Celebrating Four Years

Happy 4th Anniversary! :D

No, not this blog. But us. Gim and me. The eternal (hopetoGod and crossourhearts) couple. :B

Gim and I celebrated four years of a sincerely loving relationship on Saturday, June 3, 2006. :)

He gave me a bouquet of flowers. A dozen roses and a dozen assorted chrysanthemums. He knows I adore flowers (I prefer them potted than picked but I take what I can get; I think they are the most exquisite pleasures on earth).

I wish I could say I gave him something as beautiful, but I can’t. I didn’t give him anything. No, I’m not a bitch. No, I don’t not love him anymore like he claims. And no, I most certainly didn’t forget it was our anniversary!

It was just that we had made a prior agreement not to give one another gifts on this, our fourth anniversary. Not that we’re not sentimental, just that we’re a bit more practical. Well, I guess I am more than him. I didn’t want him to spend. I’m not thrifty, in fact everyone knows I’m a spender, can’t hold on to money for too long. :-) (That’s the reason I’m always out of cash!) But if it meant that I couldn’t spend (‘coz he might get hurt if I gave him a gift and he couldn’t get me one) so that he wouldn’t spend, then so it would be.

I didn’t think he’d turn the tables around, though! He gave me flowers!!! And, not for the first time, I didn’t have anything to give in return. :( Argh. You’d think that’d make him a bit sad, wouldnt’ you? That I had no gift for him? No. In fact, he was ecstatic! Proud! Even actually braggish (only a very tiny bit).

Gim’s a very sweet, understanding, kind guy. A bit feminine sometimes, even. (Hehe, don’t kill me, love!) But he’s still a guy, and most guys like to have the upper hand in a relationship, even if it’s as simple as showing his girlfriend he lover her more than she loves him.

But I still say I love him more than he loves me. :)

How I proved that, only he will ever know. :P

Pics of our anniversary here.


  1. omg! i can’t believe it’s been 4 years! hehe. congrats, you two! i’m sorry i’m not there to be your official third wheel anymore.

    p.s. i really like those flowers. they were so pretty. that was so sweet of gim. =)