Silver Earrings

Sterling silver jewelry is as beautiful as any other precious metal and comes with an additional benefit of affordable prices. Truth.

Don’t these earrings look pretty?

I love earrings, especially silver earrings. I lust after them all the time.

Except I can’t wear them.

It’s not that I am afraid of getting my ears pierced. In fact, I’ve gotten them pierced twice! You can still see the scars on my ears from where the holes have healed.

It’s just that I am allergic. I remember the time I got them pierced. I was in elementary, it was summer. I went over to play with a cousin at her house, and ended up lying with my ear pressed against the wooden floor, and my aunt sewing a thread through my earlobe.

I remember she placed rubbing alcohol all over the needle, the thread, her hands, the floor, and my ears. But my ear still got infected. Pus all over my earlobes for the next two weeks (good thing I didn’t have any classes to go to!) until I finally decided to remove the thread from my ears. The holes closed and I never got to wear earrings.

Another time I got my ears pierced was in a doctor’s clinic with a gun and hypoallergenic stud earrings. Same thing happened, I think. That was enough for me, then. I didn’t try again.

It’s weird because I never get rashes from wearing copper rings (the ones you get free inside junk food bags), or plastic bracelets, or even old, probably moldy heart pendant jewelry pieces. Because I love accessories. And I have a lot of them, I keep all the stuff I get and take them out from time to time for wearing. I even have earrings that people who don’t know I can’t wear them have given me, but I’ve never thrown away, because I still harbor the old hope that someday I can gather up the courage to get my ears pierced once again and suddenly, miraculously I can wear earrings without injury!

I was passing by a jewelry store the other day and I saw some really awesome silver drop earrings. I lusted so. I wonder if the time is right for another ear-piercing experiment…?