Waiting to Board

Just a few pictures in the waiting area at NAIA…

A macro of the seat in front of me… There are five of us waiting to board… Two Computer Engineering senior students (Emarc and Clare), two Computer Science graduate students (Chris and me) and one Computer Engineering instructor (Ma’am No).

The excitement is getting the better of me… The flight is delayed. I cannot see the faraway monitor with my weak eyes. So I use the zoom on my camera. Ta da! Ah, we are leaving soon. People are starting to crowd the area.

At last I am aboard Thai Airways. I inspect the instructions carefully. Hmmm. I wonder if these life vests really work having been unused for such a long time? How about the oxygen masks?

I inspect the monitors all around the plane. Each person has a good view of what’s showing on TV. Wow. This is nothing like . But how come there’s no sound???

Ah. The flight stewards provide us with earphones. Hmm, where shall I plug it in? Oh! Beside my chair! And I can listen to music and change channels if I wish! How cool! I remind myself to keep the earphones. Souvenirs for Gimmi. :-)

I inspect my surroundings further. Hmm, the color of Thai airways is violet. It’s pretty… but… a very loud color, I think. Not my favorite. But I’m not complaining. This is a free ride. :-)

And we’re flying! Look at my view! Oh. The view looks the same as when I’m flying home to . Why did I think the sky in would be different??? Silly me. But it’s still very pretty. I like to look outside the window. I always ask for the window seat.

Ah, they’re serving dinner! Oh, but I just ate lunch. :-( My tummy is going to hurt. Still, though. I don’t like to waste – much. Hehehe. I hope I like it.

I inspect the main course. Spicy chicken and what looks like pechay. And rice, of course. I taste it gingerly. It’s okay. So this is airplane food. I don’t think I like spicy food. I’m glad I’m going to Japan and not Korea or Thailand. But if I had a free ride to those countries I wouldn’t mind. Haha.

I don’t finish my food… my tummy is starting to complain.

I look at the piece of bread. Is there something in it? I break it open. Nada. Too bad. I don’t like dry pan de sal. So I leave it alone. Ooh, now I’m done with the major foods I get to the dessert. The best part! But it was so good (vanilla pudding or something like that) that I didn’t get a picture.

I’m done eating. Are we there yet? Almost. Now I’ll wipe my mouth with a Thai Airways napkin. That dessert was yummy! I’m excited to arrive in Japan!