Four meats pink pasta

As I said, I love pizza and I love pasta. I just made pizza from stale bread yesterday (it’s not that stale, don’t worry, no need for life insurance).

Today, for lunch, I decided to make four meats pink pasta. It’s basically an oil based pasta with a hint of tomato sauce with no less than four different kinds of sausages- frankfurters, smoked ham sausages, Chinese sausages, and salty chorizo. It’s served with lotsa olive oil and generous helpings of cheddar and my fave Italian seasoning.

Unfortch, I don’t have any pics as I was soo hungry that I forgot to take pics! It was delish, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would if she were here. Bet she would have loved it!

My CDP (that's short for Constant Dining Partner)


  1. Wah! Why are you posting this weird pic here! My hair band is falling over my face! And where did you even get this photo???

    Dammet! That sandwich sounds so yum Gimmi!