Grilled beef, Japanese style

Let me just share this most favorite Japanese treat of mine. It’s called Yakiniku! Niku = meat, Yaki = grilled. This is grilled beef and it tastes WONDERFUL, especially in samui (cold) weather!

Grilled beef, Japanese style

Doesn’t it look so good?? It’s a set, with a bit of greens, a cup of warm broth, a bowl of rice, and a plateful of meat! On the left is my griller, and soon after I got the plate, I got to grilling!

There’s a bit of beef there, and some chicken, and some liver. I didn’t like the liver that much, so I grilled it until all I could taste was the charcoal haha. But the other meat, I hastily removed them from the grill once done lest they burn. Onto my rice and into my mouth! The sauce was a mix of teriyaki and sesame, it was great!

The Japanese are such generous people. There were so many times that they just gave me (and company) free ! The first time we went into a yakiniku , the griller on our table wouldn’t turn on. The waitress went and checked, the gas wasn’t on. Five minutes later, she had it going. None of us really noticed or cared. We got our yakiniku and ate happily away. At the end of our dinner, we were given ice cream desserts! The waitress apologized for the earlier gaff. Wow! Great customer service. :)

And during this yakiniku meal of mine, I was all alone in the restaurant by the way, since my sister went shopping for anime stuff and I didn’t wanna go with her. The Japanese guy on the table next to me suddenly struck up a bit of conversation (stilted because I don’t know much Japanese!) then decided out of nowhere to give me another plateful of meat right as I was finishing my meal. I was so surprised!! And I was so full already! I really wanted to say no, but he insisted even after I declined, and it would have been very rude to decline any more after that, so I accepted. Hehe. Besides, I love yakiniku! :) :) So I happily ate his gift to me. Hehehe!

Maybe I looked cute that day. Hahah!

Ohh, I want to go back again! Maybe Gim will sponsor my third round! :)