New Everything

Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit. I’m still adjusting to my new work environment as a — gasp! — instructor! Well, ok, ok, I only have one subject, I’m not really a full-time teacher. I’m actually a programmer.

But everything’s new — new coworkers, new office, new tasks, new friends… I’m lovin’ it.

I’ll be telling you about it within the week!


  1. thats understandable… i havent updated my blog as well for same reason [changes] though not about new job…

  2. how’s your new job? sana mababait naman mga katrabaho mo. sige, i’ll wait for your update ha. ingatz

  3. no it’s not my first… um, try my fourth in 2 years. im very picky when it comes to work environment. =) as of the moment everything seems ok. we’ll see if i can last more than a year here hehe.