Hello Kitty Online: The Prairie

Just showing you guys where I spend the little of my free time these days. :)

Online, where else! :) Here you see I am at The Prairie and I am hunting gorillos for Landry! He’s an NPC. No he is not in the shot. Because the gorillos wouldn’t let me.

Here are the drops you can get in The Prairie:

From the Gorillo:
Gorillo’s Anger, Gorrillo’s Treasure, Gorillo’s Eyedrop

From the Giant Lily:
Pink Lily, Caterpillar, Roots

From the Rainbow Rock:
Purple Gem, Purple Crystal

From the Pink Kaolit Tree:
Sakura, Bad Wood, Roots

From the Pong-Pong:
Pong’s Eyedrop, Pong’s Treasure