much because of his wounds
  10. Jaeshin hugs her and tells her not to speak so loudly
  11. Their classmates see them and spread rumors that they’re gay
  12. Jaeshin takes Yoon Hee up his tree and tells her that he feels alive when he is HBS
  13. In Soo threatens to expel Jaeshin and Yoon Hee if they are found to be gay
  14. Sun Joon tells his father he will leave Sungkyunkwan
  15. In Soo calls Sun Joon to testify as to what happened during that night
  16. Sun Joon says he is gay
  17. In the preview for episode 15, Sun Joon is hugging Yoon Hee!!!

Next episode will be the waterfall scene! OMGGG!! :) (From the books, that’s where Sun Joon found out Yoon Shik is really Yoon Hee!!)

Episode 15 Preview:

Raw episode!

You can download the raw episodes here.

Episode 14 soft subs:
Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?srll4rhbliv66f9
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NZDZNDP4

Watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 14 with English subs online:



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 13

Posted on 11 October 2010 by Flisha

[Update] Link to English subs below! :)

Ohhh this episode is going to be sad!! In the last episode 12, we saw that the SKKS boys are going to be pitted against one another in a game of hockey. Sunjoon and Yong Ha versus Jaeshin and Yoon Hee. And In Soo seems to be intent on harming Yoon Hee… And Jaeshin and Sunjoon are getting more and more obsessed with Yoon Hee!! Will we finally see Sun Joon confess?!?! Eeek!

Some spoiler videos for episode 13 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

When Yoon Hee finds out the truth about Jaeshin:

When Yong Ha tells Jaeshin he knows he is the red messenger:

And omggg! Chosun has a big secret!!! Hm. I think he and In Soo are kind of perfect together. -_-

Here is the raw episode 13 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

You can download the English soft subtitles here.

And you can watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 13 with English subs online below:



[Korean Drama Watch] Sungkyunkwan Scandal / 성균관 스캔들 Episode 12

Posted on 05 October 2010 by Flisha

Some spoilers for episode 12 of Sungkyunkwan Scandal:

  1. Yong Ha tells Jaeshin he knows how he feels about Yoon Hee!
  2. Sun Joon gets sick in the island, because he fell in the water and after ensuring the tent is stable during the rain
  3. Yoon Hee takes care of Sun Joon while he is sick, covering him with her outer clothes and making a fire for him
  4. Sun Joon apologizes for everything that Yoon Hee had to go through. As Yoon Hee falls asleep, he leans in to give her a kiss – but stops – and goes outside and in frustration, hits his chest
  5. At that moment, Hyo Eun arrives and hugs him
  6. Yoon Hee wakes up and sees Hyo Eun touching Sun Joon’s face
  7. Yong Ha sees Jaeshin looking all tired from not having slept the night before (trying to get on a boat to get to her)
  8. Jaeshin sees Yoon Hee and tells her she looks like she needs rest, then he tells her to stay right in front of him from now on!
  9. Sun Joon sees Jaeshin and Yoon Hee playing, and gets upset
  10. There’s a party at Sungkyunkwan and loved ones are invited, and Jaeshin asks Yoon Hee to eat with him. She asks him, isn’t there anybody you wanted to invite? And he says, that is why I wanted to eat with you! (omgomg!!)
  11. Sun Joon eats with Hyo Eun, Yoon Hee with Chosun, all in one table, and Yoon Hee flirts with Chosun (hahaha!)
  12. Sun Joon and Yoon Hee bicker so much that Chosun sees how much they like each other, and says she knows who Yoon Hee likes, and
  13. Chosun kisses Sun Joon! (Random!!!!)
  14. The preview shows Sun Joon and Jaeshin in a fight over Yoon Hee! (Ohhh!)

Some spoiler videos first! :)

And episode 12 preview!

Here is the raw episode! :)

For those who are looking for the English subs, there is currently none on Viikii, but you can download the soft subs of Sungkyunkwan Scandal episodes 1-12 via this link. :) (Episode 11 is not yet finished, only the first 30 minutes have subs.) I have updated the link, it now contains full subs of episodes 1-12. :)

[Update] I have found some English subs, watch below! :)



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