The Best of Both Worlds

Grilled Porkchops, a Western dish + Fried Talong (eggplant), a Filipino dish = The Best of Both Worlds


For Grilled Porkchops

Two large slices of pork (custillas)
1 whole orange or 4 pcs. calamansi (Philippine lemon)
Cooking oil

In a bowl, mix ketchup, kikkoman, and sugar. Squeeze orange or calamansi juice into the mixture. Marinade pork for about 15minutes. Remove pork and grill it. Add cooking oil to what’s left of the marinade. Use it to baste pork while grilling.

For Fried Talong (Fli’s specialty)

3 Large Eggplants
2 Eggs

Grill eggplants. Peel skin and flatten with fork, set aside. Beat eggs, set aside. In a bowl mix flour and eggs, make sure that you add eggs to flour and not vice versa. Add salt to taste. Baste eggplants in mixture and fry with minimal oil.

Serve with ice cold Coke Light. Enjoy!