Her Beefy Lips

My ever beautiful Flisha looves to pout. I (and some of her closest friends) often tease her “Cuanto kilo ya gaha se labio!” referring to how she juts out her lower lip when she wants something but cannot quite get- yet (more often than not she *does* get what she wants). Well, all this lip pouting proved very very useful (specially when asking me to do something for her). There was one time however, when this all back fired.

It happened one evening when we were all set for dinner. She was her usual self, all pa-cute and eager for dinner. We were having beef steak (the traditional Filipino style- marinated in lemon juice and soy sauce with lots and lots of onions) and us on sweety-tweetums mode we decided to play around with our food, she taunting me with a piece of beef between her teeth. I made playful stabs at grabbing it and decided in a split second to grab the beef using my teeth. I bit on that succulent piece of jerky and pulled.

Nothing happened. I pulled again.

Still nothing. She still had that stubborn piece of meat between her teeth.

High with laughter and endorphins I didn’t notice her frantically pounding me with her teeny tiny fists. It was then that I realized I was clamping down on her lips. Her lips! Needless to say, her lips ended up bloody and bruised that night. We ended up learning a valuable lesson on how NOT to combine food and body parts. :/