Ateneo Celebrates 17 Years of Fr. Bill Kreutz

Detox Tip #1: Watch superhero-costumed colleagues dance and prance on stage.

Fr. Bill is leaving Ateneo for good – after serving 17 years as our President and resident Superman. Everyone’s so sad to see him go, he’s done so much for our school. He’s the reason a whopping 30% of our students are receiving scholarships (I was a fully-subsidized scholar myself). He’s also helped established significant programs like the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines (which, at some point or other, I’ve wanted to join). He oversaw the rise of a new Ateneo HS campus in Barangay Tumaga. AND he helped establish Ateneo’s School of Medicine, where my boyfriend Gim has been studying for two years.

Which is why last March 28, the entire Ateneo community gave the best show it ever had for Fr. Bill’s despedida party. College teachers danced in skimpy superhero costumes, office employees spoofed Kris Aquino’s Deal or No Deal (redubbed “Bill or No Bill”, hehe), senior administrators displayed their best Fr. Bill impressions, and that night, we witnessed the longest display in Ateneo history.

It was a fun night. The was great – there was a lot. Hehe. And that makes it great, because I’ve never attended an Ateneo community party (where all 1000+ people are present) where was not a problem. Last Christmas was totally tragic – I’ll spare you the gross details, but the good thing about it was that the catering company decided not to make Ateneo pay for its services because they were totally crap.

Anyway, like I said, everything was so organized it was amazing, I didn’t think Ateneo was capable of that. Great lights, great fireworks, great show, great food. I even got to taste Lechon Baca (Roasted Cow)! It was weird, tasted dull and chewy. I pity the Muslims, hehe, their Lechon doesn’t taste as good as ours (Roasted Pork). Oh and it was a bit ironic – there was still a bit of a food prob. The point of having Lechon Baca was so that the Muslims would not feel left out, they could eat Lechon just like us Christians (see, they don’t eat pork, it’s bawal in their religion, they can’t even stand the smell of it) – but during serving, Gim and I noticed that the waiters served both Lechons with the same utensils, hehehe. So that made it kinda pointless. We only hope they didn’t notice.

The celebration ended at around 10pm. Gim and I played computer monopoly all throughout the night. We finished at around 12midnight, can you believe?!? We are so obsessed. I am, mostly. Hehehe.

Off-topic, Gim’s moping as I’m writing this. He’s leaving for Dapitan on Monday, for his month-long self-punishment, er, outreach. It’s something the School of Medicine forces its students to do every semester. He doesn’t want to go. He’s so obsessed with me, hahaha. It’s a good thing. Absence makes the heart fonder, like I always say. Heheh. Only, who will bring me home every night??? Waaahhhh!!!! Don’t think of that, don’t think of that, don’t.

On a brighter note, it looks as though my debaters and I are actually gonna make it to nationals! We’ve come up with 35,000 pesos, courtesy of different ADZU organizations. Oh and thank you so much, Fr. Bill, we got 10k from him! Now all we need is around 10K more and we’re set for PIDC! Wee!