Fast Food Loving

I love fast food. I lloooovve it. But up until two years ago, there were only so many choices a ZamboangueƱo could choose to binge upon — Chowking, Jollibee and Greenwich.

I hate Greenwich. Their pizza is so bland. The few times I take a bite I feel like I’m foraging for edibles in the desert. Their crust is too thin. It started out as a promo. But then I guess they decided that cutting back on flour = cutting back on overhead AND making people think they were getting something better. Who are they kidding? Now, whenever I go near a Greenwich outlet my ever-shrinking pockets tug nervously at my pants and my feet haul my body away as fast as they can!

Chowking food tastes great… the few times I felt brave enough to heed the alarm bells in my mind telling me I’m one second away from suffering mysophobia AND sitophobia. But, erhm, does the food taste great because of the condiments or, ehrm, the cockroaches? Hmm, why don’t you ask Erbie Fabian??

Now Jollibee — I love Jollibee food. Even though their beef is made of worms. It tastes just like beef anyway. (Hotdogs are made of vegetables, did you know that? Keep telling yourself that whenever you decide to veer a leeteel beet away from your diet.) I love their new Chicken Torpedo. I never knew a tiny strip of chicken, a little spread of mayo and a leaf could taste so good wrapped inside a hotdog bun. (Or could cost so much.)

These days we’ve got a few more choices on the list like Dimsum Diner, KFC and McDonalds. Well McDonalds is just a few meters away from Ateneo so it’s very convenient to go there, especially for fast food lovers so weighed down by the weight of their weights. (You know we have to take care of our feet more than thin people because our feet endure worse.) Unfortunately, their menu isn’t very, ehrm, long. Small burger, big burger, bigger burger, biggest burger… Well you get the gist. Desserts are great though. You know that’s what people really go to McDonalds for, ‘coz the last time their ice cream machine broke down, the only person enjoying their Happy Meals was Ronald McDonald.

Me, I love to have the best of both worlds. So what I do most of the time is this: I go to Jollibee and buy my favorite Chicken Torpedo and then zap on to McDonalds for their fries, Kingcone and juice.


God bless the fast food chains.


  1. you’re right, mcdo main meals are so not worth it. but i love mcflurry and their curly fries (w/c are not around anymore).
    unlike u, though, i’ve gotten sick and tired of fastfood. i like eating home-cooked food now.