Make Way for the Rain


How could this have happened??????

I had already posted on this blog early this morning. Somebody’s even commented already, which means that someone’s already read my post.

But it’s ALL gone!!!!!


I hate .

Anyway, from what I remember of yesterday’s post:

I hate Philippines summer temperatures. Picture this: sunscorched city streets (so much so that you can actually feel the asphalt melt beneath your stride), suncharcoaled (not “suntanned”) skin, smelly armpits, sweaty people crowding in our airconditioned (one and only) mall, dust particles sneaking into every open pore of your body, parched throats crying for water, and, oh!, there’s NO water because of the water rations!

And how I despise water rations. It’s the reason I prefer soap over shower gel. Have you ever tried to take a bath using only less than six gallons of water? I don’t think so. Well I tried it once and ran out of water! I went outside, dripping wet and lathered still, to find some water. Well it turned out our very bright helper had used up all the water she stored the night before for washing clothes. Desperately, I turned towards the refrigerator. Believe me, there was no other way. I am just thankful that I did not freeze naked in the bathroom. Somehow, God wanted me to die in a more humane way in the far, far future. Suffice to say, we all drank sodas for the rest of the day.

Anyway, enough of summer woes. It’s been raining nonstop for several days now, and it’s been such a relief, especially since there have been no more water rations. Rain, however, brings its own woes.

My boyfriend hates the rain. Like yesterday, when he spent his entire morning washing his beloved motorcycle squeaky clean. Come noon, he drives over to my place to have lunch. On the way, he gets drenched in a sudden rainstorm and arrives at my house dripping wet. The poor boy. After a shower and a change of clothes and hours of cuddling and kissing, he gets ready to go home. I coerce him into wearing my pretty pink raincoat because it’s pouring like pre-Noah’s-Ark out there. He drives home, through the rain and the mud, and ends up with his bike even dirtier than before he washed it.


Today, even if he knows it’s still gonna rain, he’s washing it squeaky clean again. That’s love.

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  1. and you actually used that water from your fridge? and btw, any of those pics are my choice. all loooks good.

  2. why cant i read your most recent post? or is your post you header too? anyway, voted for the first pic. its my favorite. you really look charming in that one. much like you did when you seduced me into your arms. love you! :P

  3. yeah, fli, i wondered what happened to your post when i opened your blog this morn. btw, did u know jeanie had a blog spot too? her link is on my page. :)

  4. hey, thanks for dropping sa blog ko. hehehe… one comment lang, i hate summers in Manila, but i love it sa province esp in cities like bacolod and iloilo. the heat is prickly and intense but not heavy and humid. it must be the smog here in God-forsaken Manila. if you’ll go to boracay, the heat is the same, but the kind of heat is different. here, it’s like the feeling if you’re inside a pressure cooker. anyway, great blog! i love that pubic-hair-at-my-soap entry.

  5. My gosh, I love your blog! So interesting!!! More power! I especially like this particular entry. So darn true!