Snow Pillow

Doggy beds are atrociously expensive (around Php 1000). Good thing there are cheap pillows sold at the Japan 88 store. That’s exactly what I bought, two of them, and made my a custom mattress of his own!

The Japanese flat pillows have strings for rolling up. I suppose to make them plump and comfy.

When I first gave the pillows to my puppy Snow, I noticed in the nighttime he would try to fold one up and them hump it! LOL! He was so cute. If he noticed I was awake and looking, he would stop. Then when I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, he’d look at me askance and then proceed on humping the pillow. HAHAHA! The little masturbator!

I researched about that and learned that it’s a normal thing for dogs to do. ALRIGHT THEN. So I decided to help him along. Hihihi.

Behold! :)


It’s plump enough that he just needs to prop it up a little to hump away. No more folding, no more chancing. Works immediately. LOL!

He loves it. :)

Don't touch! Mine!
Don’t touch! Mine!