Nude and Glamour Photography

Attended a seminar workshop on photography last June. Here are some of my shots.

I used my simple but trusty Canon A410 to take these pictures. I think, for its specs, my camera served me well.

All those EOSes and DLSRs clicking and flipping around during the seminar sure made my fingers tingle though. Someday. Someday soon.

Lots of photogs in the seminar. Mostly guys though. A few girls. I hate that population-wise, women outnumber men. And yet, in almost every profession, men outnumber women. Why the disproportion???

Glamour photography was discussed in the morning, followed up by nude photography in the afternoon.

The glamour girls were Ford models – very pretty. One had a pretty face. The other had a great body. Which one do you think this is?

God, I would die for a body like this. Okay, no. She’s too skinny. But she does make a pretty picture.

Ya know, I had a banging bod too. Once. A long long time ago. I worked really hard for it. And then a boy came along, fell in love with me, started feeding me and it’s been downhill ever since.

It’s always about a boy.

It’s okay. Someday I’ll get that body back. With lotsa money and the right plastic surgeon. Maybe right before my wedding.

The nude models were girls.


We were promised one of each. That’s why I went to the seminar. To compare.

Bodies. Of each gender.

What did you think?

It’s okay. But still. Next time, I’ll ask before registering.

It’s purely for the experience. Really.

The workshop was given by respected photographer Dominique James.

He’s gay, and funny.

It was a nice seminar.

Visit my photo site for more pictures.


  1. I love love love Dominique James. You should check Xander Angeles and Marc Nicdao as well and My fave, Jake Versoza.

    heard your in town, we should have a berchie dinner.

    Just finished Deux’s and Nikki’s setcard.

    visit and leave a thread naman.

    join the flicker photo club fli, you will really learn a lot. :)

    fellow shutterbugger,