Happy Birthday Gim!

2005jun4(38)bThis is the boy I love with all my heart.

And he just turned 22.


November 11, 2005.

On this day, 22 years ago, God created a little baby boy with dark curly locks, soft eyes, a big wide smile and the biggest heart in the whole wide world.

A lovely baby boy.

And now…

He’s still a boy.

He’ll forever be my little baby boy.

He caught my heart years ago and has never let go since then.

And I hope he never will.

Why do I love him?

Well, let’s see.

Rotation of 05jun26(23)

  1. He Cooks
    • Culinary Food
    • Gourmet Food
    • Desserts (He Tries Anyway!)
  2. He Drives
    • On Four Wheels
    • On Two Wheels
    • On One Wheel (Future Project)
  3. He Washes
    • Clothes
    • Plates
    • His Body More Than Once a Day (Obssessed)
  4. He Massages
    • My Head When It Hurts
    • My Shoulders When I’m Angry
    • My Back When I’m Stressed
    • Even If I Sometimes Can’t Take It (I Giggle, You See)

    Macho Yo!

  5. He Delivers
    • Food To Me When I’m Hungry
    • My Letters When I Don’t Want To Do Them Myself
  6. He’s a Medical Student (Therefore a Future Doctor, Therefore Futurely Wealthy)
  7. He’s a Genius (Sometimes You Can’t Argue with Him Simply Because You Don’t Understand What He’s Saying)
  8. He’s a Scholar (Yay, Congrats Gimmi!!!)
  9. He’s a Hearththrob (Everybody Loves Him)
  10. He’s the Friendliest Guy Ever (Everybody Likes Him)
  11. He’s Really Concerned About Everybody He Meets (Especially The Less Fortunate)
  12. He Goes to Mass Regularly and Believes in God
  13. He’s Got a Great Body (Very Important in a Potential Husband)
  14. Rotation of 05june25(03)

  15. He Listens To Me
  16. He Takes Care of Me
  17. He Kisses Me Every Chance He Gets
  18. He Hugs Me Every Chance He Gets
  19. He Treats Me Out Every Chance He Gets
  20. He Cries Once in A While
  21. He Can Talk About Anything Under the Sun
  22. He Understands Me
  23. He Knows Me Inside Out
  24. He Shares Everything About Himself (Even Past Flames)
  25. He Treats Me Like a Princess (Please Refer to #s 1-5)
  26. He Loves Me

    And Finally…

  27. He’s Just Too Cute Not To Love Like Crazy.

05june25(36)And THAT is why I love him so much.

Gim is a truly remarkable person. He has gone through so many difficulties in life, financially and emotionally. But he has never lost his zeal for life, he has never given up his hopes and dreams. And today, he has everything going for him. He is a medical student in one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country, and he has a scholarship to boot. All his needs are provided for by those who love him. His path is laid out before him.

Is there still anything for him to wish?

I think there is.

Gimmi, for your birthday, I wish for you THE WILL NOT TO STRAY. Not to stray from the path you have taken (I hope you will not feel impatient nor insecure), not to stray from the love of your family and your friends and not to stray from your strong beliefs.

I love you, Gim, and so do so many people.

But I love you most of all (of course, hehe).

Happy birthday, Gimmi!!!!


  1. lovedidoo! :) that was such a sweet post! you’ve been so sweet to me ba. well, what else can i say. im speechless. im overwhelmed with emotion. you almost made me cry (whichwould be very ebarrassing cause im in the office reading this right now. youre office). i love you so much too. thanks for making my day, nay, my week, no, my month, still no, my year, no that’s still not right…my LIFE speacial. thanks for being there to brighten things up. thanks for being the shoulder i lean on during rough times, for your bosom to cry on when im feeling really down and for encouragingme to go down the path that is laid for me and for constantly reminding me of my familys love. i love you, love. don’t worry, i caught you’r heart and im never letting it go (remember the LRC room when i was so clingy?). i love you again and thanks for everything. mwah.

    ps. guess i wasn’t that speechless.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIM!!! better late than never. ahehe. i don’t think there’s anything more you can wish for, coz you’ve got everything na. well, more money maybe. hehehe. but a future doctor’s gotta run into those someday, huh?

    looking forward to seeing you and fli this christmas! do let’s try to watch a video and eat ice cream for old time’s sake! hahaha. also, sta cruz island, here we come! :)