New layout! Do you see? Do you see??? :) Heehee. I am just so happy I finally made myself revamp my blog. I know I’ve been all hype these past few days but *nothing* has been uploaded or what, *and* I give inconsistent sneak peeks. Hehe. I was just trying out different ideas.

This design is still very raw, as you can see. I made it only yesterday, late afternoon-wise, and I still wanna add some graphics but it’s 5 AM of the next day and I really do need to get some sleep.

What can you say about my new design? Please drop a comment, I would really really love to know. Whether you’re a friend or a fellow Pinoy or someone from Blog Explosion, please give me some feedback! :)

I know, I know… it’s not really me, huh? All this pink and flowery script and pretty stars and that silly quote on my header, hehehehe. I just really didn’t have any concrete idea in my mind so ya know, the girly girl in me always takes over when my brain goes slack. Hehehe.

Doncha worry next redesign it’ll be much cooler. Funkier.

But right now, I’m gonna work on this theme first. Maybe add a large graphic on the side, ‘coz it’s very bare, maybe a full vector of me? Hah, she’ll definitely be much svelter than I am. Haha. And maybe add some little random stars and flowers… more silly sweet nothings and stuff…

Any suggestions? :)


  1. this is great, fli! so purple! but then again, i love purple, so i must be biased..hehehe.