Exhibitionist??? Who, Me?!

My very, very pretty girlfriend just accused me of being an exhibitionist in her most recent post. To quote,

The other reason is because I am not an exhibitionist, whereas Gim is, well, go ask him instead… Now, I hate that, because somebody might want to use the elevator, and if somebody on the same floor opened the door and found us in there, even if we’re quick to get off each other, it would look very suspicious, and I would be embarrassed to death, even if I didn’t know that person. Gim, of course, wouldn’t mind at all. He’s weird like that.

Now just to set things straight, I admit that yes, I loved those elevator kisses (mmmm…who wouldn’t?), and yes, I forcefully held her hands to her sides while we kissed to prevent her from pushing the ‘down’ button (resulting in a rape-like scenario, which wasn’t really rape because there was the full consent of both parties).

However, the latter was done to evade the head- floating, seasickness sensation we both felt when we kissed while falling down thirty feet of elevator space and not, I repeat, NOT because I am an exhibitionist.

I do not get thrilled by the idea of other people catching us kissing, nor do I get perverse pleasure from making out in public places. I also do not get that heart-racing, breath-catching, stomach-dropping, head-floating sensation whenever I kiss her in the garden while her sisters are inside the house just a few meters away from where we’re standing. Furthermore, I have never attempted to kiss her in school, in an office, or in a public vehicle just so I get a racy rush of pheromones, hormones, and adrenaline.

No, I do not do any of these. No siree, unh-unh.

I simply did what she said I did to avoid being seasick. Or in this case elevator sick.