We all have our pet peeves. They’re like annoying, stray pieces of silver that remained when the casters cast out that mold. And sometimes it takes a ridiculously long time for us to figure them out. It took me at least two and a half months for me to ‘uncover’ one of mine. So in an attempt to quantify what pisses me off, I’ve decided to come up with a list of peeves.

1.) I hate little old ladies who deliberately cut lines just because they think they can get away with it.

Friggin little ladies

2.) I hate women who get in the common-for-everyone-cab on the MRT expecting that the men on that cab will automatically give up their seats for them.

3.) I hate it more when said women whine and complain that chivalry is dead- hellooo you’re on the common-for-everyone-cab! Go get on the womens-only cab!

4.) I hate it much more when said women ride the common-for-everyone-cab with the express intention of making the men on the cab feel guilty enough to give up their seats for them- yeah, I overheard two women talking about this in giggly voices the other day.

5.) I hate people who don’t keep to their side of the side walk. Haven’t you guys ever heard of the dictum “Keep right”??

6.) I hate being put down.

7.) I hate dirty, messy places.

8.) I hate people who make said places dirty and messy.

9.) I hate being thwarted.

10.) I hate feeling helpless.

What are your pet-peeves?