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Landscaping Art in Baguio

Posted on 11 March 2012 by Flisha

A wonderful thing about living in Baguio, aside from the soothing cool climate, is the abundance of flowers. They grow everywhere, anywhere, in Baguio! Even the weeds sprout flowers, amazingly!

That’s why I don’t counter who says Zamboanga isn’t really the “City of Flowers” anymore – because I can see plainly that if there was ever a Philippine city that deserved this title, it would be Baguio. However, that city is already called “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”, and rightly so.

Anyway, my friends and I were there for a couple of days last week and there was a landscaping competition so I took some photos.

La Union Baguio Landscaping

Here is the winner, from a landscaping team from La Union (it was an open competition). More photos:



The next photo didn’t win but garnered an honorable mention. I really liked it too, although the styles are a bit similar, just that the winner was more grandiose with the gazebo plus waterfalls. But I liked the garden setup of this one much better.


I would LOVE to have gardens like those in my future home. But alas, I don’t think the flowers would thrive. Sad smile

A friend of mine told me that a square meter of land in Baguio costs ten thousand pesos. Whoaaaa!!! Oh well. I wasn’t really considering on someday living there, but if I ever want to stay somewhere cool, maybe I will go look at neighboring Benguet instead! Fingers crossed



Looking Back

Posted on 25 December 2011 by Flisha

I wish I had gold bars for the holidays. As it is I’ve been spending money like water ever since I came home for Christmas! This has more to do with me realizing how cheaper restaurant prices are in my hometown compared to the big city! Thus, I keep eating out. Overall I have been spending so merrily I think in just one week I’ve burnt through my 13th month pay already!!!

Anyway. It’s Christmas! Wow, how the year flew! Nothing much has changed in my life, but a lot certainly has in Gim’s, and somehow I mark the changes this year by the events in his life.

In February of this year, he took the medical boards in Cebu and passed. The week before his exams, he pre-celebrated with me in Manila, and after his exams came back to me and spent a few weeks just bumming around.

He went back to Zamboanga and started working as an on-call GP across the major hospitals, for about a month or so. By April, he had enough time and money to come visit me in Manila. Spent a fun week with me, and went back home. After one day of being back in Zamboanga, he missed me SO much that he decided to be with me for good and so he went back to Manila. Haha. :) Best decision he ever made this year!

Around this time, I changed teams at work and started working nights to support Europe, North/Latin America and Asian regions due to the global nature of my job. It was tough at first but I got used to it after a few weeks. The one thing I like about it is being able to go shopping early afternoon during weekdays, when there aren’t that many people in the malls. :)

End of May, Gim landed a job at UP PGH as a researcher. Not his dream job but he craved the idea of belonging to such a prestigious institution. After a few months, he was bummed out because the job was more menial than he thought, he was doing jobs that a PR person might do, and decided that he needed to find a more suitable job (for his degree).

I urged him to enter residency, because I had never liked him joining UP PGH, and did my best to dissuade him from entering corporate medicine. He applied to a wide range of jobs. By September, he was accepted as an ear-nose-throat surgery resident at Ospital ng Maynila, and I was THRILLED for him. He was beyond ecstatic. :)

Oh, and by this time, another new thing was that we had moved from our shared condo with two college friends, since the lease was up. We decided to get our own place, and rented an old apartment in the residential part of Makati. It was equal parts near his work and mine. Good thing too I got a raise since it was pretty expensive furnishing everything in our two-storey house! :)

And that’s how my 2011 went. See what I meant by the time being mostly marked by Gim? :) I didn’t travel much this year, but Gim and I did spend a lot more time together than the past six years. I foresee lesser and lesser travels as Gim’s job keeps him really busy. But it also means I am more available to friends, and I am hoping to be able to make travel plans with my friends, by myself, and not as a buy-one-take-one half of a couple.

A friend of mine once asked on Twitter why some people suddenly become a “we” and seem to lose their individuality once they become a couple. I think that I am one of these people. :P But I don’t want to be. And maybe in 2012 I can get some of that Flisha-ness back.

Wish me luck. :)



Flowers, Gim and Me

Posted on 09 July 2011 by Flisha

I looove flowers! Gim knows it, too, which is why he gives me flowers on special days. Sometimes, he would even buy me flowers just because I want some! This is usually when we pass winter/spring/summer/Fall flower arrangements stalls. (In the Philippines we only have sunny/rainy but most flowers are imported so it’s like we have seasons too lol.)

I am a sucker for flowers. I love that they’re so pretty, colorful and delicate. And it’s a bonus if they give off a sweet fragrance! I do enjoy roses, but I also like Malaysian mums, and I do love calla lilies.

