Like a Surgeon

My senior resident just told me that I would be performing an appendectomy before the end of my rotation at the surgery department. Needless to say, I’m excited. Nay, I’m ecstatic! I’ll be doing an appendectomy! For reals! Just like a real surgeon. :) But Before that, I gots to hit the books and study up on the procedure. Wouldn’t wanna cut something up by mistake, now would I? ;P

I’ve always enjoyed my time at the surgery department. Last last year, during my clerkship, this was (and still is) the department I like best. The residents are super cool and accommodating. They treat you with the respect due a colleague. As if you were one of them. And, you get to operate on people. I just love being in an OR. The bright lights flashing against the steel of the instruments, the beep-beep of the pulse oximeter, the pattering of rubber shoes on porcelain tile as doctors and nurses hurry to stabilize a patient. But above all, what I love best is the chance, no- the privilege of holding someone’s heart, guts, brain or bone in your hands. It’s an awesome and daunting responsibility, that sometimes, it scares me to think about our patients trusting us so much that they’re willing to put their very lives in our hands. I may bitch about how tiring (not to mention, financially unfulfilling) becoming a doctor is, but ultimately, I know that I will always be grateful to be given that responsibility.