My Little Life and Others

Peeking out from our little apartment’s bamboo shades is a little habit of mine when Gim’s away doing his research all over del Norte.

I do it everytime I hear the rumble of a motorcycle coming from the garage that faces our front window. Today, I peeked out about three times already. It’s almost 5pm and he’s been driving since 7am.

I saw many things.

In the morning, I saw our nineteen-year-old neighbor take her motorcycle out for a drive. Her foreigner husband who’s never here sent it to her, and she’s going to go out, wait for her boyfriend and they’re going to go on a date while her little white baby stays at home while her grandmother takes care of the baby as usual.

I saw one of the doctors (Dr K) from our school come in and visit a new female doctor (Dr C) who’s living right across from our apartment. They work in the same hospital but she’s opted not to stay for free in the house that the hospital provides. (But Dr K is living there.) They’re going to go out for lunch, then dinner, and lots of flirting, talk and laughter. Then Dr K will bring Dr C home, then drink heavily with his boys.

I saw the German guy in his fifties come home from work and do a little tweaking with his really cool looking motorcycle with frat type stickers all over it. He’s going to cook dinner for his mom who lives next door to him, and he’s probably going to spend the night wondering how she is, his Filipina wife whom he divorced because she was just using him for his money.

I saw many people come and go. But all I really want to see is my handsome Gim, aboard our big Honda XL of a motorcycle, smiling his big beautiful smile and running towards me with a great big hug.

That’s probably him right now.