Around March, the day he left for Zamboanga, Gim left me three red roses in my room. Those were the most bittersweet roses I ever got, because though they were pretty and I wanted to love them, they also reminded me that Gim had left, and that I was all by my lonesome, again. :(

Thankfully, Gim couldn’t bear the loneliness either!! So, barely a week after he had gone back to Zamboanga, he decided to come back to me and stay for good. Hahaha! I had mixed feelings about that. Because my room is so small, and at the time, I had only one bed, he had to share with me. And trust me when I say I move a lot in my sleep. And whenever I sleep with Gim, I can’t, because obviously there isn’t any space. So… I end up not sleeping much. But of course I wanted Gim with me, first and foremost. So I bore with the limited space, and then we bought a sofa soon after to augment our sleeping area. Hehehe!

For our 9th anniversary a month later, Gim gave me some roses mixed in with carnations. (Yes, 9 years!) And it came with a cake (ok, shared resource!) and a cute little stuffed lion! (Because I’m a Leo!)

Pretty flowers!!

This was Belgian cheesecake from Cheesecake, etc. Sooo rich and creamy and yes, CHEESY! They have the yummiest cheesecakes ever!! Plus, they always cut and arrange the fruits in front of you, so you know they’re fresh – and did you know kiwi goes really well with cheesecake? I loved the combination!

Always happy to receive the pretty blooms!

With my new pet!

Don’t we look good together? Heheheh!



Spending Holy Week in Zamboanga

Posted on 26 April 2011 by Flisha

I’m not the type to wear hip hop clothes, but business formal isn’t my thing either. I’m my most comfortable in casual wear. Just a shirt and jeans, or shorts, is me.

So it was a lot of fun being able to go home last Holy Week and just spend leisurely days with my long-time boyfriend, whom I’ve missed so much.

One lazy afternoon we decided to hit the beach and watch the sunset. The tide was pretty low that afternoon, so we were able to sit on the exposed rocks lining the shore.

We drank some beer, sat, reminisced about the old times when we used to do the same thing almost every weekend, and just enjoyed each others presence.

Our main takeaway? We realized our happiest times were the simplest – just being together and enjoying nature. Be it the beach or the river or the mountains, it doesn’t take a whole lot of money to make us happy. For me, it’s just being with Gim. He lights me up, and I do the same for him.

I hope we can be together again really soon. And for good.


comic relief band

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Nohay Mas (Nuay Mas by Comic Relief) Translation

Posted on 10 February 2011 by Flisha

This is a song by Comic Relief, a Zamboanga band. Since Maldita just got a music contract, I am hoping Comic Relief will too. Because they have great songs. :)

comic relief band

Here is one of my favorites. It’s entitled, “No Hay Mas.” (Okay, well, the band titled it as Nuay Mas but it’s the wrong spelling. :D So I am just correcting it. Sorry, OC.)

Nuay Mas
Comic Relief

Intro: A-C#m-F#m-D-E
Stanza: A-C#m-F#m-D-E
Chorus: A-C#m-F#m-D-E
Bridge: D-E-C#m-F#m-Bm-C#m-D-E
(repeat chorus)

Hinde ba ya abla ya iyo
Didn’t I tell you already?
No quiere mas iyo contigo
I don’t love you anymore
Cuanto beses necesita abla
How many times do I need to say it?
Sum-ut ya yo man bira-bira
I’m sick and tired of running around in circles

No sabe porque
I don’t know why
Hinde tu ta kre/No quiere tu kre
You don’t believe me/You don’t want to believe me
Manada rason
There are so many reasons
Puede ba entende
I wish you would understand
Di mio amor
My love
Hinay ta perde/Bigla ya perde
Is slowly fading/Has suddenly faded
Etu el rason
You are the reason
Mi corazon ta duele
My heart is hurting

Mira derecho na mi ojos
Look me in the eye
No mas estranja si yo tan lejos
Stop worrying if I walk away
Alegre yo cuando kita pa dos
I was happy when we were together
Pensaba yo llega ta años
I thought we would reach years

Donde ya el amor
Where is the love?
Perdido ya pero porque pa necesita porsa
It’s gone but why do we need to force it?
Hace yo sale na mi pecho
I am taking off my chest
El maga sentimiento
All these feelings
Tiempo ya
It’s about time

Cosa yo ya palta
What did I lack?
Para tu ay rabya
For you to be angry?
Todo’l dia comigo etu ta pelya
Everyday, you argued with me
Mas bueno gaha yo ya lang separta
Perhaps it’s better that I leave first
Para nohay mas ya
So that there is no more…
Nohay mas ya kita
…No more “us”


porque maldita

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Porque (Maldita) Translation

Posted on 08 February 2011 by Flisha

Gim and I were on the taxi on the way to SM Megamall a couple of days ago chattering as usual. The music from the radio seemed very familiar but it didn’t sink in until about halfway through the song, I realized, the song was in Chavacano! :) It was the song “Porque” by Maldita, a Zamboanga band. I was so elated!

