Melisse’s Graduation

Time flies so fast. Can’t quite believe it’s been 9 years since I graduated from Ateneo High. 9 is the number of years I am older than my youngest sister Melisse. And that means she is now on her way to college. It feels so weird to be 25 when most days I feel like I’ve not matured past the age of 16. Hehe.

The graduation rites took place on March 28, the day I came home from . I had time for a bit of rest and recreation with my boyfriend Gim before heading on to the Ateneo de University main campus. The MPCC was full and uncomfortably warm when I got there, and I was reminded of why I hated attending graduation ceremonies, even my own. Thankfully I was neither in toga nor the Filipino formal wear barong tagalog, but a comfy pair of jeans.

I missed seeing my sister claim her diploma on stage, but I did catch her the second time she took the stage, for the loyalty award. Too bad the thing is no longer worth than a piece of paper (a certificate). During my time, loyalty earned you a gold medal. Does AdZU High no longer value loyalty as much these days??

My sister walked so fast on stage I never a got a good shot, but here she is.

Melisse with my mom and me. My sister Patricia could not attend, she’s working in Manila. And of course my dad is nowhere, somewhere and everywhere. Gim took the pics. Hmm.. we don’t look very much alike.

Melisse with her classmates. Would she kill me if I outed her special friend online?? ;-)

Teachers in their colorful barongs.

The new grad herself.