Fine, I am a Bookworm!!!

lifeofpiI think the library staff must hate my stinking guts right now. Or they love me. I can’t tell, our meetings are always so brief and fleeting (like the quick little romantic interludes of Romeo and Juliet before they tragically killed themselves) but I do hope it’s the latter. After all, in my own little way, I make sure their services are needed and they get to keep their jobs, don’t I? *grins cheekily*

Right now I’m reading the Life of Pi, a novel by Yann Martel. The book is about a young Indian zookeeper named Piscine Molitor Patel, who is a Christian, a Muslin and a Hindu all at once. I still have three quarters of the book to go but I’m liking this novel. It’s a bit dragging at times, but it’s such a wonderful read. Pi Patel looks at life like a child. Everything that we take for granted, Pi curiously examines and interprets differently. Often, I catch myself smiling at the way he experiences things, because I wish that I could have taken the same time and devotion to entire moments of getting acquainted with pieces of life.

But really, this book fever is starting to make me feel uneasy. Has anybody ever overdosed on reading before? I haven’t heard of it yet so I’m crossing my fingers I won’t be the first. I’ve always been a fervent reader but ever since college, I’ve mostly slacked off, giving myself excuses like studying for class or, gasp!, working too hard to take the time to read.

The truth is I never have lost my hunger for novels, but surprisingly, whenever I went to bookstores to browse through the newest bestsellers, a bitter taste seemed to linger in my mouth after having read the skyreaching prices on the covers of all the books, save for the trashy romances on the secondhand racks.

But God is good, and allows for more than one path to a goal.

A month ago, the library showcased its newly acquired books in the LRC Hall for a week. I got to visit during the very last day, having been cooped up in Sinunuc for the most part of the week. Long story short, I’ve been devouring boks at an alarming pace.

bergdorfOne of the nicest reads I’ve come across is the Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes. I recommend it highly, but only if you’re a girl or if you’re gay. Reading it is like watching Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. It’s so superficial (the author’s words, and I agree) it’s funny.

Guys can read it, too, but I’d have doubts about you if you did! Seriously, it’s a girl’s book. Fashion, romance and everything pretty and sweet. Plum Sykes, I love you for writing this book! (Now you know I’m really a girly girl.)

It’s only been a month but I’ve read more books than the fingers on my hand. And you know what I did last Sunday? I went online and browsed the library catalogue for all the books they purchased from 2003 to 2005 and listed down all the books I wanted to borrow.

truebeliever someenchantedevening prettywoman HeLovesLucy davincicode everyboysgotone

Above are five of the books I’ve read this month, so far. True Believer by Nicholas Sparks (if anybody has a copy of The Notebook, please lend me your book, the library doesn’t have a copy, aaarrghh!!!), Some Enchanted Evening by Christina Dodd, Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels, He Loves Lucy by Susan Donovan and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (read this along with a LOT of research because there is a lot of delicious misinformation in this book).

The last one is the one I’m planning to read after I finish my current one.

Help me! I think I’m addicted!


  1. birds of the same feather..that’s what we are!
    it’s ok to be a bookworm, fli. i know lots of people who love books. besides, reading makes us better persons. and i’ve discovered it’s a good conversation starter!
    read dan brown’s “angels & demons.” most people i’ve talked to liked that better than “da vinci code.”
    i miss the library and the good old grade school days when i spent most of my time in the library even the librarian trusted me to watch the library when she had to go somewhere! :) i’ve been kinda behind on the reading lately, though. you’re right, books are SO expensive and i find it more comfy to read one curled up in bed than sitting down in a powerbooks sofa. studying again is an idea that is beginning to become more and more tempting..

  2. hi! just happened to browse around:)

    i’m a “book-addict” too:D and there’s no such thing as “book reading overdose”. i’ve just finished reading “harry potter and the half-blood prince” in 3 days…believe me, i read book 4 to book 6 in almost 2 weeks!

    i’d great to read books:)

  3. yy, i also read half-blood prince in 3 days. but technically it was just two days coz the first day i read only upto chapter 3, which was all that i was able to print. :) i read the last few chapters off our ofc computer screen and i was crying and trying to hide it from my officemates.

    and i also read book 1-5 in two weeks. i did at night after my shift as a bank teller.

  4. really, lilac?:) tis great,huh? i usually read at night… read it ans YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE ENDING, I SWEAR!.. just keep on reading it:)

    and u know what, i read on the papres yesterday that most lads in the british parliament are into harry potter these days… hehehe! even ben afleck is into it:)

    it’s really nice to read books!

  5. hi heids, u read the hp book on ebook too? i thought u had a hardcopy! do u know it was the first book i ever read on the computer? but it was so worth the back aches hehehe. btw do u think dumbledore is coming back? i think so, some way, perhaps as a ghost or maybe as a picture frame on the headmaster’s office. hehe. or, malay ka, he also has a horticrux! hehehe

    yy, visited your blog. ohhh its sooo cute!! i love it! :) did u do it yourself? we should make a booklovers community blog or something hehe, if we’re that addicted to books. :)

  6. yep! i did the website myself:) i’m a graphic designer for prints:D actually, web design is only my hobby. and if u will check out my codes, i actually made “daya”:D hehehe! so bistado ako na i’m not really a web designer:P

    u read the book six, flisha? i HATE WHAT HAPPENED:( besides, it made it llok like dumbledore was a feeble old bloke for trusting snape:( honestly, i “used to” like snape:) that’s when his position was still “questionable” ..but i’m starting to hate snape in book six, huhuhu!!

    i hope dumbledore comes back though… at sana Rowling would quit doing her final book as tragic or worse than her last 3 books. haayy

  7. and yeah! thank you for the compliment,flisha. just let me know whenever u plan to make a booklovers community:)

  8. hi just looking around. nice blog. hehe i borrowed “the rule of four” two weeks ago and di pa na sauli hanggang ngayon. masaya tlga magbasa.

  9. uy! fellow zc blogger? magpakilala ka naman! :)

    erm kilala mo si jollibee take out girl? ah… dont tell her about the post hehe. she’s somebody i know naman talaga, heids refreshed my memory, i just forgot for a while. friends? hehehe.

  10. yy, i already read book 6. i said nga that i finished it in 3 days diba? :)

    fli, nope, i never said i had the hardcopy. or maybe i do have it..considering i printed the e-book, with a little help from my other ofcmates. bwahahaha! :)

  11. about dumbledore, i think there’s more to it than meets the eye. read some online forums about it. some fans out there have good ideas. they say that dumbledore , as the mentor, had to be killed off in order for the protege to be able to stand on his own. and maybe what snape did is actually all part of dumbledore’s plan, and that he is not that hateable after all, though i really detest that guy, right from the beginning.

    i dunno if dumbledore’s coming back, fli, coz i hoped that with sirius but u don’t see him coming back, do u? and harry’s parents also never came back. :(

  12. also, fli, hbp is not the first e-book i read. “da vinci code” was. and i read it in a day. it was during my first week in kpmg and i had nothing to do, eh! :)

  13. ehehe. m just a student in adzu rin though transferee lang tlga ko. nice to here from a fellow zamboangueno. friends!