That song was a hit back home but I hadn’t realized it was getting Manila airplays too. Until the taxi ride. And – what a surprise – there was some part sung in Tagalog too! But those parts weren’t that good, the song was more beautiful with Chavacano words.

Porque means “Why” in Chavacano. The single is the first released by Maldita, originally a local Zamboanga band. Vocalists are Francel de Leon and Demz Espinosa.

Other members of the band:
Drums – Mad Nubhan
Guitars – James Collin Medina, Whey Guevarra
Keyboard – Jesser Sison

maldita tagalog version

Here is the translation of Porque by Maldita, if anyone is looking for it. :)

Solo solo na mi cuarto
All alone in my room
Hende ta puede durmi
Cannot sleep
Bira-bira na cabesa
Back and forth, swirling in my mind
El dolor yo ya cinti
The pain I felt

Porque pa contigo yo ya quiere?
Why did I have to fall for you?
Como bula lang tu ya perde
But like a bubble you just disappeared

Porque contigo yo ya escuji?
Why was it that I chose you?
Ahora mi corazon ta supri
Now my heart is suffering
Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi
What a simple thing to ask
Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti
I hope you feel what I feel
Ta pidi milagro, bira’l tiempo
Asking for a miracle, to turn back time
El mali hace derecho
All the wrong, make right
Na dimio rezo ta pidi yo
In my prayer, I am asking
Era olvida yo contigo
To forget you

Todo-todo yo ya dale
Everything, I gave
Ahora ta aripinti
Now I am regretting
Sobra-sobra el dolencia
The pain is too much
Tormento para vivi
Living is a torment

Porque pa contigo yo ya quiere?
Why did I have to love you?
Como bula lang tu ya perde
Like a bubble you disappeared

Porque contigo yo ya escuji?
Why did I have to choose you?
Ahora mi corazon ta supri
Now my heart is suffering
Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi
What a simple thing to ask
Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti
I hope you feel what I felt
Ta pidi milagro, bira’l tiempo
I am asking for a miracle, to turn back time
El mali hace derecho
Turn the wrong things right
Na dimio rezo ta pidi yo
In my prayers, I ask
Era olvida yo contigo
I hope I forget you

No tu distorba
Don’t you bother me
Y no atraka kay baka palmadia yo contigo
And don’t you come near me, I just might slap you
Nunca accepta
Never will I accept
Si tu ay bira por dolor ya cinti
Your return, for the pain I felt

Porque contigo yo ya escuji?
Why did I have to choose you?
Ahora mi corazon ta supri
Now my heart is suffering
Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi
What a simple thing to ask
Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti
I hope you feel what I felt

Porque contigo yo ya escuji?
Why did I have to choose you?
Ahora mi corazon ta supri
Now my heart is suffering
Bien simple lang iyo ta pidi
What a simple thing to ask
Era cinti tu el cosa yo ya cinti
I hope you feel what I felt
Ta pidi milagro, bira’l tiempo
I am asking for a miracle, to turn back time
El mali hace derecho
Turn the wrong things right

Na dimio rezo ta pidi yo
In my prayers, I ask
Era olvida yo contigo
I hope I forget you

Porque contigo yo ya eskuhi?
Why did I have to choose you?
Ahora mi corazon ta supri…
Now my heart is hurting…

Here is the Tagalog version:


Gim heart



Posted on 04 February 2011 by Flisha

When I am in Zamboanga I always wish I’d remembered to bring sunglasses (or sun readers if I could). I forget how sunny a day can get especially when you’re driving around in a motorcycle.

On sunny days, Gim and I always go out for joyrides and eats. Lately I’ve been picking up a hobby. Like taking pictures of Gim with his hands like this.

Gim heart

Doesn’t he look sheepish? Haha. I’ve been getting Gim to show me some hearts everywhere we go. LOL. I can’t resist and he can’t resist ME!

