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I Need A Miracle

Posted on 23 October 2008 by Flisha

Loneliness is the best appetite suppressant ever.

From April to June of this year, I lived in , taking my Masters in Ateneo. I had few classmates and no real friends at all, so I kept to myself. Not just a lot of the time, ALL the time. Okay, well, there were those few forced dinners with my relatives, but aside from that…

I hated cooking and preferred not eating to making myself a dish. When I got really hungry, I would call up a fast food joint and have my food delivered. Usually I would eat a full meal only once a day and have snacks the rest of the time. In the evening, I would go to class and then go back home. (See how my blogging flourished from all that free time?)

Loneliness, though crap, did have its benefits. I lost weight.

In June, my face was looking pretty and longish like this, almost like when I was in college (ah that yearlong heyday). And thanks to my daily baths in chlorine-filled Manila water, my skin turned really fair and flawless!

Cut to four months later. Three months of which were food-and-laze-filled ones spent living with my boyfriend. Being forcefully fed meat, rice and vegetables twice or thrice a day. Sleeping ten to twelve hours every night. Not to mention the daily basking in the primeval, burning sun of Mindanao… led me to this.

Omygawd. Back to square one.


  1. Hannah Noel says:

    Eww. I can’t believe you posted that. Your boyfriend is right! and yes it is normal.

  2. Flisha says:

    Er. I’ve had people post a comment on the wrong place before, but um I must say this is the worst placement ever. Heh.

    The right URL should be here:


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