Right Guy, Right Place (Part I)

Detox Tip #4: Fantasize.

A girl fantasizes about many things. Her first boyfriend, first kiss, first sexual encounter (yes, we actually do, but it’s more often romantic, not graphic), first proposal, (first) wedding… not necessarily in that order.

My First Boyfriend

Fantasy: Really tall, like 6 footer. Creamy smooth skin but certainly not fairer than me. Super duper intelligent, really sweet and thoughtful (buys you flowers at weird moments, something like that), brave and noble, and of course, filthy rich. Hehehe. Did I leave any good quality out, girls?

Reality: Not that tall, only as tall as me! Darn. Not creamy skin, either, but bronze. But I’m glad ‘coz I found I like bronze better. Now I cringe at the thought of ever liking someone with fair skin. No offense to the mestizos. Hehe. Just no longer my type. Super duper intelligent, yup, he’s studying to be a doctor!! Really sweet, yup, although, sometimes too sweet and too thoughtful. Recall Mr. Sensitive in the movie Bedazzled, starring Brendan Frasier. Just a little less sensitive. Hehe. Brave and noble, yes, I think. Hehe. Filthy rich? Um, no, but he’s getting there.

Conclusion: Almost perfect! Reality matches fantasy!!

My First Kiss

Fantasy: Gorgeous guy, soft lips, warm embrace, loooong and earth-moving liplock, everywhere

Reality: Gorgeous guy, dry lips (felt like I was kissing a raisin), no embrace, accidental and very brief liplock (he meant to drop a kiss onto my nose, and I lifted my face a bit and whoops…). Obviously no fireworks.

Conclusion: One fantasy down the drain. But not to worry, that very dry first kiss led to my second kiss, which fulfilled all my first kiss fantasies. Hehehe. Faith in romance regained.

My First Sexual Encounter

Errr… let’s move on, shall we?

My First Proposal

Fantasy: This one always changes, based on my mood. The place is sometimes at the beach, sometimes at a nice romantic , sometimes somewhere nature-ish like the top of a mountain or near Niagara Falls. The guy, of course, for the past 5 years has been consistent. The ring, it should be really really simple but elegant. Maybe a simple gold band, no engravement of any kind, except perhaps for a “Guy Loves Girl” or something to that effect in the inner circle. (Recall the engravement in the ring Leo gave Claire in the movie Romeo + Juliet.) And maybe a diamond, fragile-ly perched on top of the ring. The timing should be perfect, too. It should be at a time when I know I’m truly, truly in love and in like with my would-be fiance, and when I know that he feels exactly the same about me. We should both have jobs, financially secure at the moment and financially sure of the future, too. We should have no prior commitments of any kind, no ongoing projects that need to be finished first. We should be able to afford a really really nice wedding in six months or less. No long engagements for this girl. What else? I think I could go on and on but those are the basics.

Reality: Well, it actually happened. I got my proposal. What was it like? It’s a long story. And it definitely needs its own post. So, just wait and see. ;-)


  1. wow…flisha engaged??? i think i also got proposed to once…but it was not romantic at all…more like a marriage for convenience proposal.

  2. really! congratz sis. i’ll be waiting for your blog entry on this ha.

    happy weekend! :)