Cute! ♥


Max’s Restaurant Zamboanga

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Max’s Restaurant Zamboanga

Posted on 26 January 2011 by Flisha

I love the contemporary furniture the fast foods are sporting nowadays. I noticed when I went back home to Zamboanga last month that Jollibee/Greenwich/Chowking/etc were newly renovated or undergoing renovation. Greenwich is now full of sofas instead of hard chairs! Love! ♥

Check it out – Max’s Restaurant is already in Zamboanga! Yay! It’s about time we got some new family-friendly restaurants in town. Would you categorize Max’s as a fast food restaurant? I think for Zamboanga it would already be considered upscale, since we seriously lack good restaurants back home.

Max's Restaurant Zamboanga City

Like, if you were to celebrate the graduation of a family member, where would you go? Off the top of my head I would say Palmeras, Greenfields or Alavar’s. A good place to eat is Aristocrat, however I think the service/ambiance is a bit lousy (same goes for former Sunburst, renamed Zacky’s Chicken, where I prefer take-out). Lantaka is a hit-or-miss (do NOT try their steak!) and the service is really bad. There are many other restaurants in Zamboanga, but I’ve dismissed most of them since I don’t think their food is up to par, or they don’t have enough space to host a big group. Well – correct me if I am wrong, since I haven’t spent that much time home in the last few years already. For example, I heard that Country Chicken has a new owner and already upgraded their menu, but I didn’t know that so I wasn’t able to eat there before I left (next time!). And how about Hai San (not sure if I’m correct), the last time I ate there the food was really good, but I didn’t like the ambiance – too many old men.

Anyway, the point is, Max’s is a welcome and much-awaited addition to Zamboanga! Everytime we passed by there was always a line! The first few days of opening, the line was so long. And it seemed everyone I knew was there. One time, I told Gim we should go somewhere else because I didn’t want to talk to a certain acquaintance, haha. The next time, there was again another acquaintance I didn’t want to chitchat with, but I stayed and bore it because I really wanted to eat at Max’s already! Haha. For such a big city, we have such a small town… it’s next to impossible to not bump into someone you know when you’re out and about. One time I had dessert with friends in Catribo, it seemed my entire high school showed up. Haha!

Ah, but I miss Zamboanga. ♥


Fort Bonifacio Shower



Posted on 18 January 2011 by Flisha

How to treat acne fast? I don’t know, umm, why not live in Manila?!

Gim always tells me, whenever I leave him to go back to Makati, that he’s sending me over to “prettify”. Yeah, those are his words. :D

Why? Because ever since I came to live in Manila, my skin has gotten a lot fairer and I don’t break out into pimples so much. I attribute that to the chlorine in the water. I can literally feel the chlorine bleaching me everytime I take a bath. How can I tell? It’s the feel of the water, it’s kind of hard. Whereas when I bathe at home in Zamboanga, the water is really soft and just feels a lot less processed.

I don’t mind the chlorine, I just don’t like that I can’t drink from the tap here. I spend so much money on drinking water, it’s crazy!

Speaking of showers, I found a really big one and it’s in Fort Bonifacio! See!!! I want to shower under there! Hahaha! :)

Fort Bonifacio Shower

Isn’t Gim cute? :)


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Christmas in Zamboanga

Posted on 15 January 2011 by Flisha

I spent Christmas in Zamboanga, as I always do, because that’s my hometown. ♥

On one of those days I had a dinner with my old debate friends Jeff and Ruth. I wish Chu and Jen were there so it would be complete, but Chu is in Australia and Jen was too effin’ busy (hmp!) so it was just the four of us including Gim of course (whom I met through debate! Double ♥).

We had a nice dinner in Lantaka Hotel, then went to look at the lights in City Hall and then had smoothies in Catribo. Zamboanga is so small, we kept bumping into old friends. We saw Julius, Joey, King, Raul, my old students and so many others. December is truly homecoming month. :)

I love this picture. :)

Flisha, Gim, Ruth, Jeff

It was taken by Jeff, haha. We had a hard time getting a pic because all the waiters seemed so harried, running from one table to the other. We could hardly keep their attention for more than a minute, and almost all the waiter’s photos were a blurry fail. LOL. So. Sariling sikap, yo! Hahaha.

Here is a photo taken by Ruth of my favorite Lantaka dish. It’s pasta marisco – fettucini swimming in seafood sauce and yummy clams and squid. Mmmm!!! I miss!!!

Pasta Marisco de Lantaka

Here is me and Gim, ooh, parang we just had a dinner date, hahahah!

Flisha and Gim

Here is our fully lighted City Hall. Amazing, yeah? It was even more lighted up than last year, if you can believe that!!

Zamboanga City Hall

And here are our other pictures, just browse through them all. :)



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