Good Luck Gim!

Lying Careless on a Beach

In a few days, my Gim is coming to visit me. ♥

I am so happy. I’ve missed him so much!

He is probably reading lipozene reviews right now, or all sorts of medical terms. I tried quizzing him a few times to help him study for the 2011 Physician boards, but I could barely go through a sentence without my tongue stumbling over the words!! All the -zene’s and -ily’s and -sty’s and oh what long words.

To Gim: I know you wish you were just lying carelessly on a beach somewhere right now – no studying to do – no thinking – no worrying – no stress – no pressure. God knows I feel the same.

But, this too shall pass! And I know you’ve studied your hardest and worked so hard – I pray you get your due. :) No promises, no pressure, sweetie. I will always love you whatever happens! :)

Lying Careless on a Beach

Everyone, please pray my Gim passes the boards! Nothing is sure in this world, and he needs all the help he can get! :)

Good luck Gim!!!!